A Backrub (Incest)

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I remember the night like it was yesterday. It was a Thursday around 9:00
p.m. and I was laying in my bed, trying to get my eyes tired by reading a
book. I had won a race earlier in the day in a track and field event at my
high college, but my back was really aching from all the activities and
exercise I had been doing. As usual, my father came in to kiss me goodnight
and sat on the foot of my bed and talked to me for awhile. He told me all
the usual garb about how he was proud of me for winning the race, and of my
good grades, and so on. We usually talked to each other for about 10 or 15
minutes like that and then he would kiss me on the forehead and say
“goodnight.” A few minutes after we began talking on this night though, he
asked me how I was doing, and I told him my back was really sore from all
the running and exercise. I was sort of surprised when he asked if he could
rub it for me. Feeling a bit restless and sore, I gladly accepted his
invitation and got on top of the covers and laid on my stomach. (He had
given me a wonderful backrub about a year before; so I was really looking
forward to it).

I was wearing my usual nighttime outfit, which consisted of
a plain white tee and white silk panties (much more comfortable than
cotton). My father had on his favorite pair of flannel boxers and to be
totally truthful, he does have a nice body; so the boxers accentuated him
nicely that evening. As with the previous year, my father straddled my butt
and started rubbing my back through my shirt, working his hands all around.
My shirt was a little crunched up in the back though and his hands touched
my bare skin just above my panties a few times. After about five minutes, he
asked me if it felt good, and I told him that I especially liked when he
rubbed my lower back because his hands felt nice on my skin.

“Well, we can make it feel good all over, sweetie, if you take your shirt off then.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want you to see my breasts, daddy.”

“Then just pull it up and keep it around your neck. You’re gonna be on your stomach after all,
and I can only see your back from here anyway.”

His point made sense to me,and his hands did feel good; so I did a half push-up, and he pulled my shirt
up to my arm-pits so that it was all bunched up around my breasts. I laid
back down and he started rubbing again. The difference was unbelievable. His
hands felt magical against my skin whereas they had only felt good against
my shirt. He must have rubbed me for nearly twenty minutes that way and I
enjoyed almost every moment of it. My shirt was starting to rub against my
arms in a way, however, that was irritating them a little bit; so I told him
that I wanted to take my shirt off. I asked him to close his eyes as I sat
up and took my tee off over my head. Then I laid back down and resumed
getting the backrub.

I remember feeling so tingly as my father’s hands would
sometimes graze the sides of my 34c breasts. I think after the first few
times, he noticed that I had gotten goose bumps; so he started glancing his
hand along my sides a little more, barely touching the outside edges of my
boobs. He changed positions so that he was sitting on the backs of my upper
thighs and focused more on rubbing my lower back. His fingers would drift
under the elastic band of my panties from time to time and once again, my
body would be overcome by a tingling sensation.

I remember hearing a gulping sound and then the questions,

“Do you want me to do your front?”

“What?” I asked.

“Do you want me to massage your stomach area. I bet it’d feel good to
have your hard abs massaged.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually gonna let him do it, but I rolled over on my back and exposed my stomach and breasts to him. His head jerked back a bit and the expression “woah” came out of his
mouth when he saw my breasts for the very first time. He sat on my pelvic
bone and started in on my shoulders, but worked his way down in no time to
my breasts.

“Oh that feels good, daddy.” My words only encouraged him.

He kept rolling his fingers and palms over my 34cs for nearly 5 minutes. Then
he moved down so that he was sitting on my tan thighs and started massaging
my abs. They felt so tight at times and his hands really felt good running
over them. I guess it shouldn’t have come as a shock to me when he kept
moving down and slipped a finger under the elastic band at the top of my
panties. I remember actually hearing the sound of his finger grazing against
my pubic hair. He moved his finger a little lower so that it was entangled
in my patch of pubes and my body jerked a little bit. Then he took his
finger out and grasped both sides of my panties with his hands. He started rolling them down a little.

Daddy, I’m not sure I want you to do that,” I said with a slight crack in my voice.

“Shhhh, sweetie,” he said in a calming tone, “it’s okay.”

His hands continued to roll my panties down some more;
the top of my pubes now exposed.

Daddy,” I said, “I don’t know about this, really.”

“Shhhh, honey. I told you; it’s okay.”

My pubic hair was now fully exposed and the upper parts of my vagina were starting to come into view.

“Now, honey, I want you to think about his. If these come off, I think you know what’s going to happen.”

A million thoughts rushed through my head, and a few minutes passed, but then I decided to lift my hips up. My father didn’t miss a cue as he pulled my panties down past my vagina, over my
thighs, and down my legs until they were finally off. He dropped them on the
floor and stood up and lowered his boxers at the same time. I remember
thinking how huge his cock looked, jetting straight out from his body. He
climbed back on the bed licking my thighs and then moving his head between
my legs. He only gave two long licks to my vagina before moving up even
farther. When he reached my ear, he whispered, “Can you spread your legs a
little bit more, sweetie?” I increased the space between my tan thighs as I
extended them outward from my body. My father grabbed his penis in his hand
and started rubbing it along my inner thighs and vaginal lips. He rubbed it
up and down all along the slit and I watched as little leaks of pre-cum
stuck to my body. I couldn’t believe the head of my father’s cock was
actually touching my vaginal lips. My head was swelled with thoughts of
disbelief as he positioned it for the plunge. My heart started beating
faster as I realized what was about to happen. Then I felt the head of his
penis begin to penetrate between my lips. With one long slow thrust, my
father slid his entire penis inside my vagina, which grasped onto it oh so
tightly. A feeling of euphoria encompassed my body, realizing that it was
not a boyfriend, but my father who was ball deep into my vagina and pumping
away. He lasted only two or three minutes before collapsing onto me as his
cock jerked inside me.

And it’s never happened again.

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