Don’t Scroll Past This Post : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I’m sure this seems like a ploy to get votes or views, but it isn’t and it is urgent that you continue to read this.

You must keep your eyes on your screen and stay exactly where you are. It doesn’t matter what noises you hear, where you are, how badly you have to go to the bathroom, or how safe you think you may be. Even if you don’t see anything in your peripheral vision, keep your eyes on your phone or your computer or tablet for at least five more minutes.

You may go on other apps or continue reading other stories, but for your safety and sanity, wait. Act normal, as you can still breathe, cough, move your hands or scratch an itch (as long as your eyes don’t stray from your screen) and you’ll be fine. Ask Siri to set a timer for five, maybe ten minutes just to be safe, and then go on with your day and don’t talk about this post, or share it, or look for it again. Just keep your eyes on the screen.

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