Sis and Sue – Sister Sex

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It was after midnight, my parents were sound asleep and I
was watching the late show when Mary, my 21 year old sister,
suddenly walked into the den. To my utter surprise her blond haired,
blue eyed, 36″-22″-34″ Teeny Bopper body was decked out in a flimsy
see-through nightie. In the dim lighting I could easily see the
outline of her voluptuous breasts. They swayed firmly from side to
side without so much as a hint of a sag. Her dark auroras were the
size of silver dollars and they were capped with one inch protrusions
as fat as my thumb tips. As if the sight of her magnificent nipples
weren’t enough to awaken my un-brotherly interest, her hemline played
a forbidden game of peek-a-boo with the crotch of her panties. Here
too, she bulged with maturity and for the first time I could plainly
see just how much of a woman she had become. Her golden haired pussy
lips were literally consuming their intended covering. The wanton
sight of the fabric disappearing into her depths was enough to give
me an instantaneous erection of enormous proportions.

“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d see what you were up to.”
Mary spoke boldly as she walked up to the couch. Her eyes were on
my tented shorts. The wicked grin on her face told me that she knew
exactly what was up. My nine inch erection!
“I was watching TV.” My eyes moved up and down the length
of her body. She was absolutely gorgeous. “Now, I’m not so sure
about what I’m seeing.”
“What do you mean?” Mary put her hands on her hips. She
was testy. She knew she looked delicious.
“Remember the last time I saw you naked?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I was only twelve.” She blushed.
“I know, and you were the sexiest twelve year old girl a boy
could ever hope to look at.” I reached down to adjust my erection.
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“Years ago you looked good enough to eat.” I reached
for my zipper and slowly lowered it exposing my enormous erection.
Her eyes widened at the size of my dick. I watched her fidget with
the crotch of her panties trying to un-wedge them. “Tonight, you look
good enough to eat….and fuck! It’s been a long time. When I saw
you walk out here I was wondering if I were seeing my most forbidden
fantasy come true.”
“Maybe…but it depends on two things.”
“What?” I began to stroke my erection with anticipation.
“First you have to promise not to tell a living soul.”
“That goes without saying.” I leaned forward to plant a
kiss on her inner thigh.
“Second, you have to do it with Susan first.”
“WHAT?” I gasped.
“Not so loud.” My sister looked over her shoulder toward
our parent’s bedroom.
“You want me to fuck Susan first!” I repeated my thoughts
out loud.
“Yes. Do you mind?” She bit her lower lip.

“I’d love to fuck her. I mean that. She’s a hot bitch and
I’ve been wanting to fuck her for a long time. But, what about us.
I’m horny tonight. I want you now!” I reached for her and pulled
her into my arms. She landed with her steamy pussy wedged against my
erection. Both of us sighed.
“Don’t be so impatient.” Mary giggled.
“I’m not waiting!” I reached for my sister’s breasts and
began to fondle them through her nightie. Her nipples immediately
responded by throbbing. “It’s too late to go looking for Susan at
this hour. Besides she might turn me down.”
“You’re so silly!” Mary pushed away from me. “I don’t
think she’s gonna turn you down! It was her idea in the first
place. She’s outside waiting on both of us.”
“Are you serious?” I stared disbelievingly.
Mary reached under the seductively short nightie and hooked
her thumbs around the waistband of panties. With a smile she pulled
her panties down. After they fell to the floor she stepped out of
them and spoke.
“Follow me and I’ll show you exactly how serious a horny
girl can get!”
I picked up her panties from the floor and followed her out
the front door. While we walked through the neighborhood I held the
sweet fragrance of her pussy up to my nose. Entering the woods at
the end of the street my sister slowed down. Even though it was
pitch black she found her way expertly. When the thick trees gave
way to a little clearing I heard someone stir not more than twenty
feet away.
“Susan, it’s us.” Mary spoke softly.
“Thank God!” I saw a form move out into the opening in
front of us. The moon light was bright enough to illuminate Susan.
“I was just about to give up on you.”
“Come closer.” Mary lowered my shorts and began to stroke
my erection. “You’ll see it was worth the wait.”
“Jesus he’s hung!” Susan gasped. “I at all times knew you had a
big cock Richard……Can I touch it too?”
“Yes…” I moaned with pleasure as I felt a second hand
grip my swollen member. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“I’ll spread the towels while you two get acquainted.” Mary
moved away.
I reached from Susan’s top and pulled it off. Her breasts
were smaller than my sister’s, but they were perfectly proportioned
and shaped like wine glasses. I pulled on her pencil eraser sized
nipples until they were throbbing with excitement. Next I unsnapped
her pants and let them fall to the ground. My fingers traced down
and into her opening and she let out a low growling moan. She was
tight, but she was also wet and ready. I quickly had three fingers
preparing her for what was to come. My cock oozed pre-come into the
palm of her hand and she spread it up and down my shaft in a fucking

