Babysitter Tied Down

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When she starts a new job a teenage babysitter can’t help snooping around her employer’s home. She goes through the drawers of a cabinet in their bedroom and is excited to find some bondage gear. She gets caught up in looking at it and doesn’t hear the couple coming home early and when they find her they decide to punish her using the equipment.



Zoe looked up from the book and saw that the little girl’s eyes were closed already. She was so engrossed in the bedtime story she never even noticed and she wondered just how long she’d been reading to a sleeping child. Way to go Zoe she chided herself and closed the hardback book and left it on the bedside cabinet. She sat for a few minutes more to make sure that the girl was sleeping soundly and finally stood to leave the bedroom. Zoe closed the door quietly and looked at her watch. It was just after nine and her employers said they wouldn’t be back until after ten at the earliest. A grin spread across her face as she realized there was nearly an hour for her to snoop around. She knew she shouldn’t, but the urge to do it always came over her when she started a new job. Mr. and Mrs. Howard’s home was nice and from the moment she stepped inside she wanted to have a look around. Now was her chance.

Moving along the hallway, the eighteen year old girl opened a door to what looked like a spare bedroom. She stepped inside and walked to a wardrobe, but it was empty. With not much else to see in the room, she quickly stepped back to the hallway and moved to the next door. When she opened it she knew straight away it was the couple’s bedroom. The large double bed was the giveaway and she suddenly wondered how often Mr. Howard had fucked his wife in it. The couple was attractive and the image of them naked on the bed having sex popped in her mind and made her smile. She moved across to the wardrobe and opened it to see some beautiful clothes. Taking out a short red summer dress, Zoe held it against her body and looked in a full length mirror. Nice she thought and then returned the dress to the wardrobe. There were plenty of other nice pieces and the teen girl took out a few to hold them against her body. She came to some lingerie and felt the ripple of a shiver running down her spine as her fingers touched on the silky material. She pulled out a short nightgown that was completely see through and wondered just how hard Mr. Howard’s cock got when he saw his wife in it. That is so sexy she thought as she looked in the mirror and got the urge to try it on. She looked at her watch and saw that it was now twenty minutes after nine. There was time to do it, but she finally resisted the urge and put the nightdress back so she could look around some more.

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Zoe closed the doors of the wardrobe and turned to glance around the bedroom. She decided to have a look through a chest of drawers. There wasn’t much in the top drawer, but the next one down contained Mrs. Howard’s underwear. She let her fingers play over the bras and panties and felt another shiver caress along her spine, but she resisted the temptation to pull anything out because she knew she would want to try it on. She looked in the other drawers, but there wasn’t much to see until she reached the bottom one. The teen girl’s eyes opened wide and she slapped her hand over her mouth to hold in the laugh as she saw the items. Reaching in the drawer she picked out a pair of handcuffs and held them up. Dirty perverts she thought as the image of Mrs. Howard handcuffed and taking her husband’s stiff cock came to mind. She reached for some more of the items and pulled them out. The flogger was light in her hand and the leather tassels soft, but she suspected that it could dish out some painful punishment if it was lashed across skin. The black choker was marked with the word slut and Zoe couldn’t help trying it on. She got up and moved to the mirror and felt a flash of excitement as she stroked her fingers on the satin material. Stepping back to the chest of drawers, she pulled out a spanking paddle, large cock-shaped vibrator and a ball gag. She sat on the floor and let her fingers touch on the equipment. Fucking hell, she thought as she picked up the vibrator and gripped her fingers around it. She wondered how often Mrs. Howard climaxed with the sex toy deep in her pussy and it brought out another flash of excitement.

“Having fun dear,” the voice said and Zoe scrambled to her feet and turned to see Mrs. Howard standing at the door of the bedroom. She looked at her watch and saw that it was still ten minutes before ten.

“But…, but you’re not supposed…,” the teen girl stammered, but the words tailed off.

“What?” asked Mrs. Howard and her tone was harsh. “Not supposed to be back until after ten. Is that what you were going to say?”

Zoe dropped her gaze as she saw the older woman glare at her. She nodded her head in answer to the question and wondered what was going to happen.

“Our friends got a phone call and needed to leave,” Mrs. Howard went on. “So we decided to just come home. And look what we find when we get here.” Her tone was still harsh. “This room is private Zoe. You shouldn’t be in here and you certainly shouldn’t be going through the drawers.” The teen girl flinched as the voice got louder. Mrs. Howard shouted on her husband and then moved across the room. “Is this the way your parents taught you to behave?” she went on. “What do you think they will say when we tell them?” She turned as her husband came in the room. “Close the door,” she said. “Our babysitter seems to be taking an interest in our lifestyle.”

