Tender Temptations: My Forbidden Desires for the Taboo Babysitter

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As I dialed the number for Emily’s babysitting service, I couldn’t help feeling a rush of excitement. Ever since Emily had started watching my kids, I’d found myself drawn to her in a way that was both thrilling and deeply taboo. She was young, fresh-faced, with an easy smile and a body that was just starting to fill out in all the right places. And yet, she was also my babysitter – someone I had hired to take care of my children, someone who I was supposed to respect and trust.

But there was something about the way Emily looked at me, the way she touched my arm as we talked about my kids, that made me feel like there was a deeper connection between us. And as I watched her walk away from our door, her hips swaying gently under her tight jeans, I knew that I had to have her, at any cost.

It was a week later that I finally worked up the nerve to make a move. My husband was out of town on company, and I had asked Emily to stay late so I could run some errands. As I walked her to the door, her hand lingering in mine a beat too long, I knew that I had to act fast.

“Hey, Em,” I said, my voice low and sultry. “Do you want to come in for a drink? I have some wine in the fridge, and it would be nice to chat for a bit.”

Emily’s eyes flickered with surprise, but then she smiled. “Sure, Mrs. Smith. That sounds great.”

As soon as we were inside, I poured her a glass of Chardonnay and settled on the couch next to her. We talked about the kids at first, but then the conversation turned to more personal topics: her school classes, my strained relationship with my husband. It was all so easy, so natural – but the tension between us was electric.

“You know,” I said, leaning in closer to her. “I’ve been having these… fantasies. About you.”

Emily’s eyes widened, but then she leaned in closer to me, her hand drifting to my knee. “What kind of fantasies?” she murmured, her breath hot against my cheek.

I felt a thrill run through me at her touch, and I scooted even closer to her, our faces inches aside. “Naughty ones,” I whispered. “Ones where you and I… well, you know.”

Emily’s eyes darkened, and I saw a spark of something wild in them. “I think I know what you mean,” she said, drawing me in for a kiss.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Emily’s lips were soft and full, her tongue exploring mine with a hunger that was intoxicating. I felt her hands on my body, teasing at the fabric of my shirt, and I leaned into her even more, desperate for her touch.

Before I knew it, we were both shirtless, our skin damp with sweat as we rolled on the couch. Emily’s breasts were just as I had imagined them – full and round, with pert pink nipples that begged to be touched and teased. And when I finally took one in my mouth, feeling the softness yield under my lips, I moaned with pleasure.

Emily’s hands were everywhere, rubbing at my clit, pulling my hair, exploring every inch of my body with a raw hunger that left me gasping for breath. And when we finally moved to the bedroom, our nakedness amplified the intensity of our connection. Emily’s skin was slick with sweat, her body tight and toned beneath mine as I rode her hard, my hips slamming into hers with a force that left us both shaking.

We fucked for hours that night, exploring each other’s bodies with a passion that bordered on obsession. And when I finally collapsed on top of her, my body spent and sated, I felt a wave of guilt wash over me.

But then Emily turned to me, her eyes gleaming with satisfaction, and I knew that this wasn’t the end of our story.

“Same time next week?” she murmured, running her fingers through my hair.

I nodded, feeling a thrill of forbidden excitement create in my chest. Because as much as I knew this was wrong, as much as I knew I was giving in to my darkest desires, all I wanted was to do it all again – and more.

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