Getting To Know Her – Daddy & Daughter Sex

Story Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2

Chapter 1

It all started about two months ago…

I woke up on a Saturday morning with my usual piss hard-on. The alarm
clock said it was a little after seven o’clock. Figuring that everyone was
asleep, I decided not to get dressed to go to the bathroom. As I walked, my
penis bobbed and weaved ahead of me. I opened the bathroom door and froze in
my tracks. There, just stepping out of the tub, was my nineteen year old
daughter, Jill. She stood there with one foot in the tub and one foot on the
floor. Those long slender legs, that small mound of light brown pubic hair,
her slim waist, those perfect, round, firm tits and that innocent angelic
face. I was transfixed. At first she started to reach for her towel but
stopped when her eyes caught sight of my enlarged dick. Her eyes darted back
and forth from my hard-on to my face and back to my hard-on.
After what seemed like minutes I apologized and backed out of the
bathroom. Jill mumbled something like “that’s OK”. I went back to bed and
waited till I heard her leave the bathroom before attempting to relieve my

In the following days my mind would often drift back to those few
seconds of seeing my own daughter standing there, naked as the day she was
born, but looking so much nicer. I had occasionally wondered what she looked
like under her usual baggy t-shirts and jeans. Now I knew.
The next Saturday my wife and daughter were going to go to the mall
and then to do the grocery shopping. I decided to go for a short, intense bike
ride to get in a good workout. After my bike ride I took a refreshing shower.
I hung up my towel and walked naked to my bedroom.
There, coming out of my closet, was Jill with a handful of hangers.
Not wanting to run away like a shy schoolboy, I just stood there and waited
for her to leave the room. She blushed and explained that she needed hangers
for the clothes that she bought at the mall. I noticed her eyes dropping to my
crotch a few times. I asked where her mother was and Jill said that she went
on to the grocery store by herself. Then she exited the room backwards,
sneaking one more glance at my penis which was beginning to come slowly to

I dressed in a pair of running shorts and a light t-shirt and went to
Jill’s room. She was a little embarrassed but came out of it when I asked her
to show me what she got at the mall. She showed me a couple pairs of shorts
and a pair of running shoes. Then she said she wanted to model something
special for me. I was told to wait in the living room and that she would be
right out.
It wasn’t long before Jill came out in a very nice, very mature
looking dress. It was sort of short with a low neckline, the kind of thing a
father wouldn’t really want his daughter to wear, but wouldn’t mind seeing one
of her girlfriends wearing. She looked about 10 years older and very sexy. I
could hardly believe this was my little angel.
She slowly turned and posed from different angles. When she knew she
had my full attention, she faced me and stared straight into my eyes. Reaching
behind her, she started to pull the zipper down. She began rolling her hips
like a stripper, then she slid the straps off her shoulders, one at a time. My
mind started to race, what was she doing? I liked it but I didn’t like it. My
penis started to stir when she was posing so seductively in that dress that
left little to the imagination, but now it was growing in leaps and bounds.
Jill then let the tiny dress fall to her ankles revealing …a bikini! If I
thought the dress was bad, this was worse. The tiniest bikini I had ever seen
on a real person was being modeled for me in my living room by my own
My face was flushed and my breathing was unsteady. Jill noticed this
and asked what I thought. I said “Of what, the clothes or the presentation?”
She looked at the swelling in my shorts, giggled and said, “Both.”
I told her that if her mother approved of the dress and bikini, then I
did too. But I asked if she would have presented the bikini that way if mom
had been here. She lowered her eyes and said that she didn’t think mom would
enjoy it as much as I obviously had. Then she stepped closer to me and with
her barely covered muff right in front of my face, and asked what I really
thought of the presentation.

