Big Sister (Brother Fucks Sister)

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It is unfortunate that more boys don’t have a big sister like I had to help them through puberty. I mean that’s a tough time for everyone. But I had my sister and am I ever grateful I did.

We have at all times been close even though she is three years older than me. There were some rough times in our relationship when she was between 18 and 20 but even then, I sensed that she really would come through in a pinch, if it came to that. So by the time I was 18 and beginning to grow in all sorts of methods that I hadn’t expected, Jo was there to help out.


You see, Jo had a way of getting me to talk about whatever was troubling me. Even when I felt embarrassed, she would be able to throw her arm around me and after beating around the bush, I would finally tell her the issue. What made it impossible for me to hide anything from her was that she was at all times so open with me. She would not only tell me everything that was bothering her but she also seemed to have absolutely no immodesty around me. I mean, I was in her room once talking about some of the things happening around college when she began changing her clothes. I was certainly aware this was just my sister but I was also aware that most of my friends would have given anything to witness the show I got during the next few minutes. Keeping up her side of the conversation, she proceeded to strip down to her bra and panties. I had seen her this way many times so I wasn’t particularly shocked. But she continued to undress, slipping off her bra and tossing it on the bed.

“Tell me, Brother, do you think I have a chance to catch a boy with these boobies?”

I mean, what could I say? About the size and shape of grapefruit halves, there were these two beautiful knockers in front of my eyes. I felt my rod stiffening involuntarily. “Uh, Sis,” I murmured, “don’t you think I’m a little too young for such displays?”

“Huh? Oh, my tits you mean. Are you getting a hardon? Do I make you horny? Maybe, there’s a chance for me, after all. Hey, its been a while since we played show and tell. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours. How about it?”

Without really waiting for me to reply, Sis slipped her panties off. With her hands on her hips she looked me full on letting me see everything she had. I really couldn’t tell what I should look at. Breasts were at that time in my life the most exciting “forbidden fruit” but that patch of curly hair at the base of Sis’s tummy fascinated me, too. I was just beginning to get some growth of hair down there but it looked like nothing compared to hers. And the last time I had seen her crotch it was as sparsely covered as mine.

“Come on, Brother,” she coaxed. “Get naked. I’m feeling horny and nasty and you know what happened the last time I felt that way.” I remembered with a shudder. We had been several years younger then but I still could clearly remember giving each other enemas and then rubbing lotion all over each other. It had been quite an experience.

Sis began rubbing her tits with one hand and her furry mound with the other. I decided there was really no way out so I proceeded to undress as modestly as I knew how considering the circumstances. I tried to hide my very erect cock but Sis insisted that I let her see everything.

Without warning, she dropped to her knees and kissed the head of my cock tenderly. “Why, Brother, you’ve grown so nicely! Why have you been hiding this from me, you naughty boy?”

She had her hand around my balls so I didn’t dare even move but I felt like crawling into a hole. How could my sister do this to me? After kissing my prick, she began drooling over it, literal- ly. She slobbered on it then sucked it into her mouth to lick away the slobber. She kissed down one side, then nibbled up the other. She sucked and swallowed as she slid onto my cock until her nose pushed into my tummy. The pleasure was making me delirious but at the same time I felt embarrassed for my sister. After all, all my friends used the term “cocksucker” derisively.

I stopped worrying about what my sister would be called and began REALLY worrying about what was about to happen. I was getting this strange feeling in my crotch that I had never felt before. If I tried to relax it felt like I was gonna pee. And when I tried to tighten up so that wouldn’t happen it felt like I had built a dam and pressure was rapidly building up behind it. The pressure was now so high that I couldn’t relax and yet it seemed like any minute now, the dam would burst. I felt severe panic along with all the wonderful feelings Sis was giving me.

Suddenly, I knew it was all over. My cock began jerking uncontrollably and white, sticky fluid began squirting out with each jerk. I could no more stop the spurts than I could stop a sneeze. It was a wonderful feeling but so strange. I got a big gob in Sis’s hair and down one side of her face before she got my dick back in her mouth. After that, she seemed to suck it like it was a straw leading to her favorite soda. When my jerking subsided to an occasional throb, Sis slid my cock out and kissed the end, letting me see the white stuff ooze out with each throb. She didn’t try to lick all the stuff off, preferring to let it drip down her chin and onto her breasts. Later she rubbed it in there.

“Okay, now its your turn to look at mine,” Sis exclaimed. Laying back on her bed, she brought her feet up beside her hips and, in the process, spread her thighs wide. I could now see that there was a lot more to see than I had remembered. At the point where her pubic hair became thinner, a moist pink button stood. Beneath that was a darker pink area, roughly oval in shape, that seemed almost to be moving. “Come on, Brother, I want you to pet my pussy and play with my cunt.” As if to give me instruction about what I should be doing, Sis began to run a finger over that little pink button, while she massaged her breasts with her other hand. I was curious enough. I knew that she was supposed to have a hole down there but I couldn’t see a hole, certainly not one big enough to put a finger into, much less a cock. But this was my chance to explore so I lay down on my stomach between Sis’s feet and began feeling this strange area.

