On the Job – Office Sex

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This a true adult story written by one of our good users who had sex at work.

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Once again I had gotten burned. It happens time and again, but I
never learn. But then again, it’s not always all that bad. Maureen
is the departmental secretary/receptionist for a systems group at
Merrill Lynch, and I met her while working there on a contract. She
is attractive and sexy, and after some very limited conversation, I
started fantasizing about making it with her. Somewhere along the
line I started losing touch with reality and believing I had a chance
with her … that’s how I get burned. After leaving Merrill I had
barely established a pleasant acquaintance with her, but I already was
starting to believe she wanted me. After a few months of being away
from there, I was engaged in full-blown, wet masturbatory fantasies
about a willing and eager Maureen finally getting the chance to
satisfy me.

Well, the bubble burst, as it usually does, 3 months later when I
finally got the chance to phone someone in that same group at Merrill.
She answered the phone, and as usual was cordial, but there was none of
that eagerness I had made myself believe in … actually, it was more
of a strained politeness. When I heard soon thereafter that she and
her boyfriend were often into it hot and heavy, I knew that once again,
I was a fool.

So in my mild depression, I decided to go back to an old standby:
pornography. It’s a little less exciting than fantasizing about
someone real, but I don’t get hurt when my lust object turns out not
to be interested … as has often been the case. As long as I’m going
to be fantasizing anyway, I might as well protect my feelings. So, I
went home and dug out my crate of pornography. Most of this was
clipped from issues of Penthouse and Club over the past 10 years, but
some of it was written by me. What all of it had in common was that
it involved dominant women. Often, the men were seduced by the women.
In some cases, the man was the initial aggressor, but the woman turned
out to be more than his match and he is made to somehow yield to her.

My most intensely arousing fantasies involve me being seduced by a
friendly but dominant woman, and the porn I wrote myself consisted of
stories on this theme. By a “dominant woman”, I’m not referring to
the stereotypical, leather-clad “Mistress” who hurts, degrades, and
humiliates her partner. My kind of dominant woman doesn’t break down
my resistance with pain, physical force, or sadism, but rather she
uses the art of seduction and her erotic power over me. It’s done in
an intensely controlling, but non-hurtful and non-humiliating manner.
Everything she gets me to do is through her ability to persuade and
seduce. I do what she wants because she’s has me so aroused, not
because of fear or by being forcefully overpowered. All the porn in
my collection, including those pieces I wrote myself, involve this
kind of woman.

I spent a fun weekend going through all the porn and selecting a dozen
or so of my favorites, including 3 pieces I wrote myself, in which I
am the person being seduced and dominated. I brought my selected
erotica into work and hid it in a folder amidst some little used,
boring papers, and whenever I get the urge I bring the folder into a
stall in the men’s room, and I stroke and tease my cock while reading
the porn. Due to the fact that this is a busy rest room in a crowded
office building, I would never bring myself to orgasm, but just
quietly titillate myself to the point where my orgasm later at home
would be intense and satisfying.

So anyway, one Friday at work I was in the bathroom stall, teasing my
cock and really getting into my fantasies, when suddenly I realized I
was late for a meeting. I had lost track of the time. As I bolted
out of the bathroom, I nearly collided with a woman whom I’d seen
several times before. She was a brunette, about 25 and pretty, with a
really nice figure. She stood out around the office as one of the few
women who weren’t shy about wearing sexy clothes to work. She’d swing
her hips and let her breasts bounce as she’d walk, and I’d often find
myself staring appreciatively at her swaying ass and sexy body.

She was wearing a tight red dress of a light, knit material. It
stopped way above her knees. Several times earlier that day I had
seen her and admired how sexy she looked in that dress with her
gorgeous body and sexy walk. So anyway, after nearly colliding with
her, I started to blurt out a hurried apology about being late for a
meeting, but I almost choked on the words when she seemed to gaze at
my crotch and then back up to my eyes. At that point I realized that
I still had a partial hard-on from my bathroom masturbation, but I
kept my cool … barely. She had a smile and replied to my apology
with what seemed to be a raised eyebrow and a cheerful “No problem.”
I nervously apologized again and rushed back to my desk where I
quickly stashed the folder of pornography, grabbed my notebook, and
ran to the meeting.

Luckily, the meeting started late and I got there just as the door was
closing. It went on for a couple hours and was boring as hell, and my
mind wandered back to that woman. Did she really notice my hard-on,
or was it just my imagination? Was that some sort of a knowing look
she gave me after her apparent gaze at my crotch, or just a cheerful
acceptance of my apology? After a while I decided that I was reading
far too much into her actions and was once again letting my
imagination get the better of me. I sighed to myself and tried to
concentrate on the meeting.

It finally ended around 4:45, 15 minutes before quitting time. But as
usual, I had to work late. Back at my desk I sat down with the
intention of resuming work on the program I was trying to finish, but
I looked down and noticed a note. It read “You dropped some papers
out of your folder. Call me before 5:00. Ursula.” There was a phone
extension. I swore to myself and practically tore my desk drawer open.
My fears were realized when I looked into my secret porn folder: the
erotica was missing along with some of the innocent papers I used to
hide it in. I swore again. That stuff must have fallen out of my
folder some time after I was in the bathroom masturbating. I went
into a panic. Was “Ursula” the sexy woman in the red dress, or
someone else? What if Ursula is offended by the porn and tells my
boss … or calls Company Security? Or worse, what if she shows it
around the office for a good laugh at my expense? I entertained the
notion that the porn was still in between a couple of the innocent
papers and it wasn’t detected, but I had to admit to myself that such
a thing was virtually impossible.

I drove myself crazy with my fears for a few minutes until I suddenly
snapped out of it and looked at my watch. If I was going to call at
all, it had to be soon because it was almost 5:00. So, I made the
decision: I’d call Ursula and get it over with … not responding
would be worse for me in the long run if she somehow disapproved of
the erotica. I gritted my teeth, dialed the extension on the note,
and hoped for the best.

A woman’s voice answered and I vowed I would try to be calm. I said,
“Hello. Is this Ursula?”

“Yes it is.”

