Three To Play (Threesome Sex with Sister & Girlfriend)

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My older sister, Jessica, had changed since her brief marriage and subsequent divorce. My parents pretended not to notice, perhaps because they preferred a quiet, distantly dutiful daughter to the wild woman who’d eloped out of a second story window two years before. My reasons for missing the old Jessica were predictably selfish. With my sister seriously calmed down, my parents had more time to concentrate on my sexual indiscretions.

At the time I’m talking about, I had just become involved with two different girls. Samantha was a “nice” girl from my college classes with a seemingly tireless mouth, and Dianne was a local resident townie with humongous tits and a “nasty” attitude to match. Neither girl knew about the other one, although it took some interesting juggling to keep it that way.

The situation came to a head when my parents left town for the weekend, and I made the mistake of mentioning it to both Samantha and Dianne. Both girls separately came up with the idea of dropping by for a “surprise” visit. Well, it was a surprise, all right. My face got slapped from both sides before the two of them stomped out in different directions. Jessica heard the commotion, of course. She slipped down the stairs when it had quietened down, only to find me sitting on the sofa with my head in my hands.

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“You’ve got to slow down, Mark,” she said as she sat next to me and draped a comforting arm about my shoulders.

It wasn’t meant to be a sexual gesture, but I’m a healthy man of 22 and Jessica wasn’t wearing anything except the nearly-transparent silk kimono that was practically her uniform around the house. When she was that close to me, I couldn’t help but see the dark outline of her proud nipples through the thin fabric.

“I’m too young to slow down, Sis” I grumbled, turning slightly.

My face was much too close to those tempting tits, which appeared to be a pair that could stand up to Dianne’s any day of the week. I tried to hold my breath for a moment, but I couldn’t stop myself from becoming a little dizzy from the musky scent of my sister’s perfume.

Jessica shivered, and the fine hairs on her bare arm stood up. I found myself wondering when she’d last had sex. My older sister had been a once-a-day woman before her marriage, but lately she hadn’t even been bothering to answer the phone. Her fingers tightened their grip slightly on my shoulder as I moved a fraction closer.

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“Those were my plans for the weekend that just walked out the front door,” I whispered. “And I know that you haven’t been going out for a long time. So, what are we going to do to entertain ourselves, sister dear?”

“Not what you’re thinking!” Jessica snatched back her arm and gave me a sudden shove. The very intensity of her action and the sly grin on her face told me that she’d been secretly, guiltily considering the same thing I was.

“Why not? We’re both horny. No one will ever know.”

She stood, clasping her arms in a bundle in front of her abundant boobs. “It isn’t right!”

“And it is right to flash your naked body at me through that filmy robe? It’s right to make the spunk build up in my balls until they’re ready to explode?”

Her lower lip pouted out in a soft, sensuous gesture. It was a pose, one I could easily see through. She wanted me to think that she could resist me, but she also wanted me to find her irresistible. It was a dangerous game that my sister was playing

Do I really make the spunk build up in your balls, little brother?” she asked. “Or is that just a line you spin to all your women ?”

“Come here, and let me show you, Sis!”

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She made as if to head for the stairs and turned on her toes at the last moment. And then we were in each other’s arms, our trembling bodies struggling to fuse together through our clothes. Our lips met in a long open-mouthed kiss that took my breath away.

Jessica undressed me more rapidly than she meant to. I could see my see my sister’s lust mount as she opened my jeans. A soft, glistening drop of saliva glimmered on her lower lip as she knelt for a good look at my rapidly rising cock.

“No, no, no!” I said, playfully waggling a finger at her. “No touching until you’re naked too.”

Jessica stepped back and tugged at the silk cord that held her kimono closed. The robe gaped, and the next thing I knew she was naked

“Kiss me,” she whispered. I pulled her down on top of me on the couch so that I could hump the long loveliness of her silken body as I sealed my lips around hers. Our tongues engaged in a soft, sensuous dance that made the blood pulse in my veins. Her flat, firm belly jerked slightly, tickled by the small drops of lubricating fluid that were oozing out of the head of my cock. “Ohhhh, Mark, honey! Let me suck it,” she murmured.

