how the sun rises : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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The sun never rises where I live and there is only one way to make the sun rise in my area. The sun only rises when a crime had been committed and it shines on the person committing the crime to catch them in the act, and for all to see the culprit committing the crime. Once the police arrest the person the sun goes away and everyone suffers in darkness again. It’s horrible being in constant darkness and the depression spreads much faster and everyone is always tired. Creatures of the night roam much better and working in night time all of the times is just physically and emotionally draining.

When bullo murdered someone because he wanted the sun to touch him, oh how the sun shone on bullo. Everyone else also went into the sunlight to feel it’s warmth, glory and positive vibes. They wanted the vitamins the sun provides and it was all thanks to bullo. Then the police arrived and arrested bullo for murder as the sun was shining on him. Then the sun went away and everyone was distraught again and even the police officers delighted in the sun light for a while.

Then when jukot burnt down a building in the hopes that the fire would emulate sunlight, the fire did not shine like the sun. Then the sun shone on Jukot, the fire starter, and he was so happy to have some sunlight on his body. Other people went close to jukot to get some sunlight on themselves as they were depressed and their bodies were showing signs of ailments that are caused by the lack of sun. Even the burnt bodies inside the burning building ran outside to catch some sunlight for themselves and everyone praised jukot for committing a crime.

Then when the police arrived they couldn’t tell who the sun light was shining on as there were so many people in the sun light. People who didn’t commit the crime kept on saying that they had committed the crime to keep jukot from being arrested and for the sun to stay out longer. Then when the police ordered people, one by one to walk, they observed that the sun was following jukot and so they arrested jukot. Then the sun went out and the people with burnt bodies screamed in pain and died.

Poin and kopo were twins and one day, when of the twins had murdered their parents, the sun wasn’t sure who did it as they both looked alike. So the sun kept on shining on both and some days it will shine on one twin and then next time it will shine on the other. The police kept on releasing one twin and then arresting the other. Then the sun decided to keep on shining on both twins until they both died of fire from the heat of the sun. Then it went back to darkness.

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