My Older Sister (Brother & Sister Hot Incest Sex)

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About a year ago, my older sister lost her husband in an aircraft accident. She was left quite well off because of life insurance. She decided to go back to school and finish her degree. She rented a small apartment near campus and began taking classes at midterm. When I graduated from high college, I was accepted at the same school. Sue was real happy and told me I could distribute her apartment. At first I was reluctant. I didn’t want to sacrifice my freedom, but she assured me that she wasn’t my mother and I could come and go as I saw fit. Since I could save a considerable amount of money, I accepted and moved in in early September. I had my own room, but we had to distribute a bathroom. Sue kept the place very nice and it was furnished beautifully.


We quickly fell into a routine of studying together at the kitchen table each evening. I’m not much for going out and drinking with the boys. I at all times wondered those guys were wasting their time desperately trying to have a good time. Sue seemed to feel the same way. We went to a movie or out to get dinner on the weekends. She liked to have a glass of wine or two with her evening meals and I learned to enjoy wine, too. I really began to like living with Sue. We got along real well and were able to help each other with college work. It was about six weeks after I moved in that I began to look at Sue differently. I noticed that she frequently wore tee shirts without a bra. She also began wearing shorts almost at all times we were home. I had been wearing tee shirts and shorts all along, but this was a change for her. I couldn’t help noticing her nipples when they were erect. I know she saw me staring at her chest more than once, but she never said anything and certainly didn’t stop going bra-less. One night I was up late studying for a big exam. Sue came out of her room to get a glass of water. She was wearing a very thin nighty. The light from the hall was behind her and I could clearly see the user account of her firm breasts as she drank the water. I was looking at this exciting view when she turned toward me. As she walked toward me, she said, “Going to be a tough exam?” I shook my head and tried not to be obvious as I glanced at her large areolae which were clearly visible through the thin material. I also noticed that she had bikini panties on. Sue continued with small talk for a few minutes and then walked back to her room. Her beautifully shaped breasts were all I could think about for several minutes. I finally got my mind back on the test material, but not before I vowed to get a better look at those nice breasts. I felt a little guilty about having those thoughts about my own sister, but not for long.

The next evening, Sue was sitting at the table as I fixed dinner. We began talking about dating. Sue said the wondered of AIDS petrified her. She said that she would have to know a guy real well before she would have sex with him. She stated that most men her age – late twenties- wanted to jump in bed the first or second date, so she stopped dating people she met in bars or even classrooms. She asked about my dating. I told her I had dated a little in high college, but most girls weren’t serious about school and didn’t find out anything but immediate gratification. I told her I was a virgin even though I was eighteen. She smiled and told me not to feel bad. There are lots more eighteen year old virgins than there are eighteen year olds who will admit it. We both laughed. After dinner we cleaned up together and I sat down at the table to do some calculus problems. Sue went to her room and came out a few minutes later dressed in a bathrobe which came to just above her knees. She laid down on the sofa and began reading a book. She was only a few feet away. The room is a living room, dining room combination. After only a short while, I noticed that she had fallen asleep. The open book was resting on her chest, but what caught my attention was her legs. The leg closest to me was bent at the knee and was bare nearly to her hip. Her robe was open in front. I began to wonder just how open it was. I couldn’t tell from my position. I wondered about it for a few minutes. Sue didn’t move and seemed to be breathing regularly as if asleep. I couldn’t withstand the temptation any longer. I quietly got up and walked to the foot of the sofa. Sue’s black bush was fully exposed. I looked at her smooth thighs as they converged on her fascinating cunt. I could see her labia peeking from the middle of that beautiful patch of soft hair. My erection began to protrude against the front of my shorts and when Sue began to move, I returned to the table quickly. When I sat in the chair and looked at her again, she was looking at me with a smile on her face. She had covered her self. She said, “I won’t get much reading done if I fall asleep every few minutes.”

I had the feeling she had planned for me to see her body. The next morning verified my belief. I knew she had a class and should be out of bed by eight. I went to her room to check on her. Her door was half open so I pushed it open and she was lying on her back covered from the waist down with a sheet. Her bare breasts were like magnets for my eyes. Her large tan areolae surrounded her small brown nipples. Her breasts were beautifully round and full. I gazed at them for a moment and then said, “Sue. Sue, don’t you have a class?” She woke up quickly, saying, “Oh god, what time is it?” I told her and she said, “Good. I can still make it.” She then stood up facing me and stretched. She then slowly walked to her closet to get some clothes. She was completely naked and didn’t seem to mind my being there watching her. As she picked through her wardrobe, she asked, “Will you fix me a bowl of cereal while I get ready?” I left to get her breakfast. In a few minutes she came to the kitchen dressed for class. As she was leaving for class, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thanks for waking me up.” She gave me a big warm smile. She obviously wasn’t embarrassed, about my seeing her nude. I decided that she had probably planned the whole thing.