I stood up and stepped back one step. I glanced down at the front of
my running shorts and saw Jill follow my gaze. “See there?”, I said. “You got
a standing ovation.” Jill smiled, turned around and when she bent over to pick
up the dress, I could see the material of the thong bottom was very wet where
it just barely covered her pussy. I thought I could even smell her hot cunt
from where I was. She walked off to her room to change and when she returned
she was the same innocent little girl I remembered her to be.
Over the next couple of weeks I noticed that Jill had lost most of her
shyness. She would walk around in bra and panties in the mornings while
getting ready for school. My wife said something once, but Jill said it was no
different than wearing a bathing suit in public and that this was, after all,
her father. Nothing was said from then on.
On a rare Friday night when Jill didn’t have a date or have to work,
we rented some videos and bought some snacks for movie night. My wife got a
sappy romance movie, I got a comedy and Jill picked out a good horror flick
that I had seen before, but she hadn’t.
We suffered through my wife’s movie, though I could hear Jill’s
breathing get heavy during the one steamy love scene. Half way through my
comedy my wife excused herself, said she was tired, and went off to bed. Jill
made me promise to stay up with her during her horror flick because she would
be afraid to be alone. No problem, it was one of my favorites.
After my movie, Jill went off to her room while I made another bowl of
popcorn and got her movie set up. She came out wearing a night shirt that just
covered her ass and no bra. She said it was in case she fell asleep during the
movie. Not likely, I thought.

Chapter 2

This was one of those movies where the killer pops up when you least
expect him. Jill kept moving closer and closer to me as the terror continued.
Finally she had my arm around her, I guess for protection from the killer. I
assured her that she would be safe with me. She felt so soft and warm. I
remembered the day she did that mock strip show for me and how I wanted her
when she bent over in that thong bikini. My prick began to swell and I shifted
my position to make it comfortable.
Just then Jill slid her butt away and laid her head on my lap. Her
nightshirt slid up and I could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties! This
only made my hard-on get harder. She moved her head around like she was trying
to get comfortable and I offered her a pillow. She lifted her head and I
slipped the pillow under. Quick thinking on my part, I thought. She laid her
head back down and then slipped her hand under the pillow for leverage. Her
hand was right on my swollen dick and I couldn’t move. At first I thought she
would jump up in disgust and call me a pervert but she just laid there,
motionless at first, and then she gave my dick a slight squeeze. I think she
was waiting for me to call her a pervert. Not a chance.
I am pretty sure that Jill is sexually active. At her age and with
those looks, it would be hard to believe otherwise. She has several studly
looking boys calling after her but she seems to have the upper hand with them.
I’ll bet she calls all the shots.

Now she was with me, lightly squeezing my penis, waiting for the next
move. I gently put my hand on her shoulder and started rubbing it slowly. Jill
took the hint and began to move her hand up and down the length of my shaft.
She whispered “It’s huge.” It felt so good yet so bad. I moved my hand to her
side and slowly ran it from her ribs down to her stomach and back. She raised
her elbow slightly, as if to give me permission to touch those beautiful tits.
And I did. So firm and round like only a teenager could be. Her nipples were
hard as rocks. Through the thin material of her night shirt I gently pinched
and pulled on her nipples, one then the other. I wanted them in my mouth.
I wasn’t sure how far to take this. I just knew that I would take it
slow. I ran my hand down the length of her side and let it come to rest on
Jill’s bare ass. She didn’t even flinch. My hand continued over the curve of
her ass and down to her crack. She lifted her leg a little to make herself
more accessible. I inched my way slowly to her moist, hot pussy. Moist wasn’t
the word for it, this girl was almost dripping! She jumped a little and sucked
in her breath when I touched her clit and started rubbing it between my thumb
and finger. Jill said that the guys she dated didn’t even know that girls had
a clitoris.
She lifted her head and threw the pillow on the floor. She started
nudging my dick with her nose and then kissed it through my sweat pants. It
wanted out! She sat up, interrupting my attempt to slip my finger into her
vagina. I thought maybe I had gone too far. Jill said she wanted to see my
“thingy” again. She told me that she couldn’t believe how big it was compared
to the boys she knew. I felt a little jealous just hearing that she really was
active. I also felt proud to win the comparison test.
I stood up in front of her, my crotch at her face level, and let my
own daughter pull my sweat pants down to the floor. She looked at my throbbing
dick for a few seconds and then took it in her hand and inspected it from all
angles. “It won’t fit!” she said. “Where were you thinking of putting it?” I
asked. For just a second she seemed embarrassed. Then she looked up into my
eyes and asked me where I would like her to put it. At this moment I wanted
her to call the shots so I told her to put it where she thought it would feel
the best.
Jill slid off the couch and on to her knees in front of me. She
reached around and cupped my ass cheeks in her hands and kissed me right
beside my patch of pubic hair. She ran her tongue down across my balls and
back up the other side. Where did this girl learn to do these things? She
began to tease my dick by getting close but not quite taking it in her mouth.
I couldn’t take it any more, I grabbed her head and guided it straight to my
dick. She said that I lasted longer than any of the other guys. That jealousy,
that pride, again.

