Between The Unburied and Me – Short Horror Story

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The hero stood in front of the Lich, who sat on a carriage made of dozens of skeletons. Wielding the Soulblade, its tip glowing a searing red, their confidence was almost enough to shatter the chalk-white villain.

"With me I have the power of my people, and the people you destroyed, and the future of my descendants. Even if you yield now I will scrape the little flesh you have from your bones and grind your bones until they're dust, for you have to pay for the millions you control as servants."

The Lich sweeped the hero’s words with a swift hand movement. "Bla. Bla. Bla. How many times have I heard that story, and every time I've seen hope perish as the eyes gain the mark of my legion. You're not special, and neither is your pitiful speech."

The Lich jumped from his throne, manipulating it into a club the size of a person.

“Don’t you know fear, you Godless Aberration? I have the Soulblade. It was passed down to me by my fellow soldiers after the country voted me for the best warrior in swordcraft; this is bigger than me, and I’ll kill you or die trying!”

"Then just die already. Have at you!"

The Lich lunged himself towards the hero, who deflected the blow with the Soulblade and sparked some distance with a burst of fire energy. They rolled over the Lich's tireless smashing, propelling themselves against him with air energy, striking their legs twice, spinning like a hurricane to land a gravity-infused strike to the left shoulder. The Lich didn't budge then, and wouldn't tremble when such blows should have made him at least fall to his knees.

Suspended by the Lich's twig-like fingers, each following strike proved futile as the Soulblade bounced off his skin like rubber against a wall.

His Highness in Death laughed. "Didn't you learn somewhere that nothing human can slay me?"

A feeling of dread churned the hero’s insides, a fate kinder than what were to happen.

"But I'm using magic! And the Soulblade, the High Forger made it specifically to kill you!"

"Yes, but you see: that very magic comes from you, a human. Perhaps if you were an undead like me, but alas… As for the High Forger, I know him, yes, and I think you should know how." he said as his face twisted and turned upside down, the flesh from his body accumulating on his, transforming into a joyful blonde man.

"No!" the hero screamed. "No! Oh God…"

"The Soulblade, like the name tells, is made out of flesh and blood. There is nothing more human than the power of your people and your descendants concentrated in the very sword you want to use to kill me. The very people you say I destroyed."

A pair of tears shed from the hero's face as their eyes lose color and their skin turns to calcium.

submitted by /u/FernandoMMPereira

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