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My sister’s weight shifted on the sofa until she had her head in the right position. I felt like a pampered emperor of old as I simply lolled back on the black leather and savored the feeling of Jessica’s lips sucking on my bloated cock-head. She seemed to have an instinct for it, teasing the tip of her tongue against exactly the right place at exactly the right time. It soon became too much for me to bear. I wanted plunge my cock into her tight, juicy wet cunt.

“Let’s fuck, Jessica!” I begged. “I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer!”

She giggled, actually giggled, for joy. Do you know how long it had been since I’d heard my sister laugh? I felt like singing with happiness when her small, tight pussy slowly descended onto my shaft.

Our fuck started out normally enough for a classic case of brother-sister screwing, but it quickly transformed itself into something wild and crazy. Although the sofa was nearly new, it groaned and creaked under the violence of our mutual thrashing. Jessica could contract her inner pussy muscles until her twat was squeezing me like a tight, hot fist.

She started cumming first, but I was right behind her. She clutched at my chest as she sat up straight to jam hard on my shooting dick Her mouth opened into a perfectly round O as she yelped out in pleasure with every spasm.

The two of us drifted into a light sleep with Jessica’s naked body still resting atop mine. I wasn’t really completely asleep, because I was constantly and delightfully aware of the warm, pleasant weight of her. Jesus, I’d just fucked my own sister! Who ever would have believed that it could feel so good?

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The doorbell rang. “Mmmm?” Jessica said, lifting her pretty head. Her eyes were still half-closed. She looked utterly vulnerable, utterly fuckable. A fresh supply of hot blood rushed to the head of my semi-hard cock.

Then there was a knock. Whoever it was at the front door just wasn’t taking the hint. I shifted lazily underneath my sister, but she placed a long finger against my lips and mouthed the words, “Ignore it.” That sounded good to me, but I really should have known that Samantha and Dianne hadn’t bothered with locking the door behind them when I left.

All of a sudden, the knob was turning and the door was opening. I was too shocked to move. Not that I could have gone very far without knocking poor Jessica down to the floor. There was just no two ways about it. My sister and I had been well and truly caught! Dianne’s eyes went as round as Jessica’s had during her orgasm.

“I, uh, I came back,” she said, rather stupidly. (Well, we could all see that, couldn’t we) “I mean, your friend said all she did was give you head and I figured that wasn’t any real competition with me.” She took another look at Jessica and me. “Damn it, Mark. Is that your sister? Have you been fucking your sister, too?”

Jessica finally regained enough of her senses to roll off my body and stand up. Of course, when she did that, she also revealed the throbbing, quivering hard-on that I’d recently developed. Dianne gasped and took a step backward.

“It’s all right, Dianne,” Jessica smiled. “I’m not competing with you, either. I’ll never be a serious girlfriend to my brother. We both just needed a good fuck because we were frustrated and lonely. After what happened between you, Mark didn’t think you wanted him any more.”

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Dianne kept opening and closing her mouth like a kissing fish. It might have been easier for her to concentrate on what Jessica was saying if my sister had bothered to put her robe back on. Instead, Jessica suddenly knelt at Dianne’s feet and gently pressed her face into my girlfriend’s crotch!

“I can make it up to you, Dianne,” Jessica whispered. “I can make you feel real good about my relationship with my brother.”

Dianne shot me a wild look that I couldn’t interpret over my sister’s bobbing head. If she expected me to put a stop to Jessica’s antics, she was out of luck. I’d heard the rumors about my sister’s bisexual nature during her wild woman days, but I’d never expected to see a sample for myself. If Dianne didn’t watch out, I was going to help Jessica pull her out of her clothes.

As it turned out, Jessica didn’t need my help. Dianne began to squirm rather helplessly as Jessica rubbed her lips at just the right spot on the front of Dianne’s jeans. Trust another woman to locate a girl’s clitoris through two layers of clothing. I relaxed and stroked my cock, keeping it nice and hard for whatever might develop.

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Dianne suddenly reached down and pulled off her jeans and impatiently ripped her pants down so that Jessica could get at her naked pussy.

“Have you ever seen a live lesbian sex show, Mark?” Jessica asked me.

“I can’t say that I have.”

“Well, consider it part of your liberal arts education!” With those words, she finished stripping Dianne down to bare skin. When the two of them cuddled side by side, I could see that my previous speculation had been entirely right. Jessica’s boobs were just the same size as Dianne’s. I probably hadn’t allowed myself to notice before today only because Jessica was, after all; my own sister.


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