I introduced myself and said, “Uh, I found a note on my desk with this
number on it. It … uh, the note said that you found some papers of

“Oh … yeah, that’s right. I’ve got them right here.” Her voice was

“Uh, good, and, uh, thanks for leaving me that note. Um, uh, sorry I
didn’t get back to you sooner … I just got out of a meeting”.

“The same one you were running to when you almost bumped into me?” So
Ursula *was* the sexy woman in the red dress. She was being friendly
and cheerful … I relaxed a bit and replied that it indeed was.

“I’m glad you called,” she continued. “I was away from my desk a lot
this afternoon, and I thought that you might have called when I was
gone and were afraid to leave a message. I was about to come by and
see if you were at your desk.” So she thought I’d be afraid to leave
a message … there’s no reason for her thinking that unless she saw
the porn. Damn! But she was still being nice about the whole thing
… actually, she was downright cheerful. That was a good sign.

She lowered her voice to a whisper, as if someone was nearby: “So,
Al, can we talk in private?”

About what? All she had to do was return the porn. This was getting
more and more interesting. But I was was still nervous and played
dumb. “Oh … sure, I guess … if you want. What about?”

She laughed and said, “I think you know what it’s about, Al.” She
paused, waiting for a reply, but I was speechless. Her voice was
confident and a bit sultry. I felt a wave of excitement and a
stirring in my groin. After a moment, she continued, “Can we meet
before you leave tonight?”

“Ummm … sure.” I made it sound like I had to figure out my schedule
before I could be certain, although in actuality nothing could have
made me miss this opportunity. I hoped she couldn’t see through that
childish ruse. “Uh, let’s see … any time before 8 or 9 would be

“Good,” she said in a friendly but somewhat businesslike manner that
matched the tone I had just been feigning. “How about 8:30?”

“Sure, that’s fine.” I was calmer. “Um, where should we meet? A
conference room?”

“I think it would be better to use an office. I have the keys to one
that’s empty this week. How about if I come by and show you where it
is? Will you be at the same place I left my note?”

“Yeah … OK. Just come by. I’ll be at the same place.”

She started whispering again, “I’ll pretend I need help with a program
I’m writing.”

“Oh, OK. That’s fine. And, uh, you’ll bring my stuff?”

She laughed. “Oh yes … I’ll bring all your *stuff*, Al.” Her
conspiratorial secrecy and the teasing emphasis she put on the word
“stuff” got me all the more intrigued … she obviously knew about the
porn and was being quite cheerful about it. I wondered what she had
in mind for our private meeting. “Don’t worry,” she added. “See you
then. Bye.” I said goodbye and she hung up.

The time went slowly. I tried to work, but I was too anxious and
excited. I kept looking at my watch every minute or so and tried in
vain to concentrate on my programming. Most of the time had finally
gone by when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I practically
jumped out of my seat. I turned and saw it was Ursula.

She was smiling, which put me a bit more at ease. “Jumpy, aren’t we?”
She looked good standing there next to where I was sitting. My eyes
were at the level of her chest, and she made no attempt to move when I
turned and found myself staring at her nice breasts from about a foot
away. She put her hand back on my shoulder when I turned, and her
thigh pressed against mine. I felt my penis starting to harden. This
was looking more and more interesting all the time!

I was quite nervous, though, and I tried to excuse my jumpiness by
stammering something about being tired and overworked that barely made
sense and sounded really lame. She laughed good-naturely, squeezed my
shoulder, and pushed slightly against me. I felt her thigh against
mine again, and this time I also felt her breast brush lightly against
my shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Al. C’mon, follow me. I’ll
show you the program I’m having trouble with.” She winked and then
motioned me to follow her.

“Oh … uh … right … uh … let me just log out here …” I was
so excited I was shaking. I managed to log off the computer after
only 5 attempts at typing “logout”, and then I stood up bumping my
knee. I grabbed my bag, almost dropping it, and said, “OK, I’m

She laughed heartily but good-naturely at me, gave me a reassuring,
sexy smile, and said, “Yeah … you’re ready all right,” as she slowly
lowered her eyes down to my crotch and back up. My cock was hardening
and I’m sure that was visible in my pants. She winked and said,
“C’mon. There’s an empty office I know about.” She led the way to an
office on the opposite end of the floor that she unlocked. “This is
Al’s office,” she explained. “He’s out of town for two weeks, and as
the departmental secretary, I have the only other key. We won’t be
disturbed. Lock the door behind you.”

I said “OK,” and did so. She put her bag on the empty desktop and sat
up next to it, cross-legged. She motioned me to sit and looked at me
as if she was waiting for me to say something. I nervously sat down
but couldn’t think of anything to say more than a dumb-sounding,
nervous, “Well, here we are.”

“Yes, that’s true,” she said with exaggerated mock seriousness and she
laughed again, smiling. “You’re quite the nervous one, aren’t you

That got me even more nervous, and I stammered, “Uh … yeah … I
guess I’m high-strung … I always have been … I’m sorry … I’m
just … well …”

She laughed again. “Don’t worry, Al. I don’t bite.”

I took a deep breath and collected myself a bit, and then I said, “OK
… thanks,” and smiled. She returned the smile, and said, again in
her friendly, but serious tone, “So, Al … let’s get to the
point.” She paused and I nodded. She continued, “Your papers fell as
you ran off to your desk after you almost crashed into me. I tried to
catch up with you, but I only got as far as the doorway by the time I
saw you rushing off to your meeting. I left you the note and went
back to my desk.” She paused, as if in thought, then continued, “I
have to admit that I’m nosy, and,” she smiled, “imagine my surprise
when I saw all that pornography.”

“Uh … yeah … I can imagine,” I said sardonically.

She gave me a sly look. “I *thought* I’d noticed a hard-on in your
pants when you left the bathroom.” I looked down and groaned to
myself. This is embarrassing, albeit quite exciting. “Being curious
and nosy, I took your pornography in the bathroom with *me*, and I
read through it.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a folder. “I
like this stuff, Al. You have good taste.”

I nervously looked down and thanked her. Did she masturbate in the
bathroom like me? Did she just go there for privacy? Did she like
the porn for literary reasons, or was it sexually exciting to her?
These and other questions raced through my mind.

