A Wife’s Sexy Surprise

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When his wife confesses during a sex session that she fantasizes about threesomes, a man finds himself turned on by the idea. He tells her that one of his friends often comments on her looks and she urges him to try and get him to join in their lovemaking. The man does this, but keeps it a secret from his wife and she comes home from work one day to find that her fantasies of taking on two men are just as good as she imagined.


Valerie closed her eyes and pushed her head back on the pillow. “Oh shit,” she cried out breathlessly and then looked down at her husband. Andy’s head was buried between her spread open thighs and his tongue was working its usual magic on her body. She squirmed around and her face contorted in an expression of agonized ecstasy. Her husband knew just what she liked and as her licked deeper it sent her passion spiraling towards a climax. The breath rushed from her as the pleasure between her thighs intensified. “I want it now,” Valerie gasped in an excited tone and her husband pulled his head up. He quickly moved up her body and in one swift movement drilled his stiff erection inside her wet hole.

The penetration was the final thrill that pushed Valerie over the edge. Her gasping cry sounded around the bedroom as the heat from her pussy rushed out to engulf her entire body. Andy held deep as the spasms of his wife’s pussy walls rippled around his cock. She tried to arch her back up as her passion hit its peak and as she dropped back to the bed, the cock was frantically fucked into her. Andy was so turned on that his climax erupted in a matter of seconds and suddenly he was sending streams of hot white inside the softness. His cock jerked out of control as he lost his load to his wife and he dropped down on top of her when the shudders finally ended.

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“Oh fuck,” he gasped. “It can never get any better than this.” He heard the quiet giggles of his wife and looked down at her. “What?” he asked.

“If one of my fantasies came true I think it would be better for me,” she teased.

“Oh yeah,” her husband said. “And what exactly would this fantasy be?”

“You sure you want to hear?” Valerie went on.

Andy finally rolled off her and lay gasping. “Sure,” he said.

“Well…” Valerie hesitated, but went on when her husband encouraged her. “I dream about sex with two men,” she blurted out.

“Little slut,” said Andy.

Valerie shrugged. “It’s just a fantasy.”

“But one you want to try by the sounds of it,” her husband shot back. He was surprised at the flicker of interest that registered in his mind and he started to quiz his wife. “So how long have you been having this fantasy?” he asked.

“It’s one I’ve always had,” she confessed.

“And has my dirty little slut wife lived out her fantasy,” Andy teased.

Valerie shook her head. “Nope, just fantasies,” she said. Her husband suddenly laughed. “What’s funny?” she asked.

“My friend from work, Colin,” Andy said. “He’s always telling me how lucky I am to have a gorgeous wife like you. I think he has a little crush on you.”

Valerie rolled over. “Really?” she said. “Do you think he would do it?”

“So just a fantasy then?” teased Andy as he heard the eagerness in his wife’s voice. The flicker of interest that registered in his mind when Valerie confessed to her threesome fantasy was growing and he was suddenly wondering what it would be like.

“A girl can dream can’t she,” said Valerie with a laugh, but Andy could see that she really would be interested in living out her fantasy.

“Well keep dreaming,” he replied. His wife giggled as she got up from the bed to go and shower.

Valerie’s comments after their sex session planted a seed in Andy’s mind that kept growing and wouldn’t let go. He’d never thought about a threesome before, but found that the idea of watching Valerie take another cock turned him on. The next time he went out for a drink with Colin after work he told him what his wife said about a threesome and found that his friend was up for the idea. It set in motion a plan that around a week later found the pair of them standing in Andy’s bedroom.

“So she really doesn’t know?” asked Colin.

Andy shook her head. “She’s never really mentioned it again, so must think I’m not interested.”

“Your hot wife is in for a surprise tonight then,” Colin said and then looked at his friend as the sound of the key in the front door lock reached their ears.

“That’s her,” Andy said. “You stay here and remember no noise until I tell you.” He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door. When he got downstairs his wife was sitting on the sofa with her heels kicked off and her feet resting on the coffee table. “Busy day?” he asked.

“Not bad,” she said. Andy bent down to kiss her, but rather than being a peck on the cheek it was a passionate locking of lips. Valerie let out a gasp as her husband pulled back. “Well someone is a little horn dog by the looks of it,” she teased.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he said. “It made me want to play.”

“Mmm…,” Valerie said. “That sounds interesting. Did you have something kinky in mind?”

“Well now that you mention it,” he said with a grin and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a blindfold and let it hang from his finger. “I thought I might tease my hot little wife into submission.”

Valerie gasped again as the blindfold was placed around her head, but made no effort to protest. She sensed her husband leaning in for another passionate kiss and then he took her hand and helped her to stand.

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“Follow me,” he said. Valerie felt her pulse racing. They occasionally played kinky little games together and it always got her excited. She wondered just what he husband was going to do, but could do nothing more than follow him as he led her up the stairs. Andy pulled her to the bedroom and Colin worked to suppress a laugh as he saw Valerie wearing a blindfold. She was led over to the bed and Andy kissed her and then moved his mouth to her ear. “That sweet little pussy is mine,” he said, making sure his voice was loud enough for Colin to hear. Valerie gasped as the buttons of her blouse were undone. It was pulled from her shoulders and dropped to the floor. Her skirt followed and suddenly she was standing in nothing more than her panties and bra. Her chest was heaving at the thought of her pussy being licked and the fucking that would follow. When Andy guided her onto the bed she lay back and spread her legs.

Colin watched as Valerie was stripped of her blouse and skirt and the sight of her in her underwear brought his semi-erect cock to full stiffness. He could feel it throbbing as Valerie lay on the bed and he almost gasped when she spread her legs wide. Andy moved to the bottom of the bed, but then stepped out of the way and motioned his friend forward. Colin let out a long breath as he got on the bed between Valerie’s legs. She flinched as his fingers touched on her thigh then moaned as they traced higher. Her moans got louder as the touch moved onto her panties and the fingers slid up and down the outline of her pussy lips. The silky material got wetter and Colin wanted to taste. He bent down and licked on the damp panties and it brought out more moans from Valerie. She pushed towards the touch of the tongue and it pressed harder onto her. Colin reached for the edge of the panties to pull them to the side in his eagerness to see and touch naked pussy. He gasped when it came in sight and pushed his mouth onto it.



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