Her pubic hair was soft but kinky, the curls being thick and tight. Still, it was a soothing feeling running my fingers through those curls. While doing that, I gently nudged the pink button, wondering what it was. I didn’t remember seeing anything like it the last time we had examined each other a few years back. Sis asked me to kiss it for her. It seemed like a gross thing to do but after what she had done for me I figured that I wouldn’t look any sillier than she had. I kissed it and as I did so I smelled the fragrance of her pubic hair. I decided to kiss it again so I could bury my nose in that hair. What a delight!

Not being satisfied with my investigations yet, I pulled back and began moving my finger under the button. The oval patch glistened with moisture and my finger slid easily down and around the area. Giving it slight pressure, it slid into the center and disappeared up to my knuckle. I could tell it was even wetter and warmer inside. I tried two fingers, then three, feeling this mysterious cave become tighter and tighter each try. With my three fingers deep inside of her, Sis moaned, “Please don’t try to put your whole arm inside of me. It isn’t designed for that.”

“What is it designed for?” I asked stupidly.

“A cock, silly. A big, stiff cock. But tongues are nice, too. See how far you can put your tongue in. Please.” God, I wondered, next she’ll be wanting me to lick her ass. But when I pulled my fingers out and smelled and then tasted them, there seemed to be nothing offensive. Funky maybe, but not offensive. So I placed my open mouth on this strange area and proceeded to lick my way in. In all honesty it wasn’t doing anything for me, but Sis was fit to be tied. She began moaning and jerking like I had done earlier and when I tried to pull back, she wrapped her thighs around my head preventing any escape. In fact, she almost prevented any breathing.

Soon, she was laying back, panting for breath, while telling me that I had been wonderful. For that, she said, I should get a special reward. She would let me put my cock inside her for two minutes but I mustn’t squirt any sperm there. I agreed that I would pull out if I needed to. She slid over to the side of the bed and directed my cock between her legs. As soon as my cock slipped into her, I knew I couldn’t make it two minutes. I tried staying perfectly still but Sis’s cunt seemed to be milking me. When I knew I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled back. The increased friction of my pulling out put me over the top. My cock flipped up and began squirting with nothing holding it in place. Sis pulled me closer to her so that my cock lay on her pubic hair and squirted up onto her belly. My balls dangled past her button. I had made it maybe 30 seconds.

As much pleasure as we both had had, I was surprised when I tried the next week to re-enact this little escapade and Sis would have none of it. Instead, she suggested that I take matters into my own hands, “jerk off” she called it. Not having any idea what she was talking about, I wondered maybe she was trying to call me a jerk for talking to her like that.

I guess she must have seen my expression because she then said, “You do know how to beat your meat, don’t you?”


“Beat your meat. Pound your pud. Masturbate, kid.”

“I’ve heard of that last word but I don’t know just what it means.”

“Okay. I’ll have to believe you. Drop your pants and stand in front of the mirror. I’ll show you.”

“Aren’t you going to undress, too?”

“Hell, no. Now get moving.”

I mean, what choice did I have? But undressing in front of Sis had the expect effect on me. By the time I was stark naked I had a boner that wouldn’t quit. Sis was rather gruff with me and wouldn’t let me hide it in any way. I don’t know why I even tried.

“Now,” she said, “grab your cock about halfway down with your thumb and two fingers. Hold it tight enough that you can move the loose skin around your dick back and forth while feeling the hard muscle underneath. Make sure your fingers are pressing against the piss tube on the underside of your cock. Try it now. That’s it. Start slowly. Pull the skin forward until your fingers almost slide off the tip of your cock. Now pull it back until your piss hole opens wide. That’s it. Back and forth. Back and forth.”

It felt grand. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t learned about this before. Pretty soon I felt the pressure create up like I needed to pee and the more I held back the more the pressure built up. But I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t relax those muscles.

“Okay, Brother! Your balls are getting tighter. You’re about ready to shoot your load. Hold back as long as you can but keep pumping. Now is when you get the best feelings. Put your other hand underneath your balls and play with them. Doesn’t that feel good? Keep it up. Faster now. Faster.”

Just then I lost it. I don’t remember much for the next couple of minutes except that the feeling was wonderful. I splattered my sperm all over the mirror as it came out in great big gobs. I got some on my hand as I was still pumping my cock and the lubrication gave me even more sensational feelings. I was hooked.


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