Attic Love (Lesbian Sisters Orgasm)

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My story involves me and my sister. My name is Lisa and I’m 19. I have
brown eyes and long brown hair. I think I have a good body. My breast are
large and firm. My sister is so beautiful. Her name is Lucy and she is 22.
She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She has a nice body too. Her
breast aren’t as big as mine, but they are firm.

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One day our parents were going to work and they told us to clean out the attic while they were gone.
We didn’t want to, but we said okay. After they left, my sister said “Let’s
hurry up and clean up the attic, so I can have my afternoon free”. I laughed
and said “Why, so you can screw another guy?”. She said “Oh yeah”. We went
upstairs to clean the attic. We were cleaning up and I asked Lucy which guy
is she having sex with tonight. She said “It’s Danny”. I asked “That goofy
looking guy with the bowl haircut?”. She said yes. I asked her what she see
in him. She laughed and said “He has a nice smile and a big dick”. I asked
“Does it hurt when he put his dick inside you?” She laughed and replied “Oh
no, it’s the best feeling in the world”. She then asked me was I still a
virgin. I said yes. She then told me that she has to find a guy to pop my
cherry. I was turned on talking to my sister about sex. My nipples were hard
as a rock and Lucy noticed it. Lucy said “Lisa, are you horny?”. I said “Just
a little” She said “I am too”. I said “I bet you are glad that Danny is
coming later on?” She replied “Yes, but I can’t wait that long”. I looked at
her shirt and noticed her nipples were hard as a rock too.


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