My thoughts were interrupted as she continued, “So, did you write
those typewritten ones?”

“Yes, I did.” I nervously fidgeted around.

“Are they autobiographical?”

I groaned again. This was so very difficult. But this looked like it
was leading to something quite interesting, so I pressed on. “Well
… not really … I mean, they aren’t based on anything that really
happened. They’re … they’re fantasies … you know, wishful
thinking.” I was pained to think that I was so sexually inexperienced
and insecure that I had no real experiences to match up my fantasies.
I was pained all the more because she now could infer that I probably
masturbated to the porn, too.

She looked at me for a moment as if sizing me up, and then said, “I
was hoping that you’d say that, Al.” I looked up at her
quizzically, and she continued. “You know, about your wishful
thinking.” She paused for a moment and gave me a meaningful gaze and
said, “You see, Al, I like men like you.”

“Oh?” I said hopefully but also suspiciously.

“Yes, Al. I do.” Her demeanor was totally serious. “I can tell
from this stuff …” motioning to the folder, “… that you probably
could really appreciate a woman like me.”

I was quite happy about how things were working out. This sure as
hell looked like she was going to offer herself to me sexually, but I
still was trying to not let my hopes get too high. Plus, I was so
damn nervous and embarrassed. “Uh, well, I … I mean, well, I *do*
appreciate you, uh, but … but, like … like what do you mean,

She laughed again. “I mean, Al, that your taste in porn shows me
the kinds of things you like, and I like them too.”

“You mean,” I said slowly, “my taste in porn makes you want to … uh

“Makes me want to seduce you? Most certainly. I like seducing men
who fantasize about being dominated.” She stared intently at me as I
nervously looked down and tried to figure out what to say.

“You’re not going to deny that you’d like me to dominate you, are you,

“Well …”

“Al, c’mon. Look: almost all your porn … no, I think *all* of
porn has to do with men being seduced, men being dominated, men being
made to do things. This is true both about the stuff you cut out of
the magazines and of your own fantasies, which you yourself have just
told me are a product of wishful thinking.”

I felt trapped. This was shaping up to be a fulfillment of the very
fantasies she was referring to, but I was scared as hell. On the
other hand, I had to keep going … I wanted this to continue. “OK
… you’re right. Yes … I do like … like to be … like for the
woman to be … be strong and … and … OK, yes, and *dominant*.”
She nodded with a triumphant expression, and I continued, “But being
dominated … I mean, I like it … sort of … I mean, well, it’s not
so simple.”

I looked at her pleadingly, but she didn’t let me off the hook. “So
why don’t you explain it to me, Al? Tell me how you want me to
dominate you.”

I groaned and must have looked annoyed, because before I could get out
an answer, she said, “If this is too much for you, we don’t have to go
on.” I looked up at her. She was serious, but not angry.

It was really happening, right out of my fantasy! I was being seduced
by a dominant woman. “No … I *do* want to continue.”

“Are you *sure*?”

I thought about it for a second … what a shmuck I am! I almost blew this
opportunity. “Yes, I’m sure. I’m absolutely certain.” I looked at her

She smiled and nodded reassuringly. “Good. I want it too, Al.”
She looked at me with a sexy expression for a moment or two, and then
she got a bit more serious again and said, “So I know this is
difficult, but this really isn’t going to work unless you can tell me
how you’d like me to dominate you.”

I sighed, but nodded in acknowledgement. “OK, but please bear with me
if I falter or get nervous. I’ll eventually manage to get it all out.”

“Certainly, Al. Say it any way you need to. I’ll be patient.” She
gave me another sexy, reassuring smile.

“Alright. It’s like, I don’t … I don’t want the ‘Mistress’ kind of
stuff with pain and humiliation and force or anything. I like a
‘gentler, kinder’ kind of domination.” She laughed. I felt a bit
more at ease after my joke and pressed on. “You know, the woman being
in control …”

She interrupted. “Not ‘the woman’, but *me*, right now.” She gave me
another sexy look. “Go on.”

I smiled and shook my head in near disbelief. This was really
happening! “Right … OK. I want *you* to be in control and
everything, but it’s got to be seductive, erotic, friendly … not
painful or anything.” I looked up at her … she was patiently looking
at me. She motioned me to go on. “OK … I don’t want you to hurt me
… I really don’t want that … I just want you to make all the
decisions … to … to make me do things … but … but by seducing
me and turning me on … not by forcing me or hurting me or anything
like that … do you understand?”


She nodded. “Yes, I understand, Al.” She started speaking slowly
and clearly, making sure I heard and understood every word. “You want
to be dominated, but not to be hurt or embarrassed or humiliated. You
want to be told what to do, but what you’re told to do is pleasurable,
not painful. You want to have things be unexpected, but with a woman
who knows or can anticipate what you want or what would turn you on.
You also like to be kept in a state of arousal for a long time without
cumming, and to be brought to the edge of orgasm and then to not be
allowed to cum … over and over again. You want to cum more than
once, but you’re afraid to cum too early because then you might not be
able to any more, and the pleasure will be over. You like watching me
play with myself for you in many different ways. You like me talking
dirty to you. You like kinky stuff as long as it’s done delicately
and doesn’t cause pain. How am I doing?”

I couldn’t believe how right-on she was being. My cock was growing in
my pants. “Jesus … how did you know all that …?”

“Oh, it’s not not all that hard to figure all this out from what
you’ve said so far and from your fantasies, Al.” She waved the
folder at me. “I read them. Remember?”

I nodded and laughed nervously, “Yeah, that’s right … you did at
that. I should’ve figured …”

She interrupted, “No big deal. Anyway, another reason I’m good at
anticipating your needs is that I’m pretty much the same as these
women you fantasize about: I’m dominant but “friendly”, as you put it.
I use erotic persuasion, not pain or humiliation. So, I know from
experience what men like you need. Now, you may not believe this, but
it’s hard to find men that really want this … many are threatened
by women who want to be in control, and of those who really do want to
be dominated, most want the pain and humiliation stuff, which I’m not
that into. That’s why I’m glad I found you.” She paused, and I said
I was glad I found her, too. She smiled and continued. “I’m quite
experienced at this, Al. I get turned on making men do things …
making *you* do things.” She paused again and looked at me intently.
“Do you want me to make you do things, Al?” She kept staring,
waiting for my reply.

