Sweet Pleasure

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It was just a spur of the moment bet that he’d known was a mistake as soon as he uttered it, but the machismo code of young men wouldn’t allow him to take it back. He’d known Crystal would be pissed, but what he hadn’t realized was that the rest of this football afternoon would have a lasting effect on his marriage and his life.


“Honey, I’m telling you…we were just watching a porn movie on video before the game started and this chick was doing it…badly. I laughed and said you could do it better than that and Jamie bet me a thousand bucks you couldn’t do it at all. I kinda laughed at him and told him he should make it two thousand and he yanked out twenty one hundred dollar bills and slammed them on the coffee table.”

He was excited and she was upset. She was upset that he didn’t mind embarrassing her in front of his friend, and he couldn’t explain the sudden raging excitement about Jamie watching Crystal lick her own pussy…not to mention the fact that the rent, the electric, and the phone bill were all due tomorrow and they were flat broke.

Crystal was torn by the decision she faced. She wasn’t too worried about the rent. She had learned long ago that old Mr. Henderson the landlord would cover the rent, all it took was a blowjob for the old darling and he would pat her on the head and tell her he would see her the next month. She had no idea what he told his wife, but she never told Tommy anything about it. It wasn’t like she was out fucking around on him or anything, and it kept the rent caught up. Crystal didn’t mind, the old man was always clean and he was so grateful. Still, she was embarrassed. Jamie was young and he was, well…hot. The guy was always trying to look up her shorts and down her shirts, and she kind of encouraged it.

Whenever she knew he was coming over she tried to make sure she was wearing one of Tommy’s old football jerseys with the sleeves torn out. The gaping armholes flashed most of her tits when she moved. The thin athletic shorts she wore really didn’t cover much when she didn’t wear panties under them, and she never wore panties when Jamie was coming over. Actually, the thought of Jamie watching her eat her own pussy was getting her a little wet, but she didn’t let Tommy know it. Crystal pretended to be pissed and stormed off to her bedroom, but she knew she’d be back soon.

Crystal Hall was a rail thin girl with tiny breasts and long thick blond hair. All through elementary school and high school she had been involved in gymnastics. She had even been approached by a professional group of acrobats who had wanted her to come to Las Vegas to work with them in their shows, and as a contortionist. She had turned them down because she was in love with Tommy Hall and wanted to get married as soon as high school was over. Tommy’s dad owned a hardware store and Tommy had no desire to go to college, he was content to work for his dad. Crystal worked at the dry cleaners next door and they somehow managed to get by…except when things went wrong and they were broke when the bills were due. For some reason they always had money coming, but not before the bills were due. It was impossible to get ahead, and two thousand bucks would cover their pressing needs and give them enough of a cushion that they shouldn’t run short again…at least until the next emergency.



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