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Ricky pulled himself up out of the water and onto the deck by the swimming pool. It wasn’t really all that tiresome in the water but his mind had kept wandering and he figured it was a good time to maybe get a little bit more sun.

The 25-year-old boy stood up on the deck and allowed the water to drip on off of him. Then he grabbed a towel and dried himself off as best he could. His bathing suit, the “jams” type, was still wet and it clung to his legs, crotch and ass tightly but that didn’t bother him. Actually, it felt sort of good.


His mind kept racing back to last night with his girlfriend, Teresa. She was very pretty and, to Ricky, quite sexy. Last night they had been alone at her house and had gone further than ever before. While they had been making out, Ricky’s tongue deep in is girlfriend’s mouth, she had not only let him slide his hand up her blouse but she had not been wearing a bra. He had felt her bare, firm young tits for nearly 10 minutes! His cock had been so hard it had been about to break.

They went no further than that, though Ricky had sneaked enough views at his father’s porno tapes to know he would have loved for Karen to have sucked his cock and to know he wanted to stick his rock hard young cock into her hot, wet pussy. Karen had kept insisting that her parents would be home at any second, however, though he was sure it was simply because she was scared. So far, she had not even touched his cock, not even through his pants.

So Ricky had come home and, in bed that night, reached down to caress his own cock. He stroked it until it blew a giant load of hot cum all over his stomach and hand. Still not satisfied, he had kept playing with himself, rubbing his cum into his cock and balls before getting hard again and jerking off one more time. At least it calmed him down enough so he could get to sleep.

Surely the time would come soon when Karen would give him everything he wanted. God, he wanted to feel her mouth on his cock! He wanted to feel how tight her cunt was while he fucked her! Yet, at this point, all he had was his own hand.

He was a good-looking boy. His dark brown hair, big brown eyes and nice tan got the attention of a lot of girls. He was 5’6″ and slender, yet with just a touch of muscle beginning to break through, making him look very enticing anytime his shirt was off. Some girls said his facial features were “cute,” while others admitted he was downright “handsome.”

Since he had been going with Karen, he had thought several times over the past three months if he hadn’t cost himself sex with several girls. So far, he had been faithful to her. He didn’t know how much longer that could last unless she started giving him the sex he craved.

He put the seat back of the lounge chair about midway up before sinking onto it, his feet up. His cock was stirring again as he wondered about the night before. Damn, her tits had felt so good and had felt so firm! The more he wondered, the more his cock reacted and, finally, the handsome teenager reached down and squeeze his cock through his bathing suit. His own touch made him groan involuntarily.

Damn! He was so fucking horny!

He looked around at the house and then around the large privacy fence which encircled the pool area. The thoughts began racing through his mind. Mom and Dad were at work; they wouldn’t be back for hours. His 22-year-old sister, Selena, was off to god-knows-where and, most likely, wouldn’t return until shortly before their parents did. He was alone and could do what he wanted.

Ricky considered getting up and gonna his bedroom. But his horny young mind kept him sitting in the sun in the lounge chair. Not able to keep from it any longer, he 25-year-old boy let his hands slide to the waistband of his bathing suit. He hooked it with his fingers and lifted up his hips, sliding the suit down to his knees and letting his now-hard cock spring free.

He looked at it, standing up from his hips and tilted slightly to the right. It was about five inches long, longer than other guys his age he liked to think, the male ego growing from an early age. He liked looking at his cock. Of course, he would like looking at it more if it were sliding in and out of Karen’s lips or moving in and out of her sweet, young cunt.

The thoughts of that made him even hotter and, looking around once again, Ricky reached down to slide the bathing suit all the way off, laying it beside him on the deck. He liked being nude, especially outside. It was a real turnon for the youngster.

Feeling he had plenty of time, he allowed one hand to slide to his nipple and caress it. Ricky knew why Karen liked that so much because it felt so good when he did it to himself. As he caressed the nipples on his hard chest, his other hand slid down to gently caress his balls with his fingertips.

Ricky groaned loudly at the feeling, catching himself and worrying that he might have groaned too loudly. He caressed himself in self-foreplay, letting the feelings create and create within him. He was getting hotter and hotter, touching himself, thinking of Karen, wanting to fuck her, wanting to fuck her mouth and cum in it.

Finally he allowed his left hand to grasp his rock hard cock and start stroking it, slowly at first and then a little faster. It felt too good and he didn’t want to cum but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it back much longer. With one hand playing with his balls, his left fist began moving faster and faster up and down his hard cock, stroking it, making it feel so good.

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His balls hardened, as did his nipples, and his cock began to swell. He could feel an almost boiling sensation in his balls and then he groaned as he began cumming. His fist was nearly a blur on his cock as he jerked himself off, almost trying to force the cum out. His spurting young cock blasted cum onto his stomach first, then a little lower until the final spurts began dribbling onto his hand and over his cock.

Ricky finally relaxed his nude young body, still holding his cock, now just caressing it in his fist.

