A Sequence of Events – Short Horror Story

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Geraldine LeSee is waiting to cross the intersection at Tillard Street and Flatbush Avenue.

She takes her last sip of coffee and tosses the half-empty cup towards the garbage can, but it hits the rim and splashes all over Keith Moneybucks.

Keith looks at Geraldine, a phone near his ear and a fiery rage burning in his eyes, and yells.

“You stupid fucking whore! You ruined my fucking suit! Do you know how much this fucking cost me?!

Geraldine tries to interject, “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. It was an acci—,” but she is interrupted by Keith’s ongoing tirade.

“Do you fucking know who I am you dumb bitch! I will fucking own y—."

Before Keith can finish his sentence, someone clears their throat on the phone call that Keith was still on.

“You know Keith, my associates have always told me that I shouldn’t do business with such a hot-headed asshole, but you made me a ton of money and I didn’t care how you treated others. However, in light of the outburst that you just subjected me to, and the prevalence of social media and cancel culture, I’m afraid that I’ll have to take my business elsewhere. You’re just too toxic to do business with right now. I’ll have my lawyers contact yours. Goodbye.”

Keith just lost his biggest client, and he was sure that this was going to be the start of his downfall. Filled with hatred too strong to contain, he starts walking toward Geraldine, violently throwing his phone on the ground while screaming at the top of his lungs.

“I hope you’re fucking happy! You just ruined my career! You’re going to fucking pay for this, you filthy cunt!”

A passerby steps into Keith’s path and says, “hold on buddy. Let’s take a breather. There’s no need for this to go any furt—.”

He was cut off by Keith’s spittle-filled yelling. “Get the fuck out of my way you filthy \expletive**!”

As soon as the word leaves his mouth, a fist from the passerby connects with Keith’s nose, sending him stumbling back. He slips on a piece of his phone and the back of his head connects with the pavement.

A few moments later, Keith tries to get up but slips into the path of an oncoming truck.

The truck driver smashes on the breaks, but it’s too late and Keith is crushed under the impact of the truck, painting the street with skull fragments and brain matter.

The authorities and emergency services show up a few minutes later, and after questioning her, tells Geraldine to go home.

While Geraldine is walking home, she receives a notification from her bank that 10 million dollars have just been wired to her account.

Accompanying it is a text message from Charlene Waterbucks, whom Keith spent twenty years verbally and physically abusing.

Geraldine smiled when she saw what the message said.

“Thank you. ❤️?”

submitted by /u/TryHardKenichi