Sweet Persuasion

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It was time to take their sex to the next level, and Jason constantly tried to get her to fantasize aloud when they were having sex to find out what really turned her on. In the end, he just took a stab in the dark because her fantasies were so varied. The end result was startling… and as it turned out, more than a little rewarding.


“You’re teasing me you rotten fucker!” she laughed.

“I’m not teasing baby,” Jason protested as he slid his swollen cock deep enough into her pussy to make her squeal. “You just pick him out and I’ll watch him fuck you, I swear!” Jessie whimpered, her eyes widened, and she threw her head back as she locked her heels behind the small of his back and dug her nails into his skin. Her voice changed timbre, became deeper and huskier.

“You know I want it baby, I want to fuck another guy and make you watch me,” she shivered as he stroked into her. “I want you to watch as I suck the cum out of his cock and eat it!” She yelped as he forced the top of his curving erection to slide its length down across her swollen clit. She writhed madly beneath him. “I’m going to stick my tongue up his ass and spread my pussy wide for him, so you can watch me while he makes me cum with his tongue…” her voice changed again. “Would that make you hot baby? Watching me do every nasty trick I know on a total stranger as you sit in a chair and watch your little slut perform at your command?” She was frantic now, humping his cock and clutching harder at him. “Would it get you hotter if it was a big black stud with a dick twice as big as yours?” The mental picture was too big for her to encompass with her heated mind and she exploded wildly underneath him, carrying him with her in a mind bending orgasm.

She lay back on the satin sheets, a light sheen of sweat coating her slender body, her nipples still rigid with desire from the verbal recitation of her fantasy. Her raven hair cascaded over her shoulders down to her nipples, and her oddly shaped amber eyes watched him catlike as she licked her full lips with her delicate pink tongue. His hands were still pressing her shoulders to the sheets. “Let me up baby,” she said hotly. He let up the pressure on her and she rolled him over and rubbed her wet pussy up and down his shaft, her clit once again in direct contact with his erection. She shivered and her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she used his stiffness to masturbate with. “Would it make you hotter if I took that big black cock in my ass? You know it would make me cum baby,” she asked.

“Anything that makes you this horny, that’s what I want to see baby,” Jason said sincerely. Jessie shook and her eyes rolled back in her skull as she came again. She collapsed across his chest, gasping for breath.

“Nobody on earth has a sweeter husband than I do,” she said, snuggling against his warmth. “It’s so nice to be able to fantasize anything I want and have you listen to it without you getting jealous or angry at me. Stella says Walt gets mad as hell at her when she mentions having a threesome when they’re having sex. She says he gets limp and then won’t come back to bed.

“Maybe he just feels threatened by the thought of another man with his wife,” Jason said, “a lot of guys are like that…worried that she might prefer someone else’s cock to his.”

Jessie drew back and studied her husband’s face. “Do guys really think like that?” she asked. “Do they really believe that women are so shallow as to marry a man because of his package?” Jason shrugged.

“If that was true baby, most women wouldn’t be married to their husbands,” she giggled.

“Oh really?” Jason teased her, rolling her onto her back and lying on her. “Is that so?”

“Really baby,” she said. “Your cock suits me fine and I love everything about it, but do you really believe I never fucked anyone with a bigger cock than you have before we met?”

“I never really thought about it before,” he said. “But I’m not worried about it, I know there’s more between us than sex…I just think the sex is really fantastic, and anything that makes you as horny as you get when you fantasize like that would be worth any risk at all.”

She kissed him, long and thoroughly, her tongue searching the deep recesses of his mouth. “You really mean that, don’t you?” she asked him quietly.

“Why don’t you get dressed and come with me?” he asked. “I’ll show you.”

“You’re on!” she said, scrambling to her feet and heading for the shower. When she came back she had a large bath towel wrapped around her. There were clothes laid out for her on the bed. “You want me to wear that out in public?” she asked.

“Exactly what I have laid out and absolutely nothing else,” Jason said.

