For His Pleasure

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Elena loved to masturbate when she was babysitting and her clients were out of the house. She had no idea that this job would take her on one of life’s great journeys, and she had even less of an idea that within her thin body lay the heart of an exhibitionist.


Elena loved babysitting for the Johnsons. They had a really nice house and they were really sweet people…and they were the hottest looking couple on the block. Mr. Johnson was a movie star type, tall and lean, with dazzlingly white teeth and a sexy forelock of wavy black hair that kept falling down over his piercing blue eyes. Mrs. Johnson was a slender blonde with a thin flat belly even after two kids. Her boobs were way bigger than Elena’s, something Elena was very sensitive about. Even her thirteen year old kid sister had bigger boobs than she did.

The Johnsons always left her pizza, which she gave to the kids while she ate Mrs. Johnson’s salad. When the kids went to bed, Elena indulged in her very favorite activity…masturbating. She rarely had the opportunity to do it at home, her little sister was a real inquisitive pest with a really big mouth. Elena had to jill off in the shower or at least in the bathroom, and little sister Sara was sure to raise hell if Elena spent a moment too long in the bathroom they shared.

Elena had just put the kids to bed and had gone downstairs to rummage through the back of the DVD rack to see if Mr. Johnson had added to his collection of porn. Her curiosity was piqued when she found some DVDs with plain labels that had only a date written in magic marker on them. Each DVD had a different date going back over the last year.

The start of the first DVD came as an absolute shock. Mrs. Johnson was completely naked and kneeling on the floor with one hand between her legs, masturbating. Elena had never seen anyone she actually knew masturbating, much less on a DVD. Even more exciting, Mrs. Johnson was sucking the largest penis she had ever seen, even on the DVDs she loved. Mrs. Johnson had a look of pure ecstasy on her face as she took the thick, ropy veined penis deeper into her mouth. The sound came on, and the liquid, sucking sounds were loud and clear. Mrs. Johnson was moaning. And then she was talking in soft teasing tone, the giant cock quivering just inches in front of her thick, ripe lips.

“It’s ok baby,” she crooned, “you can cum again, I know you can….just do what you always do.

Imagine that it’s your precious little Elena sucking your cock.” The huge cock jerked upwards in the picture. Elena? Hell, that was her name! “Come on Stan, just pretend I’m little Elena and you can cum in my sweet little mouth,” Mrs. Johnson said. Stan? That was Mr. Johnson’s name. Elena’s eyes were locked on the DVD monitor, her fingers frantically rubbing the hard nubbin of her clit.

Mrs. Johnson parted her lips and huge amounts of cum sprayed all over her open mouth and over her face. She looked angelic as she wiped the excess from her face and licked it off her fingers. “I’m either going to have to buy a wig and a costume or you’re going to have to seduce your little sweetie Stan,” she said, and Elena heard Mr. Johnson’s deep chuckle from off camera. “I’m serious baby,” Mrs. Johnson said, getting to her feet. The camera followed her as she walked across the living room…the living room she had just left! She was beautiful, Elena thought as her fingers slid on her now wet and slippery clit.

Mrs. Johnson lay down on the carpet and crooked her finger…at somebody else. There was another man in the room, one Elena didn’t recognize, but he was nearly as hot looking as Mr. Johnson. The man sat on the carpet next to Mrs. Johnson and bent to kiss her hard nipples. She moaned and reached for his cock, stroking it as he sucked her nipples.

Elena sat up quickly, snapped the power off on the DVD player and ran back to the living room. The man had been fucking Mrs. Johnson, right here on the floor in front of Mr. Johnson and he hadn’t said a word in objection…but the revelation that had floored her wasn’t Anne Johnson’s lewd behavior. Sexy Dan Johnson, the object of most of her masturbatory fantasies, wanted her…and Anne Johnson was encouraging him to seduce her.

The stark nudity and the obvious open relationship the Johnsons had was enough of a shock. The added revelations taxed Elena’s self control. She tried reading for a while, but she was distracted and unable to concentrate on the story. Turning on the TV, she tried to immerse herself in some mindless sitcom. Nothing worked. No matter how far Elena tried to distance herself from the overwhelming impact of seeing the DVD, her mind continued to conjure up the image of Dan Johnson kneeling between her willingly spread legs, his huge cock rampant and ready to penetrate her. Every few minutes she had to bite her lip to hold back the moans of desire…and for some perverted reason, she was denying herself the release of masturbation. The feelings, the sexual feelings in particular, were overpowering. Elena was more than a little frightened by the intensity of the feelings.

