Attic Love – Lesbian Sex

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My story involves me and my sister. My name is Lisa and I’m 19. I have
brown eyes and long brown hair. I think I have a good body. My breast are
large and firm. My sister is so beautiful. Her name is Lucy and she is 22.
She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She has a nice body too. Her
breast aren’t as big as mine, but they are firm.

One day our parents were going to work and they told us to clean out the attic while they were gone.
We didn’t want to, but we said okay. After they left, my sister said “Let’s
hurry up and clean up the attic, so I can have my afternoon free”. I laughed
and said “Why, so you can screw another guy?”. She said “Oh yeah”. We went
upstairs to clean the attic. We were cleaning up and I asked Lucy which guy
is she having sex with tonight. She said “It’s Danny”. I asked “That goofy
looking guy with the bowl haircut?”. She said yes. I asked her what she see
in him. She laughed and said “He has a nice smile and a big dick”. I asked
“Does it hurt when he put his dick inside you?” She laughed and replied “Oh
no, it’s the best feeling in the world”. She then asked me was I still a
virgin. I said yes. She then told me that she has to find a guy to pop my
cherry. I was turned on talking to my sister about sex. My nipples were hard
as a rock and Lucy noticed it. Lucy said “Lisa, are you horny?”. I said “Just
a little” She said “I am too”. I said “I bet you are glad that Danny is
coming later on?” She replied “Yes, but I can’t wait that long”. I looked at
her shirt and noticed her nipples were hard as a rock too.

She then said “Lets hurry up, so I can go and relieve myself”. I said “What
are you talking about?”. She said “You know, masturbate.” I said “Oh okay,
that’s a great idea.” She said “Do you like to masturbate Lisa?” I told her
that I love it. She then ask me how many times do I masturbate a day. I told
her about 2 or 3 times a day. She said “I masturbate about that much too.” I
was really being turned on by talking to my sister about masturbating. She
then said “Does your pussy feel wet now, because my panties are soak.” I said
“Yes, my pussy been soak”. We both laughed. She said “Let’s hurry up and
finish cleaning, so I can go and masturbate”. I said okay. We were cleaning
and I couldn’t take my eyes off my sister. She has the most perfect butt in
the world. I’ve been curious about having sex with another woman, but not my
sister. I was so horny now about talking about masturbation, that I wanted to
grab her and make passionate love to her. She knew I was at her butt. She
kept on bending over a lot and for long periods of time. She then looked at
me and smiled a warm loving horny hot smile. I smiled back. I was thinking to
myself “Does she like for me to stare at her body?”

I was looking through some boxes when I found a dildo. It was about 10
inches long and 2 inches thick. I picked it up and Lucy saw it. She said
“Where did you found that?” I told her I found it in the box. She said “Mom
must’ve use that a long time ago.” I said “She must have. That thing is big.
I couldn’t handle that size of a dildo.” Lucy said “You don’t know till you
try sis. I know I can handle it.” She then asked me is there another one that
she can use. I looked and couldn’t find another one. I said “There isn’t
another one”. She said maybe we can share that one. I said okay. She said”
You use it first since you found it”. I said okay.

We hurried up and finish cleaning the attic. I grab the dildo and said
“Where should I go and use this thing?” She said “Just stay up here in case
mom or dad come home.” I said okay. She asked me “Do you want me to leave?” I
wanted her to watch me so I said “No,Please don’t leave. This is my first time
and I’m kinda scared.” She said “Okay,I’m here for you sis”. I slowly pulled
my shorts off. I was wearing whit lace panties. Lucy said “You are soak
aren’t you?” I said ” I told you I am”. I slowly pulled off my soaked panties
and threw them on the floor. Lucy picked up my panties and smelled them. She
said “You smell good sis.” She started to stare at my pussy. I said is
anything wrong. She said “Oh nothing. Trust me, nothing’s wrong. You look
great.” I said thanks. I was about to lay on the floor when Lucy said “Aren’t
you gonna take your shirt off too?” I said okay. I could tell she was getting
really horny looking at my naked body. I slowly pulled off my shirt. Her eyes
widen. I then took my bra off and let my breast fall free. She stared at them
and licked her lips. I said “Is anything wrong?” She said “No way. I just
didn’t realized your breast are so huge. They are beautiful.” I said thanks.
I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts, so I put on a
little show for her. I grab my tits and lick them while I was staring at
Lucy. She smiled and licked her lips. I laid down and spread my legs so she
can see all of my pussy. She was rubbing herself hard now. I grab the dildo
and licked it to make it wet. I then rub my pussy with it. By this time, Lucy
had all of her clothes off. She was fingering herself. I watched her as she
watched me. I then found my opening and stuck the head part of the dildo in.
It hurt a little, but I was too horny to stop. I couldn’t get it in all of
the way so I asked Lucy “Will you help me Lucy?” Lucy jumped up and grab the
dildo and said OH YEAH. She pushed the dildo in a little then she stop. I
said “Why did you stop?” She pulled the dildo all of the way out and said
“Because I want to lick you cherry before you pop it.” I said “I don’t know”.
She said “It’ll be alright, it wont hurt.” I said okay. She crawled between
my open legs.

She gently rub my pussy. I couldn’t help but to moan. Not because it felt
so good, but because my sister was doing it to me. She then kissed my pussy
softly. Then she stuck her tongue out. She stuck her tongue all the in my
pussy till she found my cherry. She was licking my cherry like it was a
lollipop. She then started to sucked my pussy. That felt so good. I said
“Lucy stop. You’re gonna make me shoot my juices on you.” She stopped and
said “Do it sis, shoot your hot pussy juices on me, PLEASE.” She went back
sucking my pussy. I let out a loud moan and shot my pussy juices all in her
mouth. She rose up and crawled over to my mouth. She then kissed me on my
lips. I felt her tongue slip past my lips. My tongue met hers and our tongues
tango. She opened her mouth and I did the same.I felt my own hot juices going
from her mouth into mine. I swallowed all that came. I have never knew that
my own pussy juice was so so so so good. She rose up and said “Your turn
sis”. I said okay. I grab her hot firm body and kissed her tits. Then I
worked my way down to her belly button. I was licking her belly button. I
then made my way to her pussy. Her smell drove me crazy. I started to lick
her pussy passionately. I couldn’t control myself. I then started to sucked
her love hole. It was soaked. I suck and blow and suck and blow and suck. She
was moaning a lot. Then she let out a loud moan and shot her juices into my
mouth. I swallowed all that came out. It tasted so good. I want some more, so
I licked her pussy everywhere. She then pulled me up and we started to french
kiss some more. I could feel her tongue touching the back of my throat. Her
hands were rubbing my butt. We were kissing passionately when we heard a car
door shut. We jumped up and got dress I grab the dildo and looked at her and
said “We don’t need this thing, do we?” She said ” OH NO!” I put it back where
I found it. On our way down the stairs, Lucy turned to me and gave me a big
opened mouth kiss. We heard mom calling for us, so we stopped. Lucy said
“Let’s do that again soon, sis.” I said “Anytime, day or night, Lucy”. We
went down stairs to help our mom with the groceries. I couldn’t believe I had
sex and kept my cherry. I smiled all day long.

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