Jessie dropped the towel to the floor coquettishly, posing for her husband to admire her nudity…she knew he loved to look at her. Her long black hair cascaded all the way to her ass, soft, full, and straight. Wide brown eyes looked out over her pert nose and high cheekbones, and her mouth was wide and her lips lush. Jessie was small breasted, but the rosy nipples turned up and their shape was perfect. Her flat hard belly merged smoothly with her prominent hipbones and the shaven mound of her pubis. Long slender legs were held up by dainty feet that she used to grip his flanks when she was in the thrall of sex at its most exciting…she was so flexible that she could wrap her long legs behind her neck and lick her own pussy. It drove Jason wild to watch her make herself cum that way.

She reached for the thin sundress that he had picked from her closet. It was a halter style dress with spaghetti straps that tie behind her neck and left a great deal of the sides of her breasts exposed. If she bent forward too much, the fabric pulled away and let anyone standing beside her see her breasts hanging free. It was pale yellow in color, with cream and pink colored seashells printed on it. If she was standing with bright light behind her it would be easy to see she was naked beneath it. When she had slipped the dress on and tied the straps behind her neck there were only two items left on the bed…a white coral ankle bracelet and a pair of four inch open toed heels. Jessie looked at him inquisitively, but Jason indicated that she was to wear nothing else.

They drove to the local teen hangout, a drive in that served burgers and fries. It also served as the place where teens and college students gathered to flirt and meet when they weren’t in class. It was very active, and the cliques and exclusive groups were blatantly segregated. Jason’s ’58 Corvette drew admiring glances from men and women alike as they pulled into the drive in, as did Jessie. Jason ordered soft drinks for both of them and they settled in. Jessie had no idea what Jason had in mind, but she was aroused by the looks she was getting from the young men. There were even some of the girls that openly lusted after her.

Jason took her drink from her and put it in the tray on the back side of the glove compartment. “I want you to walk to the ladies room,” Jason said in a low voice, “I want you to put on a show that will make the straight girls want to scratch your eyes out and the bi girls want to eat you on the hood of the car with everyone watching.”

“You’re serious?” she asked him.

“Deadly serious,” he said, handing her a tiny Bluetooth earpiece that wouldn’t even be noticeable behind her long hair. “When you come out, I’ll give you instructions through this, but you have to promise that you’ll do whatever I tell you to without question.” Jessie nodded, extremely aroused now, he prominent nipples poking at the thin fabric of her sundress.

When she opened the door and slid out, exposing a tanned length of thigh nearly up to her hips, eyeballs clicked almost audibly as everyone watched her get out of the car. Jessie moved like the queen of all cats, an aura of raw sexuality coming off her in waves. Her perfect ass swung from side to side and a forest of erections sprouted behind her. It was as if the crowd collectively held their breath. It took Jessie only a moment to find what he was looking for.

The guy was standing near a group of very nice looking young women, and he was staring at them with a lost look of yearning. The stare broke long enough to watch raptly as Jessie walked to the ladies room, but then returned to his lonely perusal of the sexy women. More than one of them was preening and posing for Jason’s benefit. Stealing a man away from such a woman as Jessie would definitely be a coup for one of the members of her clique.

The young man wore cargo shorts, a tee shirt, and sandals. He drove a vintage ’68 Cutlass that was in the process of restoration, and he was very ordinary looking, neither handsome nor ugly. It was to this lonely young man that he directed Jessie when she came out of the ladies room.

“Walk slow, so that group of girls gets a good look at you,” Jason whispered into his phone. Using the same seductive stride she had used earlier, Jessie walked directly to the young man. “Kiss him baby, make a real show of it!” Jason whispered.

Jessie walked up to the boy as the group of girls stared in wonder, and she put her hands on his face to pull him to her. She kissed him the way she had kissed Jason earlier, taking her time and getting familiar with him. “I want you to put on a show that those women will remember for the rest of their life and one that will make every guy here that he was that kid,” Jason whispered. Before he was through talking Jessie had taken the young man’s hand and slid it under her halter top, his hand convulsively clutching at the taut breast inside.

“What’s your name?” Jason heard his wife whisper.

“St…Steve,” the young man stuttered. His erection was enormous, and that was noted by the clique of young people staring at the tableau. Jessies’s hand snaked down between them and curled her fingers around his thick shaft, squeezing him appreciatively.