Elena had been babysitting at least twice a week for the Johnsons for the last year. She had gotten into a routine, and had been so used to masturbating in pleasurable solitude that she had begun to dress for convenience. Usually she wore a skirt with no panties and a thin top with no bra…not that her breasts were large enough to need a bra. She had discovered the DVDs while searching for a movie for the kids early on. Today was the first time she had seen one of the homemade variety, and she was still quivering on the ragged edge of orgasm.

The Johnsons arrived home as usual, and Anne Johnson noticed the flush of Elena’s skin and the puffiness of her lips. She stared at Elena’s flared nostrils and the brightness of her eyes and intuitively knew that Elena was primed and ready.

“Come here a minute honey,” Anne said, reaching out to take Elena’s hand. Elena’s knees buckled at the gentle touch and she gasped with the sudden onset of her orgasm. Anne helped her into the kitchen and got her a cold glass of water. She leaned against the counter, her smile pleasant but hungry.

Elena had a guilty look about her, and Anne had an idea what had happened. “Did you watch a movie with the girls tonight?” she asked casually. The stricken look on Elena’s face told her what she needed to know. Anne’s pretty head tilted back on her elegant neck. “How long ago did you find Dan’s stash?”

Elena didn’t look happy. “About a month ago,” she said timidly.

Anne remembered the private CDs with a little shock. “But tonight there was something different in there?” Elena nodded yes. Anne finally understood the true shock that was in Elena’s eyes and demeanor. “Poor baby,” she said, caressing Elena’s golden hair, “What did you see?”

“I…I saw you on the floor in the living room…and another man I didn’t recognize…” Elena’s voice broke.

“You saw me fucking Dan’s buddy from work?” Anne asked. Elena blushed, but she felt the heat building in her belly again. Anne was amused. “Dan’s a horny bastard, and sometimes he gets off watching me fuck other men…and of course I love him watching me fuck, it’s unbelievably exciting, being watched.” She watched the young woman’s nipples rise as she spoke of being watched and suspected she had found a kindred spirit. “If you saw that, you must have seen me sucking Dan’s cock just before that.”

Elena was shocked again as she realized that the huge cock she had seen had belonged to Mr. Johnson. It was then that she remembered Mrs. Johson’s comment about her…as well as what had happened directly after Mrs. Johnson’s teasing remark. “Mrs. Johnson, you were talking about me,” she whispered, her eyes wide and her nipples rising to greater prominence.



“Oh honey,” Mr. Johnson said, “now that you’ve seen me naked and having sex with two different men, I think it would be ok if you just called me Anne.” Elena nodded, speechless. “And yes, we were talking about you. Dan’s had the hots for you ever since he first saw you. Any time I need him to be a little more enthusiastic in his sex play all I have to do is talk to him about you. We rarely have sex anymore without you being involved in our little games.” It was a little too much to take in and Elena sank to the floor, her ankles crossed. She noticed Anne looking at her crotch and realized that her slide to the floor had exposed glistening pink pussy to the older woman. She tried to close her legs but Anne put a hand on her thigh and stopped her. “You have a gorgeous body sweetheart, and you shouldn’t try to hide it.” Anne cocked her head and gazed at the young woman. “Does being so exposed in my kitchen really disturb you so much?” Elena nodded. Anne crossed her arms and lifted the little black party dress she was wearing over her head, leaving her wearing nothing but a wispy black g-string and a pair of patent leather four inch heels. “There,” Anne beamed, “is that better.”

Elena laughed aloud, a pleasant, tinkling laugh that broke the tension between them. What happened next surprised her, but she couldn’t quit laughing. Anne reached over and lifted Elena’s thin shirt, pulling it over her head and wearing nothing but the short skirt. She stared openmouthed at the older woman for just a second before joining her in laughter again. She stood and shucked her skirt down and the two of them stood laughing like loons in the kitchen.

