Just a failed attempt to kiss my Wife! : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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My wife is angry with me and decided to sleep in my son’s room, which has been empty since he moved out. I am getting pissed at myself for upsetting her. She was saying something important. I didn’t listen properly and blurted out something stupid. Now she is furious. I have to sleep alone. I switched on the stereo system.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t do it without my wife beside me. I climbed down from our bed. I wanted to apologize to her and call her back to our room. I felt a sudden surge of pain hit me. I tried to clutch my chest, but my legs weakened, and I collapsed on our carpet.

I blacked out for a few seconds probably. Now I opened my eyes. The stereo system was playing some other song. I couldn’t figure out which one. I tried to rise again, but I couldn’t move my limbs. I tried to flip and turn, but still no improvement. I felt paralyzed. I tried to call my wife. I may have called her multiple times, but no reply from her. Oddly I felt highly unnatural about the ineffectiveness of my vocal cords. I lay there on our carpet for a few more songs, looking at the entrance for my wife to come and help me out.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps, I tried to call my wife’s name, but it was still ineffective. The door opened, and my wife casually walked to turn down the stereo’s volume. She turned to the bed but couldn’t find me. She looked around the room and moved around the room. She saw my legs by the bedpost and hurried to me. She shook my chin and held my face. She seemed excessively panicked, hugged me firmly, kept her ears on my chest and tried to hear my heartbeats. I couldn’t figure out why? I tried telling her to calm down, but my voice box was still ineffective. She thumped my chest, held my wrist and checked my pulse.

She started crying, but it was muffled, and I couldn’t hear her voice correctly. She again brought her ears near my nostrils. Her cheeks were dangerously close to my lips. I acknowledged the rising sexual tension and tried to kiss her, again in vain. Seriously, what’s wrong with my mobility today? I couldn’t even move. This is frustrating, and why is she crying now?

“Hey honey, are you even listening to me? I am sorry for not listening to you, my bad… I just wanted to say “I love you”, but I….I don’t know what happened to my voice box and why are you kissing me now. I love that you are holding my hand, kissing me, but strangely I couldn’t feel you. I wanted to wipe those tears and kiss you back….and strangely I couldn’t do it for the first time in my life.”

“Wait…What…is it??…oh shit!!!…oh god…nooooo…not yet…..FUCK!!!”

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