Rouge State : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Rouge State

That’s what they call me, a Rouge State.

I’m one person, I wouldn’t call me a state.

I made sure it was clear that uuuuhhhh.

That the attacker was inside the house, so to speak.

I was never interested in global annihilation. I wanted a lesson to be learned.

It seems to be working. You’d be surprised what hitting a nation with its own nuke will do.

Almost surprisingly Russia was first to start disarming. Hacker groups have been running The Mother Land for nearly a decade now. So my little hack was quite the wake-up call.

Then came France, and then the last was the very same nation I made an example of.

The good old US of A.

I was nice about it, even generous.

I mean, you don’t think of a nuclear attack only killing one guy. A hunter in a fifty mile wilderness in the northern swath of the country.

I feel bad for the guy, and the trees that were fucking vaporized.

And the animals.

It worked though. It worked, and I’m proud. Disarmament, new nuclear treaties stating that nuclear technology can only be used for creating clean energy.

So yeah, I’d say it worked. The laptop I used is now ash like that Montana forest. The mushroom cloud from the forest was seen in four nearby cities. Posted on every available social media in minutes.

Those in the know could tell by a thumb they’d be okay till winter. They were on the lee side of the wind that day so. Canada might have it worse, honestly. I’m sure they think.

Wouldn’t ya know it, it’s Canadian bad lands in that direction too. No humans near the fallout.

Like I said, I was actively trying not to kill people; I took the weather into account.

I love my country, I love the world.

And if anything, I made it a better place.