I attached the “BBC” component to my sexual device and ramped it up to maximum velocity (F62)

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I must tell you, as a 62 year old lady, my sex life is rather non existent. But recently, I decided not to let age slow me down. I’ve been craving the young, hard cocks I once used to enjoy so much. However, Ive never been the type to pay for sex, so recently I bought a fucking machine.

Im not a newcomer to the world of sex toys, i have many dildos, vibrators, buttplugs etc, they really work well for anyone trying to spice up their sex life! But this fucking machine was something else.

I ordered it off amazon and the first time using it was like no other, i continued to let it fuck the shit out of me for a few days before the novelty was slowly wearing off. I was beginning to look for the next best way to use this to stretch me out to the fullest.

So, here I was again, back on amazon, hunting for more attachments to do with my fucking machine. That’s when I came across it, the BBC attachment. It claimed to simulate the sensation of a big young cock. It was needless to say at that point I was sold. I hit buy, with next day delivery and waited for it to arrive…

The package actually arrived late, it was the day after, the next day it came to my house. It was a discreet package and I knew exactly what it was the moment I laid my eyes on it. I took it off my doorstep and hurried into my house. Eagerly tearing it open, revealing the mysterious attachment. It was pretty impressive I have to say. It was realistic looking, and gigantic, like nothing I had ever experienced. I detatched the previous attachment from the machine, which was still covered in my juices.

And from there, I attached the BBC. It fit amazingly, as if it was meant to be. I position myself back onto my bed, with my legs spread, wide in the air, and turned on the machine. As soon as it started thrusting, I could feel the difference, the size, the thickness, it was amazing. It was pummelling me in methods I had never felt inside of me. It was intense, so intense. My body was craving more and more, it was getting addicted to the sensation of having a man inside of me again. I couldnt help but moan in ecstasy as I grew closer and closer to orgasm. This was gonna be a big one.

The machine was getting faster, harder and there was nothing I Could do to stop it. It was almost as if christian grey was here with me himself, fulfilling my deepest and darkest desires. I felt like a young girl again.

THe machine continued its assault against my ovaries, I was coming closer, and closer. My body was trembling as it pounded against me, I knew i was moments from exploding.

And then, it happened –

I reached the most itnense orgasm of my life, it was as if my body was on fire, but it felt good, if that makes sense?

But it didnt stop there.

The machine continued to fuck me, pushing me further and further over the edge, giving me multiple intense orgasms that lasted for nearly a few minutes. I finally got the strength to turn the machine off. I looked at my wall for about 5 minutes, before falling asleep for the night.


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