“Wow!” he heard his sister’s voice. While his head turned quickly to the sound of it, the rest of his body froze. He laid there, nude, his cock in his hand, his hips covered in cum.

“Uh… look… uh… Selena… uh, look,” he stammered, still not moving, still holding his cock and looking with worry at his 22-year-old sister.

Selena laughed.

“It’s ok, Ricky. I know guys do that. I’ve just never seen it before.”

Then he noticed that her eyes, wide when he first saw her, were now filled with curiosity. She was looking at her 25-year-old brother’s nude body and, apparently, enjoying what she saw.

She walked over to him slowly.

“I do it sometimes too at night. It feels good,” she told him.

Ricky’s mind suddenly changed from worry to lust. For a second, he pictured his cute 22-year-old sister with her hand between her legs, masturbating her cunt. She was cute; somewhat curly dark brown hair to her shoulders, nice tan, just beginning tits, quite nice legs.

Selena moved to the lounge chair and slid to her knees beside it at the level of Ricky’s hips. She was looking at his cock, which was still encased in his hand.

“Can I see it?” she asked, and Ricky wondered he heard lust in her voice.

“You want to?” he replied, almost incredulous.

“Yeah,” the young girl replied. “Yeah, I really do. Can I?”

Hesitantly, Ricky moved his hand from his cock, showing it to his 22-year-old sister. She looked at it intently, studying it.

The fact she was looking at it was a turnon for him, something he never wondered would be. He let his hand move further away, in fact, placing both behind his head, clasping them and allowing his head to rest in them. He was fully baring his body to his little sister and he liked it.

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“Is this the stuff that shoots out?” Selena asked, pointing to the puddle of cum on his stomach.

“Yeah,” Ricky replied. “When a guy shoots, he shoots that stuff out. It’s called ‘sperm,’ but a lot of people call it ‘cum.'”

Selena grinned. “I like ‘cum.’ It sounds sexier.”

The girl reached out suddenly and touched the puddle of cum with her fingertip. She touched lightly at first and then began running her finger through it. Ricky could feel her touching his stomach as she played with his cum and it was all he could do to stop from groaning out loud.

“Feels weird!” Selene giggled.

“Yeah but it sure feels good coming out of my cock!” Ricky replied. “You know, some girls like the way it feels…”

“Oh, it feels neat! Just different is all,” Selena interrupted.

“…and, shoot, some girls even like the way it tastes,” he finished, suddenly thinking again about the porno tapes and about how good it would feel to have somebody sucking his cock.

“What’s it taste like?”

“Hell, I don’t know!”

Selena wondered for a second.

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“You want me to taste it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he groaned, suddenly entranced by the wondered of his little sister eating his cum.

She grinned. “I will if you will first.”

The wondered of eating his own cum didn’t appeal to him in the slightest. But the wondered of his little sister eating it was too much of a turnon. It was overpowering.

“Ok,” he nearly whispered to her.

Selena took her finger and dipped it into the cum on his stomach, drenching it to the first knuckle. She lifted the finger then and he could see a drop beginning to form at her fingertip. She moved it to his lips.

“Open wide!” she giggled.

Overcome by lust now, Ricky opened his mouth and Selena slid her finger inside up to the second knuckle. Using his tongue, Ricky sucked the cum off her finger, tasting it and swallowing it. It was sort of weird, something he had never wondered of doing before, but the taste was not so bad. He cleaned his cum off his little sister’s finger.

“OK,” he said. “Your turn.”

Surprisingly, Selena didn’t hesitate. She dipped her finger again into the puddle of cum, drenching it, and then moved it to her lips. Instead of sticking it in her mouth, though, she began licking the cum off her finger. Ricky watched, fascinated, as she cleaned it off her finger.

“Wow! It tastes really good! I thought it would taste kind of yucky but it tastes really cool!” Selena told him with delight. “Can I have some more?”

“S-s-s-sure,” Ricky stammered, unbelieving that his 22-year-old sister liked the taste of his cum. “Have all you want.”

“You want some more?” she asked. “I don’t want to hog it. After all, it is your cum.”

“Naw, you go ahead. I mean, I got plenty and I can taste it anytime.”

Selena shrugged and again dipped her finger into the cum, and again licking it off.

“This isn’t working fast enough,” she said, apparently momentarily lost in wondered. “Let me try this.”

Selena leaned over him and began licking the cum up off his stomach. He could hear her groan in delight at the taste of his cum, and he was sure she could hear his groans of delight as he watched her lewd act and as he felt her tongue over his stomach.

She kept licking, moving further down, eating the cum off his body. The 25-year-old boy watched her, watched her face. Then her hair moved in the way, he reached down and pulled it back.

“Why did you do that?” she asked, stopping.

Ricky grinned. “It makes me hot to watch you lick it up.”

Selena smiled, reached back and held her own hair so her older brother could watch her eat his cum off his body. She seemed ravenous, as if she lived to eat cum, as if she thirsted for it. When she reached his cock, she continued lapping up his cum. When her tongue touched it, he groaned loudly.