I was scared but excited. I *did* want her to be dominant with me.
The combination of fear and excitement was turning me on. My heart
was beating fast and I had butterflies in my stomach as she kept
staring patiently and intently. Finally, I managed to say, “Yes. Yes
… I want … I want you to … to make me do things.”

She nodded and slowly uncrossed and spread her legs, bending her knees
so her feet were flat on the desk near her ass. Her dress covered her
crotch, but she slowly began to lift it, saying, “I want you to jerk
off for me, Al. Right now … in here. I want to see you play
with your penis.” Soon, her dress was completely up around her waist
and I saw the crotch of her red, silky bikini panties. She
seductively ran her fingertips up and down her panties in front of her

“Do you have a lot of cum in your balls, Al?”

My throat went dry. My cock throbbed. I had trouble talking. “Uh
… I don’t know … I guess … I think so …”

She kept stroking her pussy through her panties. “Did you cum in the men’s
room today?”

“Uh … ” I couldn’t speak.

She started massaging her pussy with her flat palm and fingers. “Did
you pump sperm out of your dick today, Al?”

“No.” I choked.

She started pushing her fingers into her pussy as far as her panty
material would let them go. She moved her hips rhythmically to meet
the pressure from her hand. “When’s the last time you did, Al?” I
couldn’t speak. “When’s the last time you pumped sperm out of that
hard dick of yours?”

My penis *was* hard. “Uh … uh … I think Tuesday … uh, no …

She smiled seductively. “Good. So you have lots for me.” She
continued masturbating, her hand and hips moving a bit faster and
harder. She didn’t say anything for a minute or two as she kept that
up. She never stopped staring at me. Then, she said in a sultry,
throaty, seductive whisper, “Take off your pants, Al. I told you I
want you to jerk off for me.” I got nervous and hesitated. “C’mon,
Al. Your penis is hard and I can see it throbbing. You know you
want to jack off for me now. No one can hear us in here and I have
the only key. Just take off your pants so I can see your hard dick.”
I sighed and started taking off my shoes. “That’s it, Al. I want
to see your naked cock and balls. And I really want to see you jerking

I managed to get out my shoes, stood up, let my pants drop, and
stepped out of them. “Ooooooh, good. I want you to stroke it for me
…” I started to reach for my penis, but she motioned me to stop,
“… but I want you to do it the way I tell you … it’ll be much
better that way … you’ll see.” I nodded and managed to choke out an
affirmative reply. “Now do as I say. Aim your hard penis at my
pussy, Al. Here … closer … that’s it. Now, lick your thumb
and index finger and get them wet. That’s it. Good. Lick the area
between them … like this.” She showed me by licking her hand.
“Good … now, make a ring with your thumb and index finger and
encircle the head, right under the rim. No … no, not the shaft.
Don’t touch your shaft, Al, just the head and the area under the
rim. Good, that’s it. Now, jack your head off lightly, up and down
from the rim to the tip and back. Yeah … that’s it … back and
forth, back and forth … good. Keep your fingers wet, lick them
when you need to. Keep doing that to the head and don’t touch the

I started jacking off that way. The sensations were intense, and I
had to keep resisting the urge to squeeze my shaft. It made me moan
and thrust my hips.

“That’s very good, Al. I love having you stand there in front of
me and jerk off like that.” She kept playing with herself and just
gazed intently into my eyes. This was really turning me on! After a
while, she continued, “Now keep watching me. Don’t take your eyes off
me, Al.” She got off the desktop and turned around so that ass was
pointing at me. Her dress dropped back to her knees again, and she
turned a bit so that she could see me over her shoulder.

“Look at my ass, Al.” She wiggled it. “Do you want to see it
naked?” By now I was starting to pant a little bit, as the pleasure
in my cock was getting more intense. “Yes … uh-huh … I do.”

“I thought so. Well, keep jerking off the head of your penis for me.
That’s it. Your dick is so nice and hard. Can you feel the cum
starting to boil in your balls, Al?” “Yes …” I panted. “Good,
well, watch my ass.” Never taking her eyes off of me, She slowly
started raising her dress. She moved like a stripper, only more
slowly than any one I’d ever seen. Her leering smile and her teasing,
sensuous motions made me even more turned on. My cock was rigid and
throbbing, and my stroking was getting more and more intensely
pleasurable. I was beginning to pant more deeply and rhythmically and
to thrust my hips harder and faster. Finally, her dress was up to
her waist, revealing her round, full, panty-covered ass.

She then started playing with the elastic waistband of her panties,
slowly teasing them off of her. This was better than any stripper,
because she did it so much more slowly. Finally, after many minutes
she had her panties down and she pulled them all the way off. She
slid both her hands down to her naked ass and started slowly caressing
and spreading it open as she languidly gyrated her hips. “My ass,
Al,” she purred. “Look at it. C’mon Al. Tease your meat for
me. Your fingers feel so good! I bet you were going to pump all that
spunk out of your hot balls when you got home tonight. All that hot
cream, Al. Just think of how your semen will look and feel when it
squirts out of you … and watch my ass.”

My cock was throbbing and I was furiously thrusting my hips and
moaning. “Ahhhhhh, that’s it, Al. Your penis is so hard. I love
making it that way. I want you hard as steel for me.” She continued
her erotic motions and kept her eyes on me. I was sweating and
groaning as I jerked off for her. The pleasure in my cock and balls
kept mounting. After a few minutes she started speaking again. “OK,
Al. Now stroke your big long prick any way you like. Do it the
way you do it at home.” I stopped the teasing motions, took my hard
shaft in the palm of my hand, and started jacking off. She started
running her finger up and down the crack of her ass and pushing it
against her puckered hole. “My finger sticks to my skin a little when
I rub my ass hole, Al. I wish I had some of your white, creamy
sperm there to lubricate it. That hot white spunk will make my ass
hole so slippery.” My penis twitched and I started jerking off
faster. She bent over a little more and wiggled a little closer to
me, so her ass hole was an inch or two from my cock head.