“Richard.” My sister broke my spell. “Lay down on your
back and we’ll show you what two girls can do to a stud!”
Licking Susan’s sweet nectar from my fingers I laid down on
the towels and waited. Mary knelt down over my crotch. She rubbed
her steamy pussy up and down my nine-incher until I was bucking to
get myself inside. To my surprise she teasingly moved her pussy away
and lowered her face to my crotch. I sighed when I felt her tongue
lash out to taste her own juices. She licked my shaft all over the
she took my cockhead into her hot mouth. I began to moan in
uncontrollable pleasure. Susan stiffed me by lowering her pussy down
to my mouth. I was suddenly in heaven. I ate Susan’s delicious
pussy while I got the blow job of my life. My sister obviously knew
how to suck a cock. Hell, her feverish mouth would occasionally take
my entire length. This was a first for me. I wanted to look down to
see her tiny double-jointed mouth impaled around my girth, but Susan
began to moan that she was coming. I dug my tongue up into her hole
for my gushing reward. She tasted so good I continued to eat her and
she came twice more. Finally my cock couldn’t take the pleasure any
long. I gave my sister warning. To my surprise she wanted my orgasm
in the mouth. As I began to come Susan quickly moved to get her
mouth near my cock. Mary swallowed several shots of come then she
passed my cock-head to Susan’s waiting mouth. I moaned and flooded
Susan’s mouth. Mary took my cock back into her mouth finished
sucking my orgasm off until I was bone dry.

Mary and Susan whispered something and giggled. Then to my
utter disbelief, Susan laid back while Mary swung around to get into
a sixty-nine position. I held my breath knowing that a wild fantasy
of watching two girls was about to come true. Suddenly Susan’s face
came up and I saw her tongue dart out to lick my sister’s drenched
pussy. Mary let out a soft sigh of approval as her face came down to
return the favor. I saw Mary’s tongue slip into Susan’s waiting
snatch. Finally, I began to breathe again. Both of them knew what
they were doing. They had obviously done this before, however, I was
absolutely certain I was their first audience, and probably the last.
Needless to say, my spent cock erected instantaneously.
Both Mary and Susan had several orgasms and it looked like
they would never stop sixty-nining. I think they got so wrapped up
in what they were doing that they forgot about me. Finally I broke
their spell by moving my erection between Mary’s mouth and Susan’s
pussy. Mary gave my cockhead a kiss then spoke.
“Give it to her! I want to watch like this…the view is
I reached down around Susan’s waist and pulled her up into a
better doggy position. She ground her pussy against my shaft in
response. I felt a hand guiding my cock-head. I knew it had to be my
sister. When I felt Susan’s opening yield to my cockhead I leaned
back for a better angle then I slid my cock in. She was tight, very
tight, but she was also wet enough to take anything humanly efficient.
With a moan of pleasure I fed her more and more cock. Suddenly I
felt a slight popping sensation around my cock head. A heatwave
washed over my size while some sort of inner suction literally pulled
me in to the hilt. I gasped in surprised pleasure. Unless she was
fucking two-inch pencil dicks, Susan had been a virgin just seconds
“OH GOD!” Susan moaned. “OH GOD…OH JESUS!”
“I’m sorry.” I froze. “I didn’t know. I would have taken
more time. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“JESUS……FUCK ME!” Susan began to move against my
impaled shaft.
“Huh?” I was confused. I never had a virgin before. “It
doesn’t hurt?”
“Hell no…..It feels so damn good. I never dreamed I could
feel so full of hot cock. Please, FUCK ME!”