“You have an awfully big dick,” Jessie said in a stage whisper so that the girls could hear her. “Can I suck it Steve?” She was openly stroking it now, and a damp spot was forming on the front of his shorts. Steve was perilously close to cumming in his pants and Jessie let go of it when he stammered that it was fine by him. Jessie opened the door and climbed into the front seat of the Cutlass. Steve followed her and shut the door. Jason couldn’t see what was happening below the level of Jessie’s breasts, but he could tell by the look on the girls’ faces that they were both shocked and aroused.

“Jesus it’s big,” he heard Jessie breathe. A moment later she said, “Untie my dress Steve.” Jason watched as Steve’s trembling hand reached for the tie at the back of her neck. When he tugged at it, her top fell to her waist and Steve’s mouth sucked in her stiff nipple. Jason could see her arm moving up and down as she jacked his giant cock in her hand, and he could hear her moan in earnest as Steve began to chew on her nipple. When she looked up and watched her audience staring at her she gasped and thrust her bare breast towards them so they could gaze on its perfection. Jason saw her knee draw up above the level of the dash and knew that the crowd outside the Cutlass could see Jessie’s bare pussy now. He reached inside his pants and freed his cock. He really needed to masturbate.

He saw Jessie’s head disappear beneath the level of the dash and he could hear Steve’s gasp of pleasure as the sucking sound of her lips closing over his cock came over the phone. The sharp collective intake of breath of the spectators told him they were watching his all but nude wife suck Steve’s cock. “Oh god Steve, it tastes so good!” he heard Jessie say in the stage whisper designed for the spectators to hear. “Will you cum in my mouth baby?” she whispered, “Please?”

There was another gasp from the spectators as Jessie’s head bobbed down again below the dash. There was a loud groan over the phone as Steve gasped, “I’m cumming!” Jason could hear Jessie’s happy gurgle as she swallowed the thick salty fluid.

“Come on baby, give me all of it!” he heard Jessie say, and he heard the lapping sounds of Jessie licking Steve clean. The sound of her body moving and her squeal of enthusiasm attracted attention. “Oooooh, Steve baby, it’s still hard!” He saw her limb into his lap, rising high against the headliner as she lined his huge cock up with her slit and then slid down the thick rod. “Oh Jesus that’s big!” he heard Jessie say, “Yes, that’s it baby, god I can feel it in my belly!” Jason could see her writhing on Steve’s cock, her hands on the back of the seat. She halted for a moment an waggled her forefinger at a hot blonde who had her hand under her skit and was openly masturbating as she watched the show. Jessie put her mouth to the girl’s ear on the side away from the phone and whispered something to her that Jason couldn’t quite make out.

“Are you sure?” the girl asked Jessie in a confused tone. Jessie nodded and the girl hurried away from the Cutlass. Jason’s eyes were drawn back to Jessie’s naked back, and to her feet, which were now resting on the back of the seat next to her hands.

“Oh hell yes baby, drive that big dick into me,” Jessie yelled. The whole car was beginning to rock and the spectators were beginning to grope each other indiscriminately.

The passenger side door of the Corvette opened and closed and Jason looked over to see the wide eyed blonde hurriedly unbuttoning her blouse as she stared hard at his erection, oozing precum. Her generous breasts swinging free and her blue eyes bright with excitement, the blonde reached for Jason’s erection and stuffed it into her soft sucking mouth. When she had taken all of him inside her mouth that she could, she began to bob her head on his cock until his load erupted from the tip.” The blonde carefully held his cum in her mouth as she climbed out of the Vette, and without a word of explanation scurried across the parking lot to the Cutlass, never bothering to button her blouse.

Moments later a jubilant Jessie climbed into the front seat and the blonde was happily bouncing on Steve’s still hard penis. Jessie locked eyes with Jason and slowly spread her legs, lifting them above her head and locking them behind her neck. Slowly, she moved her head above her pussy and spit Jason’s cum from her mouth and spread it all over her pussy with her tongue. “Watch this,” Jessie whispered.

She licked every drop of his cum from her pussy, and when she had collected it all, her lips locked around her swollen clit, sucking hard until she came with a scream. It took her a while to recover.

She curled up against him in the front seat. “I’ve got the most wonderful man in the whole world,” she said. Jason was speechless.