“I want your wet cum on me, on my asshole, Al. Creamy cum, burning
cum flowing up the length of your shaft.” She spread her cheeks even
wider and relaxed her ass hole so it opened a little. Her fingers
kept poking and stroking her crack and ass hole. “I want your hot
cream, Al. I can hardly wait for you to empty your balls on me,
Al. For you to pump your cum into my ass hole.”

I was jerking furiously, and I could tell my explosion was just a few
strokes away. All of the sudden, she cried “Stop!”, dropped her dress
back down, and turned to face me. I froze in mid-stoke. “Don’t cum
yet, Al. Save it for me. Save it. Stop.”

I stopped and sighed heavily. My penis was involuntarily spasming.
“Sit down and take some deep breaths, Al. We’ll do more later. I
promise. Now relax, Al. Sit down and relax. That’s it.”
She sat on the desk facing me with her legs hanging over the edge, but
with her crotch covered by her dress.

“See how hot I can get you, Al?”

“Uh-huh,”, I panted, trying to catch my breath.

“It’s better if you save it, Al. Your orgasm will be that much
more intense later.” She paused, looking at me with a friendly
expression. “Do you like how I dominate you, Al?”

“Yes,” I panted. “Very much.”

She smiled. “Well, thank you.” She then got a bit more serious and
said, “Now we need to talk.” I looked up, expectantly. “Al, I
want to do a lot more with you tonight.”

“I do, too.”

“Good. Can you come home with me and stay over night?”

“Well, yeah … of course … I’d love to!”

“Very good! If you didn’t I’d let you cum right here, but since you
do, I want you to wait. You should know that I’m going to drive you
wild. You will cum several times, so don’t hold back … don’t worry
that your first orgasm will be your last, ’cause it won’t. I’m an
expert at this … I’m probably more knowledgeable about how your
sexual organs work than you do. I guarantee that you will cum at
least twice and maybe many times more. You will do things you’ll
never done before, and feel pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

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“Well, how could I refuse an offer like that?”

“Oh, it would be easy … all you’d have to do is say ‘no’. But you
didn’t, and I’m glad. You’re not going to regret this, Al. What
we did just now was only a taste. I barely even got started.” She
hopped off the desk. “So come on, Al. Get dressed and let’s get
going. Do you have a car?”

I started putting my pants back on. “No, I take the train.”

“OK. Well, I’ll drive, then. Can you stay until tomorrow morning or

“Well … uh, sure. I haven’t got any plans.”

“Good, Al. You’re going to *love* this!”

I finished tying my shoes and we left. She unlocked the door and I
followed her out to the elevators. “Let me walk in front of you,
Al, so you can look at my ass.”

Wow! “Uh … thanks!” She swayed her ass sexily and seductively for
me. We took the elevator down to the garage. On the way down I asked
her about herself, where she lived, etc. She’s 25 and divorced. Her
husband and she had been sexually incompatible. She was taking me to
the house of some rich friends. She was house-sitting for them for the
next couple months. It was about an hour away.


We got down to the garage, which was deserted. She got to her car and
turned to face me. “It looks like we’re alone here, Al, and I can
hear if anyone shows up.” She turned her back to me, hiked up her
dress, looked over her shoulder, and once again started gyrating her
hips, rubbing and spreading her ass cheeks, and fingering her crack
and ass hole. “Don’t touch your penis yet, Al. Just look at my
ass. Feel the heat rising in your cock and look at me. Your cock is
throbbing, Al. Don’t touch it. Just look at my ass and feel your
sweet cum boiling in your balls.” She silently continued her ass show
for a few moments, and then, “Good. I can see you starting to get
hard in your pants. Feel that hot sperm inside of you.” She dropped
her dress and turned around to face me. My cock was pushing the front
of my pants straight out. “Your prick is sticking out. I like seeing
you like this. Now let’s go. I want to get you home and see you
nude.” She opened my door, and then she went around to the driver’s
side and got in and shut her door. I was still standing there,
dumbfounded. “C’mon, Al. Get in.” I obeyed, shut the car door,
and we drove off.

After we got out on the road she pulled out a half-smoked joint and
lit it up. “Want some?” she offered. I accepted and we smoked it
down. It was pretty good, and after a few more minutes I was nicely
stoned. As usually happens when I’m high and horny, I got intensely
turned on. But as also usually happens, I get paranoid. I was happy
but nervous before I started smoking, but now the nervousness
increased to the point that it was almost unbearable.

“Al, take off your pants.” she suddenly said. I literally jumped.
“You are *so* nervous!” She said, smiling. “I’m really not going to
hurt you.”

I was practically shaking and my voice was quivering. “I-It’s just
th-that I get so paranoid when I’m on dope. And sex always makes me
nervous anyway.”

“Why is that?”

I’m glad she wanted to talk. “Well … I’m just, just insecure, you
know, and almost all my life sex was something I did alone … away
from others. I had to hide from my parents, and I was always shy and
never went on dates or anything, and …”

“So you pretty much kept to yourself as a child and masturbated to

“Well, yes … but not only as a child, but as an adult, too … even
nowadays.” Talking about being nervous made me even more nervous. My
voice was quivering. But I had the urge to make myself understood,
which is often the way I tried to deal with my anxiety. It’s a bad
habit … it doesn’t work.

She appeared to notice my anxiety and became thoughtful for a moment.
Then, she said, “Well, listen, Al. I want to try to reassure you.
We’re alone here. No one knows this is happening. It’s our secret
and it will stay that way. OK?”

“OK.” I took a deep breath in an effort to calm down.

“You’re perfectly safe with me. You may not believe me, but it’s
true. You’ll see as time goes on.” I nodded. “Now listen carefully
to this, Al.”


“What turns me on is to escape, too. I am an outgoing person and I do
go out a lot, but sexually I am often frustrated because of men who
fear my dominant nature. You turn me on because you let me be in
control, and you *want* me to be in control.”

I felt a wave of fear, but I forced myself to reply. “Well, yeah …
that’s true … I *do* want you to be … to be in control …
basically. But although I get turned on by … by you being in
control, it also scares me ’cause … ’cause I’m *out* of control.
It’s a paradox.”

