Brother’s Sex Slave (Incest Sex)

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I know I am a sexual slave, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It all started back when I was eighteen. Sure, I had been out with boys, but I was still a virgin and really pretty innocent at the time. I did know what it was to get hot through and through every night. I would strip naked, lie on my back with my legs spread, and masturbate. One day while I was doing just that, the door to my room opened and there stood my older brother.

I got this sinking feeling in my gut. I didn’t know what to do and all I could say was “Don’t tell Mom.” He said he wouldn’t and then came and sat on the edge of my bed. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up to my cunt. I gasped when he touched me and he asked if I liked that. I said I did and he began to finish me off, all the time telling me what a mean little body I had. (I do have, too! I’m five foot two, 36-23-34, and 107 pounds.) I came like a cannon and he said he would come back and do me the next night too. This went on for a week but I always had to be at the ready if I wanted it. I had to be naked, on my back, knees up, and legs spread when he came into the room. He said I would have to earn my fun, and he pulled his cock out of his pants. Can any girl forget her first sight of a cock? It looked so big, stiff, mean, and hard, and I was fascinated by it. He told me to touch it and I could hardly believe how soft the skin was, especially at the tip. Then he told me to put it in my mouth and suck it.

I could barely get it into my mouth. He told me to take as much in as I could and suck on it and move my tongue over it. He told me to play with his balls and suck then too and he taught me how to jack him with my hand while I was sucking him. He would say “Be ready to swallow, because I’m coming.”It would gush down my throat, so salty, and I wasn’t really ready for it. If some slipped out of the side of my mouth, he told me to lick that up with my fingers. As he masturbated me he told me that when I could swallow every drop I would get a surprise.

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Now he would come into my room and sit on the edge of the bed and I would kneel between his legs, naked, and take out his cock and suck him off. Sometimes he would reach down and play with my titties while I sucked. One night I kept down every drop of his come. He gave me a surprise. He got down and ate me through two orgasms. It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

A couple of days later he came in and I sucked him off and then he ate me. Then he said, “I guess you know what’s left.” I said I did. He told me, “If you want it, ask for it.” I said I wanted it. He said, “What?” Finally I said, “I want you to stick it in me. I want to get fucked by you.” All this time he was sucking my titties and masturbating me, so my words came out pretty jumbled as I was coming. It was then that he slipped his cock up my cunt.

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I was surprised, because I thought it would hurt lots, but it just pinched a little. He put my knees over his shoulders. I’m pretty small so he got in pretty deep that way. I just loved the feeling of him slamming into my cunt. I came again like a demon.

This went on for a couple of months and then my brother got a girlfriend. He didn’t come and see me that much anymore. I was pretty depressed by that. But one day he asked me if I wanted to go out that night, I said I would, but it had been about two months since our last fuck, so I didn’t expect anything sexual. I thought it was over. Well, he drove me to a strip joint, and I said I wasn’t going in. But he said that I would if I wanted it that night. I needed it so bad that I didn’t argue.

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We got a table by the stage. A girl came out and began to dance and I started to get turned on. It wasn’t by the sight of the girl but the thought of what it would be like to strip in front of all those guys. I doubted I would have the guts, but it turned me on to think about it. I got butterflies in my gut and a twinge in my cunt when she showed her titties, and then I was really squirming when she got down to her G-string and guys started shoving money into it.

We watched some more girls and my brother told me to take notice of the one I thought was the best. Finally a girl did a real good dance and I told him so. He told me to remember what she did. We waited until she came on again and he gave me a dollar and told me to put it in her G-string. I didn’t want to, but he said if I did I would get an extra special fucking that night. When the girl finally came over, she looked a bit surprised to see another woman, but she turned her bum to me and bent over and looked at me between her legs. I pulled the strap down and was about to slip the dollar under it when she stepped back and made my hand slip down on her cunt. She stood up and laughed at me and I took off out of there.



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