Blue Eyes : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Sara had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

They weren’t just a plain old type of blue. They were sky blue, with hints of gold around the edges. They shone in the sunlight and sparkled at night. They were incredibly expressive as well. She could convey all her emotions using only her eyes.

When she was happy, her eyes would light up like jewels and radiate pure happiness. When she was upset, they were dull and lifeless, a sea of sadness in a lonely pool.

I held them in my hands, admiring their beauty. It had taken a while to get them completely clean. I had to sever the optic nerves in a way that wouldn’t affect the shape of the eyes themselves. The blood had been messy, and I had to be careful when rinsing it off. Sara herself had put up quite the fight. For some reason she didn’t want to share her eyes with me. Perhaps it was because they were the sole source of her beauty. Without them she looked rather strange.

“Absolutely stunning,” I whispered, caressing them in the palms of my hands.

Sara had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

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