It excited me in a strange way that my sister was probably interested in me sexually. I wondered about it several times that day. When I got home from the library that afternoon, Sue was in the shower. I was coming out of my room a few minutes later when Sue walked out of the bathroom. She didn’t have a stitch on. She smiled and said, “You seem to be catching me nude a lot lately.” Even though she was carrying a towel, she didn’t try to cover herself. I said, “Sue I need to talk to you.” She walked to her room saying, “Come on in. This is as good a time as any.” She sat on her bed and indicated that I should sit in the chair near the window. Sitting facing me, she folded her legs in front of her. I knew this opened her cunt wide, but her feet blocked my view. I told her that I was having sexual feelings about her. I knew that was wrong, but for some reason I didn’t feel guilty. I told her I loved seeing her nude like she was then. She smiled and said, “Bud, you don’t need to feel guilty. We’re two adults and what we think or do is between us. I have thought about you sexually often, too.” We sat quietly for a few seconds. She said, “Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll fix dinner. We can talk later.”

That evening, after studying only about an hour, Sue got up and said she was gonna bed early. When I stood up, she came over to me and gave me a hug. She said, “I want you to sleep with me tonight.” I told her, “I’d love that.” I followed her to her room. Sue took her tee shirt off while I removed my shirt. We then hugged bare chest to bare chest. Her breasts pressing against me were like fire. We kissed a long deep romantic kiss. She whispered, “I’ve missed this so much.” We then took our shorts off and got under the covers. We hugged a few minutes. My stiff dick was between her legs. I could feel her wet cunt hair and began pumping my hips to stimulate the head of my prick. Sue suddenly rolled on top of me. She said, “We can do the slow stuff later. I want that big prick inside me!” She grasped it and guided it into her very slippery slit. She lowered herself slowly onto my pulsing phallus. My first fuck was more exciting than I believed efficient. I knew I had lost all control and was gonna come rapidly. Sue gasped, “I’m cumming already! She began thrusting up and down, burying me all the way and then stopping just short of complete withdrawal. I began pumping my semen into her cunt. I thought I was going to scream as she kept pumping. Finally she slowed down and collapsed on top of me. I was still deep inside of my own sister and nearly as hard as when we started. Sue said, “That was wonderful. The best I’ve ever had.” as she hugged me.

We laid together for about ten minutes, when she noticed that I wasn’t getting softer. I was getting harder. She began a slow rubbing of our pubic bones together with a circular motion. I was a great feeling. I was buried deeply in my sisters cunt. I could feel my dick head rubbing against her cervix. I could feel her clitoris pressing against the root of my penis. I didn’t want it to stop. Neither of us was in a hurry. She began moving her breasts over my chest while continuing the hip rotations. It seemed we did this for half an hour, when Sue began breathing deeply. She began talking. “I’ve never felt anything like this. Oh my god, this is wonderful! I’m going to cum!” She didn’t change her pace. I could feel her cunt muscles contracting around my sensitive prick. I felt a surge building. I felt an urge to begin pumping, but knew that it would be better if I just let Sue control the pace. We both came quietly and strongly. I had the most wonderful feeling of warmth and love. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning when I awoke, Sue was already up. I got up to go to the bathroom and take a shower. When I finished, Sue called me to breakfast. She had cooked bacon and eggs. When we sat down, she told me how good she felt about last night. She said she had gone on the pill a couple of months ago, so she was safe. She further stated that she had never had more than one orgasm in a night until last night and that the second was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Our discussion came around to my feelings. I told her of the warmth and love I felt and that I hoped we could continue making love. The talk was making me horny and, as we cleaned up, I hugged my sister from behind. She pushed her buttocks against my growing penis. I reached under her shirt and cupped her breasts.

Within minutes we were back on the bed kissing each other passionately. Sue said, “Now is a good time to teach my virgin brother some techniques which are sure to please a woman.” She taught me to caress her body lightly and pointed out how sensuous the insides of her thighs were. She said that her clitoris had to be stimulated indirectly until she was fully aroused. She showed me how to do that with my fingers. My lessons soon got us real hot and we began fucking with me on top. She reached down to stimulate her clitoris while I pumped the full length of my dick into her slippery cunt. We both came at the same time. She told me she liked me on top, but didn’t get enough stimulation that way. We slept together every night from then on. Our studying didn’t suffer. I think we were both able to concentrate better without the sexual tension which existed before.

I bought a magazine which had some letters describing sex between family members. Most were pure trash – obvious fantasies. But, a couple contained realistic descriptions of oral sex. One evening as we were getting ready for bed, I read one of the letters to Sue. I told her I’d like to try licking her cunt. She took a deep breath and said, “God, that sounds great. I’m hot thinking about it.” I followed the description in the letter. I began kissing her thighs and gradually worked up the inside until I got to her bush. I licked each side of her labia and licked around her clitoris. Sis directed me further as to what felt good. When I placed her clitoris between my lips and began a sucking motion, she began crying. I mean literally crying. I stopped out of concern. She said, “No please don’t stop. I love it. I’m crying from happiness.” She began cumming as I continued sucking her clitoris. When she finished, she said as she lowered her head toward my engorged penis, “If this makes you half as happy as I am, I will love it.” She licked and sucked my cock until I couldn’t hold back any longer. She lovingly swallowed every drop.

Oral sex has been a part of our sex life ever since. For all practical purposes we are man and wife. I love my sister so much that I have no plans to move away from her. She says she wants the same thing. We are talking about moving to a different state after we graduate and pass ourselves off as married.


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