“I’m sorry!” she said, obviously very concerned about his well-being. “Did that hurt?”

Ricky nearly whimpered. “No, it felt really good. Guys love it when a girl licks their cock. I was just kind of surprised is all.”

“Is it ok then?”

“Sure! Sure!” he replied, unable to think of anything else to say.

Ricky watched as his 22-year-old sister again pulled her hair back and again dipped her head and again lick at his slimy cock, eating his cum and tasting it. The more her tongue licked over his cock the more it began to stir. By the time she cleaned off the head, he was hard again.

“Wow!” she said, lifting up. “Is that a hardon?”

“Yeah,” he almost laughed. “I told you guys like it when girls lick their dicks!”

“You going to make it cum again?”

“Yeah, well I could. Or…naw, never mind. I’ll just jerk off.”

“No! What?”

“Naw, you’re too young. You wouldn’t want to do that.”

Selena turned to look at him and he noticed the cum smeared over her lips. Her face looked mad.

“Ricky! That is mean! I am not too young either!”

He smiled at his little sister reassuringly.

“I’m sorry Selena. Really. What I meant was, yeah, I could jerk off and you could watch or, well, you could suck it and you could taste the cum when it comes out.”

She wondered for a second and Ricky figured for sure he had blown it. She glanced for a second at his now-hard penis and then back up at his face.

“Will you tell me how?”

For a second, Ricky wondered he was gonna cum at the anticipation of it.

“Sure! Sure!” he once again told her, trying desperately to think of something to say that would not disinterest her from sucking his cock.

“Well, hey! You saw me jerking off, right? The way I was doing it?”

The pretty 22-year-old girl smiled and nodded.

“Just kinda do the same thing with your mouth,” he suggested.

Again, she wondered to herself for a second and began leaning down to his cock. Then she stopped.

“You want to watch this too?” she asked.

Ricky groaned, unable to help himself. “Yeah,” was the only word he could muster.

Selena smiled and again reached for her hair, pulling it back so he could see her face. She leaned forward and he watched her sweet tongue dart out of her mouth and lick at the head of his cock. He groaned and she giggled.

Realizing he liked that feeling, Selena began licking all over the head of his cock. She shifted slightly and, with her tongue still running over the head, looked him in the eyes. He whimpered, looking his 22-year-old sister in the eyes as she licked the head of his cock.

Selena began experimenting, running her tongue all over his dick. She licked up and down the shaft, moving very slowly sometimes, moving quicker at other times. She used her hand at the base of his cock to hold it, to allow her more control over where she licked.

Ricky had reached the point where he couldn’t stand it much longer.

“Ok, Selena. Now open your mouth and put as much of my cock in it as you can and do like I told you about.”

No longer hesitating, Selena opened her young mouth and began sliding it over her 25-year-old brother’s hard cock. Ricky groaned as she moved further down it, taking about half of it in before beginning to pull back. She moved her lips back up the shaft until just the head was in her mouth, and then began sliding back down again. Selena moved her mouth up and down Ricky’s hard cock, moving slowly. He could feel her tongue working his cock at the same time, tasting his cock while she sucked off her older brother.

Overcome with lust, Ricky was groaning. His first blowjob was coming from his 22-year-old sister! Damn, what fucking luck! It was better than Karen could ever think about giving him. His cock was rock hard in his little sister’s mouth and it felt so fucking good!

“Selena, ok, now go a little faster, ok?” he asked her.

She responded by moving her mouth faster up and down his rock hard cock. Her hand at the base was squeezing it gently and her young mouth felt so good on his not-much-older dick.

Ricky was whimpering now as his little sister moved even faster, sucking him off, making him feel so good.

“OK, Selena. I’m going to cum in your mouth so move as fast as you can.”

He heard her groan over his cock and she began moving her mouth up and down as fast as she could. His cock swelled even further and, suddenly, he could hold back no longer. Gobs of hot cum began spurting from the 25-year-old boy’s cock into his 22-year-old sister’s mouth. His eyes had shut involuntarily now but by the feel on his cock he knew she was swallowing it as fast as he could shoot it into her mouth. Ricky wondered he would cum forever. He could hear Selena groaning as he shot into her mouth and groaning as she ate her older brother’s hot cum.

Finally he relaxed and Selena lifted her head. She looked up at him, a small dribble of cum had slipped from the corner of her mouth and was slowly moving over her chin. She smiled.

“How did I do?” she asked. “It tasted wonderful!”

Unable to speak, Ricky reached down and patted the back of her head, smiling back at her.

“Look, if Mom and Dad ever find out…” he began.

“I won’t tell!” she replied indignantly.

Neither spoke for a second.

“Besides,” she said, reaching down to touch his now-limp cock which was shining with her spittle and a thin glaze of cum, “I want to be able to suck you off all the time!”

Ricky looked down at his pretty 22-year-old sister. He felt his cock stirring once again.

“Yeah,” he said. “Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty of cum.”


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