For Her Pleasure

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The teachers of her childhood had taught her that sex was for procreation, that masturbation was evil, and that sex between two women was forbidden. Her husband had helped her with most of her hang-ups, but it took the young babysitter to open her eyes to the secrets that only women know…


“Thanks Mrs. Sanders,” Cindy Martin said with a coy smile. She took the money from Tina Sanders’ hand, allowing her slender graceful fingers to maintain contact with the skin of her hand much longer than necessary. Tina looked at the tall, well set up babysitter with an appraising eye. Cindy was tall and slender, with small firm breasts and an elegantly sculpted neck and shoulders. Extremely long sexy legs peeked out from beneath a pleated skirt. The skirt was very short and the white blouse she wore under her blue blazer had at least four more buttons open than was absolutely necessary. It was obvious that the girl wore no bra. Tina would have been extremely jealous if Cindy had showed the faintest interest in James, her husband, but the girl seemed fascinated with Tina herself. When James was involved in the conversation, Cindy was a perfect angel…but when she was alone with Tina, Cindy changed. The innocent schoolgirl disappeared and a lascivious temptress emerged.

When they were alone, Cindy would bend forward familiarly, giving Tina a glimpse down the front of her blouse. Her hands lingered over Tina’s and every movement of her body was suggestive and sexy as hell. Tina was more than a little aroused by the attention, though she had never been responsive to women in her life. Her reaction to the teenaged sexpot was surprising. Lately, every time Cindy had babysat for them, Tina had taken James to bed with surprising passion…and she found herself doing things with James she had never done before.

Tina was a product of a Catholic all girls boarding school. The nuns had preached chastity of mind and body rigidly and regularly. Tina had heard the rustlings and the sighs late at night in the dormitories, and several times over the years a gaggle of nuns had sneaked into the dormitories and dragged off girls caught in forbidden acts of masturbation or worse, lesbianism. The girls were sent home in shame or back to the dormitories under enforced isolation and treated as if they were lepers. The nuns reviled them publicly and the main body of students forced such thoughts from their minds, fearing their own humiliation. It was something the girls learned by repetition, pretending their adolescent desires did not exist.

It had carried over into her adulthood, except it was easier to deny now…until Cindy had started her seduction campaign. Tina knew it was affecting her, why else did she now beg James to put his face between her legs and lick her most private places with his soft broad tongue? The thought of its wet heat made her shudder with wicked desire, and as she watched the seductive sway of Cindy’ ships as the girl walked down the driveway. As Cindy reached the sidewalk, she turned and saw Tina watching her from the kitchen door on the side of the house. Cindy looked in each direction and then turned to face the house, her legs spread in a wide stance like a cheerleader. With a pixie grin, Cindy slowly raised her skirt, exposing her shaved mound to Tina’s eyes. Dropping the skirt after a long moment, Cindy swung off up the street, a smug smile on her face.

Tina rushed to the living room, kissing her husband urgently and rubbing his cock through his trousers.

“Take me to bed baby,” she panted, “I need some attention…” Her hand snaked inside his fly and grasped his hard cock, curling her fingers around his thick shaft. James bent down and lifted her up in his arms, carrying her to their big king sized bed. He laid her gently on the bed and began to undress. Tina lay spread eagle, fully clothed, and watched James take his clothes off. She felt her juices rise over and above the lust inspired by Cindy and she licked her lips unconsciously as his rigid cock sprang into view.

Tina knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it now without directly asking for it, and hopefully disguising her new need for something she had until recently believed was a distinct lesbian act. She had never truly believed that James enjoyed licking her pussy, but she knew that if she lay on her back and took his big cock in her mouth with her legs spread, he would reciprocate enthusiastically.

He was more than enthusiastic about a sixty nine to completion, which was something she would never have consented to before Cindy’s arrival in their lives. The first time James had spurted wildly into her mouth she was so deeply involved in her own spectacular orgasm that she had simply gulped reflexively. To her surprise, it had given her a feeling of power and satisfaction…and a deep pervading sense of pleasure. She had since become addicted to the act. Even if they didn’t finish that way, when Tina initiated sex, they always started this way. Tonight Tina was determine to take James all the way to the creamy finish.

She tugged him over her face with his face pointed towards her upturned toes, and immediately took as much of his long thick cock into her mouth as she could. James eagerly lifted her skirt and slipped off her panties…and then he did something he hadn’t done before. He began to lick the skin of the flat belly she had worked so hard to regain after the birth of their second child. Tina shivered and wriggled at the delicate touch of his tongue, increasing her efforts to swallow his cock.

“She wants you baby, doesn’t she?” Without taking her mouth off his cock, she nodded yes. It was foolish to have thought he wouldn’t notice.

“She wants to do what I’m doing right now baby, she wants her tongue tracing its way to your sweetness instead of mine. Tina moaned and her legs sprawled wider, her shaved slit straining towards his hot slippery tongue.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned around his cock, “Yes baby.”

“You want her too, don’t you baby?” James said, bending forward and licking the hard nubbin of her clit. She yelped with pleasure as she thought of Cindy’s delicate pink tongue in her most secret of places. Her legs closed around James’ head as she began to ride his tongue. The cock in her mouth got no more attention, only what it was getting from James fucking it in and out of her throat. Her throat muscles were all relaxed now and she was too involved to worry about gagging, and he was fucking all the way down to the base of his cock now as she concentrated on the image of Cindy down there licking her clit. She was so woud up that the soles of her feet were pressing his head into her pussy as she came, howling around the pumping cock in her throat. The scalding heat of his cum against her throat sent her over the precipice and into the dark warmth of sweet oblivion.

He had raised up and stripped off her clothes completely as she lay inert in the aftermath of her orgasm. When she came to her senses, James was holding her close and kissing the skin of her neck and her ears as she clung to him. It was thrilling enough to feel his lips on her skin and his arms warm around her, but it was his words that electrified her.

“I don’t mind if you want her baby, if you want to get naked with that little cutie go right ahead…I’d love to fuck her myself but I don’t think she likes men.” Tina’s blood ran cold for a second, but she couldn’t fault him for being honest with her. He was even conceding that she could have sex outside their relationship when he could not.

“You’d…you’d let me have sex with Cindy and wouldn’t expect to get sex from somewhere else too?”

“All I want Tina, is for you to feel the ecstasy that I see in your face when she flirts with you. Nothing on earth gives me more pleasure than seeing you truly hot and bothered baby,” he said. “I’d give anything to watch you, but I know how private you are. All I ask in return is that I get to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life.”

It was said quietly, and with such love that Tina was filled with warmth and passion for this wonderful man she had married. She slid down his body, doing the things she knew he loved. At the very end, she closed her lips around his throbbing cock, and squeezing his balls as he emptied every drop of sperm from them.



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