The Babysitter’s Punishment

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When a couple notices that money is disappearing from their home they suspect that their babysitter is the culprit. The husband wants to confront her, but the wife has other ideas. She sets up a trap to prove the babysitter is stealing and then gives her the option of her parents being told or letting the couple use her as their fuck doll for the night. Not wanting her parents to find out she’s been stealing, she chooses the latter and finds out the excitement of being used as a sex toy by an older couple.

“Did you take money from this drawer?” Olivia asked her husband.

Steve looked in her direction and when he caught her gaze shook his head. “Not me,” he said.

“Shit,” cursed Olivia under her breath then raised her voice again. “I was sure I put ten dollars in here,” she said.

“Maybe Julia got into the drawer,” her husband said.

His wife made a face. “Our daughter is five years old. What the hell would she take money for?”

Steve held up his hands. “Just a thought,” he said. “Maybe you’re just mistaken.”

“It’s the second time that money has gone missing,” Olivia insisted. “I’m sure of it.”

“So what exactly are you saying here?” asked Steve as he walked across to the sofa to sit down.

“I think Vanessa is stealing from us,” his wife answered.

“No…,” Steve went on. “She’s been out babysitter for more than six months. Why would you just notice it now?”

Olivia shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe she didn’t need the money before and now she does. Who knows? I thought I was mistaken the first time, but not now.”

“Well, I guess you need to confront her next week,” he said.

His wife shook her head. “I want to just set a trap and see if we can prove it.”

Steve narrowed his eyes. “And then what? Drag her to the police. She’s only eighteen years old.”

Olivia calmed a little as the grin crossed her face. “We’ve had the odd fantasy about a teenage girl threesome,” she said. “Maybe it’s time to move past just dreaming about it.”

Steve laughed. “You dirty little pervert,” he teased.

Olivia could see that he was interested though. “I don’t hear you complaining.” She moved across to sit on his lap and wriggled around as the semi-erect cock came to full hardness. “Well, well,” she went on. “Look what we have here. Teenage girl fantasies kicking in are they.” She stood and dragged her skirt up. “Get it out,” she urged and watched as her husband fumbled with his zipper and pushed his hand in his pants to drag his erect cock out. As soon as she saw it Olivia placed a knee either side of her husband’s legs on the sofa to straddle his lap. She dragged her panties to the side as she lowered herself and Steve grabbed his cock to guide it to the wet opening. Both groaned as Olivia sat down and wet pussy enveloped stiff cock. Steve grabbed his wife’s head and pulled her forward into a passionate kiss. His excitement was infectious and Olivia thrilled to the ferocity of the touch on her lips. She knew that it was going to be a quickie and as the kiss continued she started to ride cock. The pace was furious from the start and as she slammed herself down onto the hardness her passion quickly grew out of control. The though of the cute teenage girl played on their minds and heightened the passion until Olivia groaned as the orgasm flooded her body with heat. She wanted to feel the cum as she climaxed and threw herself at her husband while talking dirty to make him let go. It worked and the loud groan of her husband signaled his release. She sat down and squeezed her pussy around the erection as her orgasm peaked and shuddered as the flow of cum suddenly splashed her pussy walls. They held in a tight embrace as the shudders of their bodies became uncontrollable and only relaxed when the sensation finally faded.

“So you’re really going to set a trap for our cute babysitter,” Steve asked as he calmed down.

“Yup,” his wife answered. “So let’s see where it leads.”

The trap was simple. Olivia wrote her name on a ten dollar bill and folded it so the writing couldn’t be seen. She left it in the same drawer the last money went missing from and all she needed to do was have a look when they got home and see if her suspicions were correct. The couple acted normally when Vanessa arrived and left their home as normal. The eighteen year old girl might be a thief, but they knew she would take good care of their daughter and weren’t worried about that. They went to see a movie and when they came out of the theater decided not to have a meal and just go home early. It was well past their daughter’s bedtime, so the babysitter would have had ample time to look around and find the money. Olivia could sense her anticipation rising on the bus ride home and her hand was trembling as she put the key in the lock of the front door. The couple went inside and found their babysitter watching television in the lounge.

“Hi,” Vanessa said and looked at her watch. “You’re back early.”

“Yeah, the movie ended and we felt a little tired so just came back,” replied Olivia. She moved across the room and Steve spoke to the babysitter to distract her as his wife looked in the drawer. Olivia finally turned and moved to the center of the room. “Ok,” she went on. “Where is it?” she asked the babysitter.

“Huh?” asked Vanessa. “Where is what?”

“The ten dollars I left in that drawer,” Olivia said and pointed to the cabinet.

Vanessa shrugged her shoulders, but suddenly wouldn’t meet Olivia’s gaze. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” she protested. Steve moved forward to grab the jacket resting over the back of the sofa. “Hey,” the teen girl complained. “You can’t do that.”

“Why are you bothered, if you have nothing to hide,” cut in Olivia. She watched as Steve searched through the pockets and suppressed the grin as he pulled out a ten dollar note.

“That’s mine,” Vanessa continued to protest.

Steve handed the money to his wife and she unfolded the bill to see her name written on it. “It’s your money is it?” Olivia said. “So why does it have my name written on it?” She moved forward and handed the bill to the teen girl. Vanessa’s face fell as she saw the writing.

The teen girl cast her gaze down. “I’m sorry,” she, with her voice being so quiet it could barely be heard.

“Why the hell are you stealing from us,” Olivia said in a harsh tone.

The teen girl flinched a little. “I…, I…,” she stammered, but nothing else came out.

“What do you think your parents will say when we tell them about this?” Olivia went on and kept her voice raised.

Vanessa looked up with a horrified look on her face. “I said I was sorry, please don’t tell them.”

Olivia shook her head. “Sorry just isn’t enough.”

“So what is enough?” pleaded the teen girl. “I’ll do anything.”

Olivia looked at her husband and saw the grin on his voice. “Well…,” she started.

“What?” pleaded Vanessa.

“You’re a pretty girl,” Olivia said. “Maybe if you were to let us have some fun we might be convinced to keep your stealing a secret.”

“But you are nearly twice my age,” the teen girl said and her voice sounded a little shocked at the way things were going.

“Well if you want your parents to…,” went on Olivia.

“OK, OK,” Vanessa cut in. “I get the picture. What do you want me to do?”

Olivia slipped of her jacket and moved across to sit beside the babysitter. “Just a little fun,” she said. “You’ll enjoy it.” She leaned across and caressed her lips on the teen girl’s mouth and as she kissed brought her hand up to a breast. She squeezed on it and felt Vanessa squirm around. “That’s not too bad now is it?” Olivia continued when she broke the kiss and moved back.



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