“Oh, I know. That paradox is always there. But you have to remember
two things: first, I have no intention of hurting you. I know you
can’t simply believe that because I say it, but I’m a nice person and
I think you can tell that I like you, so please try to remember that I
mean you no harm.”

She sounded sincere, but I was still paranoid. “But you could be just
saying that, and then you’ll do nasty evil things to me once I’m alone
with you at home.”

“Well, it’s true that you can never be sure until you check it out.
But I think you can see my sincerity, and besides, I’m giving you as
much assurance as anyone can. You’ve had sex with a woman before,
haven’t you?”

“Yes, a number of different women … and I think I see where you’re
leading. I didn’t have these kinds of assurances I still did it then,
so why not now?”


“Uh, you mentioned a second thing I need to remember?”

“Yeah. You mentioned the paradox of wanting to be out of control but
fearing the loss of control. My second point is that the fear makes
it intensely arousing. And I think you know that.”

“Well, yeah …”

“And I think part of the reason that smoking pot makes you scared,
besides the fact that pot can make people more paranoid to begin with,
is that you are much more aware of your sexual feelings, and they
scare you when you see that I’m making them happen. They used to be
your feelings alone, but now I’m involved and you want more. You feel
the effects I have on you, and you’re drawn into the sensations. You
feel fear because *I* have so much control over those sensations, but
you can’t deny that you very much want me to do this to you. I want
to make you this aroused, Al. You will like it … no, you will
*love* it more than anything you’ve ever experienced sexually. You’re
scared, but the same thing that’s making you scared is what is
arousing you. Feel the arousal, Al. Feel it deep inside of you.
Feel the fear. Let it happen. I won’t hurt you. I just want to make
you respond like this to me. I’m going to make you cum like you never
came before. I really mean that. I want that spunk in your balls,
Al. I want it spurting out of you. I want you screaming with
pleasure. I want you totally under my sexual power. And I will have
you that way, Al. Think about it.”

I was breathing heavy, but the arousal I felt was a strange mixture of
sexual excitement, fear, and something new and unfamiliar. I wasn’t
hard, and the intense feelings I was experiencing weren’t only in my
groin, but all through my body. I suddenly became aware of a deep
yearning for more of this. I wanted this more than I have ever wanted

After a few minutes of silence she interrupted my reverie by gently
whispering in a sulty voice, “Al … take off your pants.”

“Uh … OK” I fumbled getting my shoes, socks, and pants off. After
some contortions I finally was naked from the waist down.

“Good. That’s much better, Al. Now open the glove compartment and
get out that grey, furry thing.” I saw it and removed it. It was a
fur glove.

“I’d like to tell you it’s mink, but it’s just rabbit. It’s nice and
soft … see.” She caressed my cheek with it.

She kept whispering, “I want to rub your penis with it, Al.” She
paused for a moment, then continued. “Your penis … and your balls
… those hot balls of yours, Al. Just close your eyes and relax.
You’re going to love this.”

I leaned back and closed my eyes, and she very lightly rested her
gloved hand on my lap. She just kept her hand resting there for a few
minutes and then slowly and lightly brushed the glove from my balls up
the shaft of my cock. I moaned softly with pleasure. I was extremely
stoned and the sensations she gave me were intense. I felt it in my
cock and balls, but also all through my body as I’d been feeling
everything for the past few minutes. She waited a few more minutes
and did it again. She continued this very slow, very relaxing cock
massage for the duration of the trip. I was half asleep and in a
state of relaxed pleasure. During the couple of minutes between her
caresses, my penis would get soft, and then it would get hard again
ion response to her stroking. But after a while, I wouldn’t get soft
between caraesses, and I would push my hips up against her hand when
she stroked.

After what seemed to be most of the hour drive, she suddenly startled
me from my reverie and said, “OK, Al, we’re almost there. How do
you feel?”

“Ohhhhh, I feel wonderful!”

“I can see how hard your cock is, Al. Feel it in your cock and all
through you.”

I sighed with pleasure. “Oh .. I do, I do.”

“I’m glad, Al. I want you to be this way for me.” She paused for
a moment, then continued, “Do you have a lot of cum for me in those
hairy balls of yours?”

“Uh … yes … I think so … I hope so … I …”

“Don’t worry, you do. Think of my ass, Al. I want you to close
your eyes again and remember what I looked like in the office and in
the garage when I showed it to you. Picture my ass, Al. I want
your jizz in my ass hole. Now imagine smelling my ass hole, Al.
I’m moving it up to your nose. Smell my shitty anus.” The thought of
smelling her sent a wave of arousal through my body, and my penis
throbbed uncontrollably. She apparently saw that, because she
continued, “Oooooooh, baby. That penis of yours loves the smell of my
ass. That smell makes your balls boil. Your cum is filling them up.
Lots of creamy cum from smelling my ass.”

All the sudden the car stopped. I opened my eyes and we were in a
garage, and its door was closing behind us. She had her car door open
and was opening mine from the outside before I realized what happened.
“C’mon, Al. Let’s get inside. Don’t forget your pants and shoes.”
We got out of the car in the now enclosed garage and I followed her
into the house.

“This way,” she said and walked through a door into the kitchen. The
owners weren’t exactly “rich” from the looks of the house, but they
were doing all right. It was a large, comfortable, upper-middle class
suburb home. I followed her upstairs into the master bedroom and
she turned to me. My penis was sticking out straight. “I like that,”
she said. “You’re sticking out really nice.” She walked up to me and
said, “Al, smell my ass hole.” She turned around, lifted up her
dress once again, and spread her cheeks. “Kneel down and smell my
anus, Al. Smell it. Don’t touch your cock.” I got on my knees
and she shoved her open ass in my face. I took deep breaths of her
through my nose. Each one smelled of sweat and shit, and
surprisingly, each whiff caused hot burning spasms in my cock and
balls. See must have noticed these spasms, because she suddenly said,
“Yeah, I told you my ass makes your balls boil. Your cock and balls
are sputtering. Smell me! That’s it. Every time you inhale me more
cum builds up in those hot, horny balls of yours. Your cock is so
hot. It’s burning, Al. Your hot, burning, long, hard cock.”

