Blindsided – Short Horror Story

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When I learned about an app where volunteers are connected with the visually impaired, I joined immediately, eager to help. My first call was a jolly old man trying to surprise his wife with dinner for their anniversary, and I was more than happy to assist.

After he cooked, he propped his phone against the wall and set the table with my guidance, and he gasped when a woman called his name. He sheepishly said he’d hoped to surprise her, and I could hear her gush as she walked over. When she came into view, my mouth fell open. She was gorgeous.

And she was undressing.

I should’ve hung up, but I couldn’t look away. Dennis may've been blind, but I wasn’t. She kept stripping as she talked with Dennis, and I ogled her stunning body. Dennis had no idea how lucky he was.

She removed her lingerie and stood, flawless, running her fingers through her hair … which she pulled off. A wig? My pleasure dipped, but then she began rubbing herself all over and I reveled in the view … until flakes began fluttering off her.

Repulsed by what had to be a skin condition, I reached over to hang up, but I froze when I noticed gray flesh beneath her flaking skin. Morbidly fascinated, I kept watching as she transformed, her curves now flesh blobs on the floor, her eyes silver, her rosy cheeks replaced by sunken cheekbones.

She walked up to Dennis, and I held my breath, anticipating her biting his face off. Instead, they embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

I gagged.

Then immediately regretted it.

She turned to me and I rushed to hang up, but I lost all my senses when I saw her skin become translucent.

Revealing faces trapped within her abdomen.

I stared in petrified horror as they pressed against her skin, their eyes wide, their mouths open in silent wails, writhing and squirming.

Dennis smacked his forehead, remembering the app as he explained it to his wife, but she didn't respond as she walked closer. My breaths stuttered with panic as I struggled to hang up. To look away. To just move.

She held the phone level to her silver eyes, their luster hypnotizing. I couldn't fight them as they erased my world, stopping time, numbing my thoughts, soothing my fear. I floated within their ethereal prison, my body forgotten …

… until the world crashed back down on me.

I gasped and jerked back into the couch, my heart hammering as I stared at the phone shaking in my hand. The screen was black.

It'd run out of batteries.

I didn’t know what she was doing to me, but my phone just saved my life.

I wobbled to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, desperate to invigorate myself so I could think clearly. Dripping, I looked at myself in the mirror, and my world went black.

And I never saw anything ever again.

submitted by /u/SkittishReflections