I didn’t waste anymore time. I began to fuck Susan’s
virginal pussy with long slow thrusts that caused us both to moan
loudly. Mary, in the meantime, was getting the sight of her young
life. I pushed Susan’s face back to my sister’s pussy. She took the
hint. While I fucked Susan I watched her tongue work Mary’s pussy
over. I was already fucking some of the best pussy of my life, but I
already knew there would be more just as soon as I finished. As if
she could read my mind, Mary fueled my incestuous thoughts by licking
and sucking my balls. When Susan came on my cock it was like an
explosion. Her whole body was racked with violent contractions that
let her breathless. I slipped my cock out of her hole and pulled my
sister up to her knees.
We embraced in a wet kiss. Our tongues explored every
crevasse of our oral cavities while our hands explored everywhere. I
felt like a blind man touching for the first time. I explored her
pussy with gentle strokes then I traced my fingers up to where we
could both lick and taste her flavor. With a giggle she fell back
pulling me on top of her. As if it was destined to happen my massive
cock head landed at her entrance. Both of us sighed when I pushed my
size into her velvety tunnel. I teased by fucking her with just the
tip of my cock. I popped in and out several times. Her depths
beckoned unlike any I had ever encountered, but I remained in control
of the situation. Finally I pushed in a little deeper. Finally, at
the halfway point I felt the wall of resistance. As I suspected, my
sister was giving me her virginity too!
“DO IT……FUCK ME!” Mary folded her legs back.
I leaned back and forced my knees under her thighs on either
side of her ass. The sight of my gigantic shaft sticking out of her
opening was wanton to say the least. Fighting the urge of just
ramming myself in like we both wanted, I reach down with a hand to
rub her engorged clit.
whole body thrashed. The pulsations were centered around my
erection. “DON’T STOP……I’M GOING COME!”
True to her word I felt my sister’s pussy come to life all
around my manhood. The muscles contracted and twitched wildly while
wave after wave of cream gushed out. I backed out until just my cock
head was left inside. Mary bucked and gyrated for more cock while
her orgasm peaked. Just as it was beginning to end I rammed my shaft
into her with forceful anticipation. I felt myself bend as I struck
her virgin barrier. Just when I wondered my cock was about to snap in
half she gave way. I sank to the hilt with a moan. Her depths were
searing hot.
“FUCK HER.” Susan moaned. “Show her how good it feels to
get it by a stud like you.”
Neither Mary or myself needed the encouragement. We were
both moving both Susan finished speaking, however the reminder that
she was there and watching made our pleasure that much better.
Fucking a sister for the first time is probably the most exciting
thing a guy can do, but then doing it while another girl cheers you
on is a whole new world. I fucked Mary long and slow. My cock took
full thrusts in and out of her tight, wet hole. When she came I took
a few minutes to eat her orgasm. After I licked her hole clean I
plunged my cock back into the hilt.
Soon I was nearing my orgasm so I rolled onto my back. I
pulled Susan’s snatch to my mouth while Mary mounted me. I filled my
sister’s pussy while I ate her best friend’s pussy. I had the
explosion of my life. I didn’t think I’d stop coming. Shot after
shot of come pounded up into her forbidden hole and I didn’t even
care if she was on the pill or not. She obviously felt the same
because rode my cock until it shrank into a fully satisfied state.
The three of us laid there for almost an hour touching, fondling,
and talking. Finally we got to our feet and made our way back to
our respective houses and beds.

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