Then she really went to work. She licked and sucked me like I was a
melting ice cream cone on a hot, sunny day. Many times I would take Jill out
to get ice cream at our favorite place and watch her work on that cone and
think that she was going to make some lucky guy happy someday. Little did I
I told her that I wasn’t going to last much longer. She told me to cum when
ever I was ready. I held out as long as I could and finally let loose of my
load. She seemed to know when I was going to shoot because she took me deep
into her mouth and sucked and swallowed most of my cum. A little bit of my
load dribbled down her chin and she lifted the hem of her night shirt to wipe
it off. Knowing that there was a beautiful teenage goddess under that shirt
made my shrinking penis start to grow again.
The movie ended and was rewinding. She asked if I wanted to see
something else. I smiled, knelt down in front of her and lifted her night
shirt over her head. “Your sweet body is all I want to see.” I said. I ran my
hands from her shoulders down over her breasts and down to her waist. I lifted
her and motioned for her to sit on the couch. She said that she better sit on
her shirt in case things get messy.
I leaned forward, parted those long legs and started kissing and
licking her inner thighs. Her pussy smelled hot and sweet, it was
intoxicating. I decided to get back at her for teasing me by doing some
teasing of my own. My initial horniness was taken care of and now I could
concentrate on Jill. She loved it. She said that her boyfriends didn’t like to
do this and when they did, it wasn’t very good. Another point for Dad. I
licked her pussy for about ten minutes. Jill finally stopped me saying that
she couldn’t take another orgasm. I figured that this was going to be the end
of our session and that I wasn’t going to get inside that tight little pussy.
Jill turned around, kneeling on the couch with her arms resting on the
back. “Rub my back” she said. First I stood behind her, rubbing her neck and
shoulders. Her tight little ass swayed back and forth in front of my eager
dick. She said she couldn’t take another orgasm and I really didn’t think I
wanted to rape my own daughter so I kept my distance. Gradually, she leaned
her shoulders forward and her ass back. It was getting harder to reach her
without my dick touching her. Then she suddenly jerked backward and nearly
impaled her anus on my prick.
She reached behind, grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her pussy.
She said that she wanted it in her from the first time she saw it, that day in
the bathroom. Jill’s pussy was so wet that the head of my penis slipped right
in. She flinched and held her breath. I grabbed her hips and glided myself
slowly in until I was all the way there. She let out her breath and a low
moan. “I can’t believe it fit!” she said. I slowly stroked in and out, around
and around. I worked my dick against her clit as much as possible. Jill slid
back and forth to meet my strokes. She was too good to be just nineteen years
old. Kneeling on the couch, with my legs outside of hers, made her pussy clamp
even tighter on my cock.
Jill’s moans started to get louder and I was afraid my wife might hear
us. I told Jill to keep it down and she said she would try, but she never felt
this good before. Wave after wave of orgasm shook her body. We fucked for
about fifteen minutes, until she practically begged me to cum. I didn’t want
this feeling to ever end and when I finally did cum, I thought I was going to
pass out.
We laid down on the couch with my dick still in her and I stroked her
hair and breasts. Neither one of us talked. I kissed her on the shoulder,
pulled out of that perfect pussy and stood up. I bent to put on my sweat pants
and Jill sat up on the couch. She stopped me long enough to take one more look
at my slowly shrinking penis. She leaned forward, kissed it and licked off a
drop of cum that was oozing out of the tip.
We put our clothes back on, turned off the TV, VCR and the lights and
went to our rooms for the night.

The next day, things were back to normal, sort of. My wife asked how
the movie was and Jill blurted out “Fabulous!”. Not the usual description for
a horror show, but who knows with this generation? There was a little tension
in the air when Jill and I were in a room together without my wife, but that
passed. We haven’t done anything since that night and I’m wondering if that
isn’t the way it should stay.
It’s been a month now. My wife just told me that Jill has no plans for
Friday night and maybe we will have another movie night. I hope Jill picks
something scary!

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