do not stare at Bob’s cleavage : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Don’t stare at Bob’s cleavage and instead you should stare at this munaros. Munaros you must stare at this at all times, and I know it’s tempting to stare at Bob’s cleavage as they talk to your mind and try to tempt you but you mustn’t. Munaros what have I told you about bobs cleavage man, do not stare at Bob’s cleavage it will devour you in a split second. Keep staring at this and just hone in on it and I beg you to keep staring at this. Bob’s cleavage will do whatever it can to tempt you to stare, you are doing well munaros.

Take relik for example and he stared at Bob’s cleavage, and he found out that bobs cleavage is alive and has a mind of its own. Relik became petrified when he found out that bobs cleavage stared back at him and when relik tried to look away, he couldn’t look away anymore. Bob’s cleavage was now staring back at relik and he was so frightened that at the fact that his whole body was now being controlled by bobs cleavage. I tried so hard to make relik state at this but he couldn’t do it. Feliks face is now part of bobs cleavage and his body is empty of life.

Keep staring at this munaros and how many times should I keep saying this, bobs cleavage will eventually pass but you must be patient and keep staring at this. Take the individual called pointus for instance and not even he could resist staring at Bob’s cleavage. The temptation started to break pointus and he did his best to not stare at Bob’s cleavage, but as pointus laid his eyes on bobs cleavage he found them to be smiling at him in an evil way and in a mocking tone they copied his voice. Bob’s cleavage ate pointus’s mind from the inside and pointus became one of bobs cleavage.

Munaros keep staring at this and you mustn’t look at Bob’s cleavage. You do not want to be a part of bobs cleavage and you will be tormented by bobs bad bodily health. Munaros keep staring at this and I promise you bobs cleavage will go. Oh no what is going on? Bob’s cleavage is now reacting to you listening to them and just knowing that they are present is enough for bobs cleavage to react. So now bobs cleavage doesn’t need you to stare but to simply hear them and know that they are there. I’m so sorry munaros I tried my best. You will now be part of bobs cleavage.

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