I started reaching for my cock, but she gently stopped me. “No. Not
yet. Don’t touch your penis yet. Wait … it’ll be better if you
wait.” She stood up straight and turned to face me. “Why don’t you
get up and take off the rest your clothes and wait for me in the
bathroom. I’ll only be a couple minutes.” She smiled, gave me a
kiss, and walked out of the room. I took off my clothes and walked
into the bathroom. The door closed behind me as I flicked on the
light, and I saw where this family had spent their money. On my left
was the standard sink and toilet, but on the right were three steps
going down into a sunken room almost as large as the master bedroom I
had just left. In its far corner was a jacuzzi, but most of the rest
of the room was a large shower. The floor was tiled with a drain in
the center, but off to the side was a wrestling mat the size of a
large bed that filled rectangular area between the side of the jacuzzi
and the mirror. Two shower heads came out of the wall. Two of the
walls were made of mirrors, and the other wall had a bunch of cabinets
behind glass. There was a video and music setup in an alcove off to
the side. Apparently, the owners of the house were into some serious
sexual play. It looked like I was in for the same.

There was a large floor-pillow against the side of the jacuzzi. I
sort of half-sat, half-slouched on the pillow facing the wall mirror.
I looked at my penis in my reflection. Amazingly, it was still hard.
It was throbbing rhythmically, and with each pulse I felt warm
sensation flow from my balls to the head and all through my body,
sort-of like a mini-orgasm. I could imagine my sperm shooting out the
tip with each spasm. Seeing my naked body in the mirror with my hard
cock throbbing really turned me on. God, I wanted to cum! My penis
had never felt like this before. It was scary to think how the smell
of her ass had turned me on so much. But when I felt the fear, I got
even more aroused. I yielded to it. I wanted to smell her again.
All I had to do is to stroke my cock a few times and I could pump out
my sperm. But she didn’t want me to touch myself, so I just kept
looking at my rod.

“I want to see your creamy sperm oozing out the end.” I didn’t hear
her come in and she startled me. How did she know what I was
thinking? I looked and saw her standing above me. She was totally
nude except for a pair of plain, white bikini panties that she had
changed into. Her breasts were not too large but full and round. She
had nice, protruding nipples. She stood over me and lifted one leg
up, resting it on my shoulder. I could see all of her panty-covered
crotch, which she started rubbing with her hand inches from my face.
“My ass hole can wait, Al. Smell my crotch.” She pushed it
closer. It smelled of her musk and faintly of piss. My cock
twitched. “Smell my piss, Al?” My cock twitched. I nodded.
“Good.” she replied and walked over to the glass-covered cabinets.
She opened the class and took bottle of something off a shelf in there
and then shut the glass door.

She then turned to me, smiled, and said, “I want to jerk off, Al.”
Was she going to masturbate, or did she mean to say that she wanted
*me* to jerk off? Either way was OK with me. “Here, sweetie, let me
sit on your lap.” She sat on me with her ass my groin and her legs
spread in such a way that my penis stuck out through them, so both my
penis and my balls looked like they were coming out of her crotch from
somewhere under her panties. The sight of her sexy body with white
panties and a cock aroused me in a way I’d never felt before.

She turned and kissed me, and then she faced the mirror again and
looked at me in it. “Look at my cock, Al. I want to tell you
about it.” She lightly brushed her fingertips from the underside of
my balls, up the length of my shaft, and up to the head, which she
tickled for a second. I arched my hips and moaned as the pleasure
flowed through me. “Ahhhhhh, I love teasing my cock. Look at it,
Al.” I had closed my eyes. I opened them and looked. She started
caressing and stroking her breasts, and she rotated her ass which
caused my penis and balls to wave from side to side. That hard hairy
cock and those balls seemingly coming out of her crotch from below her
white panties looked disturbingly strange on a beautiful, sexy woman.
It really looked like her cock. I found myself staring at that cock
coming out of her and being fascinated by it in an intensely erotic
way. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

As she continued her disturbingly erotic motions she kept her eyes
fixed on me in the mirror and said, “Ooooooh, Al … my cock looks
so sexy. It turns me on so much to stare at my breasts and my penis.”
She lowered her hands from her breasts and started tickling my balls
very lightly with her fingernails. I moaned as the sensations flowed
through me “I love my balls, Al. They’re so hairy and so full of
spunk.” She once again lightly tickled up the length of my cock to
the tip and once again made me moan. “See how sexy I am with my
breasts … ” she touched them, “… and my big hard throbbing penis.”
She ran her fingers up it and yet again made me moan. She looked
like a she-male, which turned me on a lot. But when she touched my
cock, *I* felt it, and then *I* seemed like the she-male I was
watching. This confusion of identity was deeply disturbing to me and
turned me on like I’ve never been turned on before. I couldn’t take
my eyes off that female body with the hairy cock that was me/her.
Plus, there was something about those white cotton panties that made
me even hotter.

“Oooooh, Al,” she continued, “I want to cum so bad. And I want you
to watch my creamy spunk shoot out. I want to give myself a ‘tip
orgasm’, Al. Do you know what a ‘tip orgasm’ is?” Each time she
said “tip” she touched the tip of my cock, which made me moan. I
couldn’t answer her. “Well, a ‘tip orgasm’ is where I make myself cum
only by touching the tip of my cock. I won’t squeeze or even touch my
throbbing shaft. Only the tip.” She touched it again. “I want you
to watch my gizz shooting out, Al. Put your hands on my tits. I
obeyed. “Now, when I make myself cum you might feel the urge to close
your eyes. You must watch my sperm coming out Al. Do you
understand?” I nodded. “Good. but I doubt you can do that without
practice. When my cream shoots out squeeze my tits and open your eyes
wide. I’m going to touch my cock now and I want you to try it. Here
goes …” She squeezed the head of my cock lightly with her fist. I
moaned loudly as the sensations seemed to radiate out from my cock’s
head all over my body. I closed my eyes. “Nope, you shut your eyes.
Try it again.” She repeated the procedure with the same results
except that I managed to keep looking at my cock. “Good. Let’s do it
a few more times.” We repeated the procedure several times until I
could keep my eyes open. This had a powerful effect on me: I couldn’t
keep my eyes off my/her cock. I lost my perspective as to where she
ended and where I began. I experienced myself as an intensely sexy
she-male with a burning, throbbing cock. All I could think of was
cumming. When she’d squeeze my cock head, I would feel the beginnings
of an orgasm, but she’d always let go before it could build. I had
the sensation that her breasts and my cock were somehow connected, as
my squeezing of them and the powerful sensations in my cock were