“What’s all the laughing about…” Dan entered the kitchen and froze in place. The dumbfounded look on his face sent the two females sailing off into gales of laughter, though Elena covered her breasts with her hands. Dan walked closer, staring almost reverently at Elena’s nude form. “Holy shit!” he breathed. His big hands reached out to cup her pretty face, and Elena felt her body respond to him.

She glanced at the front of his pants and saw the massive lump pressing them into a tent at his groin, and the vision of Anne taking his cum into her mouth raced through her mind. Hesitantly, she lowered one hand towards the swollen organ behind his fly, stopping instantly when she realized his wife was standing there watching them.

“Touch it,” Anne whispered, “you know he wants you.”

“But you’re his wife,” Elena said in a low voice.

“I want to watch,” Anne’s voice was husky now and colored with a layer of lust. “I want to see you make his fantasies come true.” Anne reached over and unbuttoned Dan’s shirt, peeling it off and tossing it to the floor. Her hands went to his belt, unbuckling it and unbuttoning his trousers, letting them drop to the floor before hooking her thumbs in his boxer shorts and shucking them down to his ankles. She proudly grasped his thick hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. “Here,” she said, pointing the huge erection towards Elena, “take it.”

Elena was too wound up to do anything except what she was told, and her dainty hand timidly reached forward to touch the helmet shaped head. Her sharp intake of breath was audible in the large kitchen, as was Dan’s moan of pleasure at her touch. “Did you like the movie?” Anne asked. Elena was unable to answer, she could only nod her head as her other hand curled around the thick shaft. She felt Anne’s hand on her head, pushing her to her knees. “Then suck him Elena, please, I want to watch you make him cum.”

It was Elena’s turn to moan as she parted her full lips and moved closer to the quivering penis in her hands. It was exciting as hell to hold a real penis in her hands and she was breathing rapidly. Her tiny breasts heaving as her lips closed on the velvety soft tip. She never got a chance to see how much of the big penis would fit in her mouth. Dan was so excited by the touch of her mouth that he began to unload his cum into her mouth as soon as her wet warmth enclosed his glans. Elena gulped, uncertain of what she should be doing, and Anne gave a little cry of excitement as Elena swallowed. Dan had gone rigid and a low cry of extreme pleasure came from his throat as he emptied himself into the inexperienced fantasy kneeling before him. Her very innocence added to her obvious appeal. Anne watched in lustful fascination as the cum began to overflow onto Elena’s chin and her small breasts.

“Oh my god,” Anne croaked, two fingers inside her soaking pussy.

Elena was thrilled, the taste of cum in her mouth salty but bland, but real. This wasn’t some movie or a cold dry fantasy, this was hot and hard, and salty was good! Her breath was still coming fast as she looked up at the face of the man who was still hard in her hands.

“Fuck her!” Anne said in a cracked voice, “I want to see your hard cock in that tiny pink pussy baby!

Lay her down and spread her legs and fuck her til she cums!” Elena lay back as if in a dream. She had never had sex, not for real. Unable to wait for the real thing, she had destroyed her hymen with repeated use of her vibrators and the dildo she had bought, but never had the hot flesh of a man been inside her and she wanted this one terribly. She had dreamed of this day, but she had never dreamed her lover would be Dan Johnson, or even vaguely considered that her experience would be so enhanced by being watched by wife of the first man to fuck her. It was deliciously wicked and she was begging now for Dan to penetrate her virgin pussy. “Please,” she begged, “Please Mr. Johnson, put it in me!”

Dan brushed the tip of his cock against the soft lips of her pussy, and they sucked at his glans as she pushed against him, trying to take him inside of her. Elena’s little hips lifted towards him, her cries of pleasure filling his senses as he slowly slid into her tight, wet pussy. When he was fully inside her, Elena felt as if the sun were exploding inside her. Dan was mortified that he had cum like a schoolboy not once, but twice in just a few minutes.

“It’s ok Mr. Johnson,” Elena said contentedly as she lay beneath him, her thin arms and legs wrapped tightly around him.

Anne, transfixed by the intimate display, stroked her husband’s bare ass and Elena felt his cock jump inside her. She giggled and Anne smiled. “This is only the beginning my darling,” Anne said. She bent to kiss Elena who returned it without embarrassment.

“Mr. Johnson,” she said in a small voice, “Can we do it again?”