Zoe flinched again as the door closed and trapped her inside with the couple. She finally raised her gaze. “Please don’t tell my parents,” she pleaded. “I’m really sorry for going through your stuff. I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Not good enough,” responded Mrs. Howard and shot a grin at her husband. “You get a choice. We either tell your parents or you get punished.”

“What?” asked Zoe.

The older woman walked across to her and lifted a hand to stroke it on the choker. “You heard,” she said. “So make your choice.”

Zoe stood thinking. There was no way she wanted her parents to find out she was snooping around her employers home, but it was the thought of being punished that played more on her mind. Her pulse was racing from the surprise of being caught, but it quickened further at the thought of being tied up and used by the couple. “I don’t want my parents to know,” she finally said quietly.

Mrs. Howard stroked her fingers on the choker around Zoe’s neck again. “Well that means some punishment for you then.” The older woman let her fingers slide down from the neck to trace over the curve of a breast and lower. When she reached the bottom of the t-shirt she lifted it up and pulled it over Zoe’s head. Her hands then went to the buttons of the jeans and she looked in the teen girl’s eyes as she undid them. When all the buttons were loosened the jeans were pulled down and Zoe found herself standing in just her underwear. She shuddered as the fingers played over her naked skin and Mrs. Howard walked around behind her. The teen girl almost let out a shriek as her ass cheeks were grabbed firmly and squeezed. Mrs. Howard dropped down and pressed her lips on the silky material of the panties and when she straightened up Zoe found out that kissing her ass wasn’t the real reason the older woman bent down. Her bra was unhooked and pulled from her and then her wrists dragged behind her back and secured together with the handcuffs Mrs. Howard had picked up. She was pulled across to the bed and thrown face down on it. Her chest heaved as her panties were dragged from her butt and she steeled herself for the punishment she expected to come. She relaxed a little as fingers stroked gently on her ass cheeks, but couldn’t hold in the shriek as the spanking paddle was brought down on her smooth skin.

The slapping sound of the hit rang around the room and Zoe writhed around as the pain seared into her. She clenched her ass cheeks until the agony died down. “Did that feel good?” asked Mrs. Howard as she stroked her fingers over the red mark. The teen girl was surprised that it did. The pain gave way to a sense of euphoria and the pleasure swept through her body. She moaned and shuddered and let out another shriek as the spanking paddle landed again. “Too much noise,” said Mrs. Howard and told her husband to get the ball gag. He moved to pick it up and when he returned to the bed forced the straps around Zoe’s head and the ball in her mouth. Her cries were muffled as Mrs. Howard delivered blow after blow to the exposed ass cheeks. The older woman finally stopped to look at the reddened cheeks and grinned. She turned her gaze to her husband and saw the bulge straining at the front of his pants.

“Oh dear,” she said and dragged the teen girl up to a sitting position. Zoe could feel the agony and ecstasy of the punishment coursing through her veins. She clenched her buttocks and wriggled around to try and get comfortable, but it was useless as her ass cheeks burned. Her head was grabbed and she was forced to look at the older man’s crotch. “Look what you are doing to my husband you little slut,” she said with a grin. “You get his cock hard and that means you have to take it.”

Zoe let out a muffled squeal as she was dragged from the bed and forced to her knees on the floor. Mrs. Howard was quick to loosen her husband’s pants and pull them down. The underwear was next and Zoe found herself staring at a raging erection. She watched as Mrs. Howard stroked a touch up and down her husband’s cock and her gasp rang out as the ball gag was pulled from her mouth. Mrs. Howard grabbed her head to hold it in place as her husband stroked his erection on the soft mouth. Zoe was gasping heavily as the taste of cock filled her mouth. She tried to move her head, but it was held too tightly and there was nothing she could do but take the erection that was forced between her lips. The excitement of using a teen girl seemed to drive Mr. Howard wild right from the start and he fucked his cock into mouth frantically. It pushed to the back of Zoe’s throat and she wanted to gag, but she felt the thrill of the moment and tried to control herself. The cock rammed in and out of her mouth faster as Mr. Howard lost control and he finally needed to pull back to calm himself. His wife seemed to be in charge of what was happening and she decided that the teen girl’s pussy should take some punishment.


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