After more than a dozen of these “practice” attempts, I was panting
and thrusting my hips. she reached for the bottle she had taken off
the shelf and poured what turned out to be massage oil on her hand.
As she was doing this, she began to rotate her hips again, even more
seductively than before, and said, “Oh, Al, I can’t resist any
more. I want to cream.” As she said “cream” she squeezed her slick
fist tightly around my cock head and tightened it so it slid up off
the end. My hips jerked sharply as the electricity shot through me
and I screamed. “Ooooh, look at that my purple head.” She did it
again, with the same results. With her other hand she started pulling
the hairs on my balls, and tickling them with her fingernails. Every
5 seconds or so she’d squeeze me cock head like that as she tickled my
balls. I was bucking like horse. All the while she kept up a steady
stream of talk: “Yeah … I love to *jerk* off” (she squeezed me at
the word “jerk”). “My body is so hot and sexy, it makes me want to
*cream*” (another squeeze). “Hot cum, lloyd. Look at my cock,
Al.” (squeeze at the word “cock” and all italicized words
hereafter). “My hot hard *penis*. It’s burning, Al. I love
fucking my *hand*. My wet slippery hot *hand*.” She slowly increased
the frequency until she was squeezing my head and sliding her hand off
of it about once a second. “Hot cream, Al. Burning jizz. That
big hard long throbbing cock.” I could tell that I was going to cum
after the next squeeze, but she somehow sensed that, too, and stopped.
She made an open fist around my head but not quite touching. I
desperately tried to push my penis against her hand, but she was too
fast for me and kept moving it just out of reach. “I think I’m ready,
Al. Look at me!” I saw a sexy she-male literally bouncing on the
mat. Every breath of mine was a screaming grunt. She was riding me
and staring into my eyes through the mirror. As I watched, slowly the
realization dawned on me that I was totally out of control. I had
never been even remotely as wild as I was then. I could see her power
over me and I got scared, because even knowing the effect she had on
me didn’t stop me or slow me down, but rather, the intense fear made
me even more aroused.

“I’ve barely started with you, Al. This is only the beginning.
Now watch my cock!” She enclosed her fist around my cock head and
this time she did it really slowly while rotation her wrist back and
forth instead of squeezing it up off the head. I felt the sperm
rising and saw the she-male arch its back almost two feet off the mat.
Suddenly, she let go of the head and very lightly held the base of
that cock so it was pointing straight up. I cried out, but she cut me
off sternly, “No! No touching! Do it yourself. Do it with your cock
muscles. Squeeze it out. Cover that cock with creamy spunk!” I
wanted her hand. I loved that hand milking me. But I was overwhelmed
with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. “Watch my cock!” she
ordered. “More spunk. More! Squeeze it. Squeeze!” Burning,
white-hot waves of intense pleasure pulsated in the very tip of my
cock every time I squeezed my muscles. The sperm didn’t shoot, it
oozed in little spurts. I kept my eyes glued to that cock and the
sight of the cum oozing and spurting out turned me on still more. I
was bucking furiously and couldn’t stop, grunting with each spasm.
Soon, my cock was covered with cum. It was slowly oozing down the
shaft. Every time I grunted, she panted in rhythm along with me. At
first she’d moan words like, “Squeeze it!” and “More.” and “Hot gizz.”
every time I’d thrust and spurt. After a while, there was no more
sperm, but I kept thrusting and spasming and grunting, although a bit
more slowly and less intensely. Her panting became wordless, and she
said things like “Ahhh,” and “Ooooh”, and “Yeah” with each of my
thrusts. Her voice was a seductive, throaty whisper ahd she was
looking right into my eyes in the mirror.

I was still spasming ans transfixed by the sight of my pulsing, rigid,
sperm-covered penis. She touched my wrists and said, “Let go of my
breasts now, Al.” I obeyed. She got up off of me and said, look
down at your penis, but don’t touch it.” I looked at it. It looked
huge compared to how it looked in the mirror. All the bouncing and
thrusting had caused me to have slid down most of the way down on my
back. She turned around and kneeled over me, leaning down and holding
my arms so I couldn’t lift them. She smiled and kissed me softly on
my lips, and then moved back slightly so her breasts were above my
still thrusting and throbbing penis. She went back to seductively
moaning in time with my grunts and thrusts and lightly rubbed her
breasts and nipples on my cum-covered cock. The sensations just
increased the force of my spasms. She did this in rhythm with my
moans and thrusts, too. With each “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh”, and “Yeah” she
would look deeply in my eyes and mirror my facial expressions. This
kept me highly aroused and I tried to push hard against her breasts.
She just pulled away and kept up the light touching until her breasts
were slippery and wet with my sperm.

I was still grunting and thrusting, although rather languidly now. My
penis was no longer hard, and her breasts were wet with my sperm. She
kept looking deeply into my eyes, and began to talk to me. Her voice
was soft and sultry and she continued to speak in rhythm with my moans
as she looked deeply into my eyes and mirrored my expressions. It was
hypnotic. “See what I can do to you, Al?” I nodded weakly. “I
love getting you this way … making you cum *my* way … look at my
wet breasts …” she moved them closer to my face. “… wet from your
spunk, Al … your creamy hot spunk … all over your penis too …
hot spunk, Al … from your balls … and there’s more, too …
yeah, Al, I can get lots more spunk out of you … and the second
orgasm will even be better, Al … yeah … better … creamier …
I needed to get you to cum quickly … to prime the pump, as it were
… yeah, more hot spunk, Al … that’s why you got a ‘tip orgasm’
… it leaves lots of cream in your balls for later …”

Although I felt spent from my orgasm, I was beginning to feel
pleasurable sensations again in my penis and balls. It was much less
intense than the feelings I had before my orgasm … more like a sort
of warm flowing itch, far away, almost out of reach, but definitely
there where I had just a few seconds earlier felt nothing.


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