i found a piece of paper within the ruins – Short Horror Story

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Reality is irrelevant, when you’ve been stuck like this for so long

Ive had plenty of time to consider what ive done

It hurts, it really does. But its tolerable these days

I dont know how my fingers are able to move anymore

I realized ive been cursed, by myself, no other

Months? Years? Decades? Ive been trapped for so long.

Its so quiet

Ive realized, theres never a heaven or a hell.

Theres only fear and pain and those too afraid to tolerate it.

I dont know where to go, i have nothing anymore

The plan has been set, i heard them talking, somehow.

The flames will feel euphoric

Maybe ill finally be free of this parasite, that chose me

The damn ghosts of my past, forced me into the arms of the parasite

I can still hear the music

It used to be so beautiful, but now i can hardly hear it

Its still beautiful

I can only remember, i can only remember

My bones break more every day

Its cold

I cant die and i hate it

Im so sorry

I cant escape

I hope the flames destroy what ive created

I cant feel emotion anymore

I just hope thats how i feel

My fingers cant write anymore

Its too dark

Ive wandered these halls infinitely

Now its time to be free at last

Thank you

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