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I would like to welcome all new members to r\Scary Stories. It’s nice to have some fresh prey (cough) I mean, readers and writers. Having over 700,000 sacrific– (cough) subs is nothing to scoff at. We are growing stronger by the day!

And I just want to put it on record that I am writing this greeting of my own free will (totally not in u\Human_Gravy’s basement, as he watches me intently with a very long and turgid weapon in his hand)

At r\Scary Stories we want you to feel welcome. You are at home here, and we are your family now.

So grab yourself a knife over at u\SimbaTheSavage8’s House Of Knives, and don’t worry if you haven’t got the cash for it. She gratefully accepts fingers as currency. But be careful! She really likes stabbing things.

Our devotion is to the one true lord! Our hope and saviour! He has many forms he chooses to wear, but only a few are worthy enough to behold him in his true shape of monstrous proportions. No feeble mind can even comprehend the sight of he who is bathed in a dark mist of shadow and despair!

The one we call u\HyperObscura!

Some call him a demon, but we worship him as a god, for he who is bathed in darkness speaks dark words into our ears, and we spread his wonderful visions with all of you.

He was brought forth from an unknown dimension through a blood sacrifice performed by u\Human_Gravy, who giggled with childish glee upon realising it had actually worked, and he had not just been sitting in the centre of a pentagram naked, as nothing happened like the other four times he had tried it.

But in return for his teachings, Hyper demanded offerings. His knowledge is not free after all. All he requires is your souls. Which he will claim at a time of his own choosing. But who needs a soul? When we can offer you wonderful visions of a true paradise!

Be careful not to lurk this subreddit for too long! u\ShortStory1 doesn’t like lurkers, in fact he hates them! Lurkers to him are nothing but food. And trust me you don’t want him popping out from under your bed to say hello!

Don’t become ShortStory’s next meal…

Subscribe to the church of r\Scary Stories, and pledge your soul to the true lord!

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