Stay at my side Ch.30 [18M/18F][Friends to lovers][Planning a date (little stressful)[mentions of: Sickness and minor reluctance]

Chapter 30: Preparations

“Matt you still owe us an explanation!” I’ve been able to flee from this for now almost four days but I guess that was now over. Cornered in the gymnastics hall, I sighed and looked into the faces of my friends. Curious wasn’t even close to what they were. They would probably torture and kill me if I didn’t tell them about what happened between me and Casey.

“Okay guys, I give up.” I wouldn’t tell them everything but I couldn’t deny that something happened.” “I began by summing up what has happened before they caught me through voice chat but left out the part where we kissed. None of them knew that I had a guest room so I gave that as a reason why we shared a bed. “And with sharing a bed I mean only sharing and nothing more.”

I didn’t say anything about Casey being thrown out. I mentioned something along the lines of her having a difficult situation. My boys didn’t expect that and had just wondered that we’d been messing around with each other. Luckily this led to them not asking more about the weekend. After some silent seconds, Daniel asked: “And now?” I wondered for a moment. They would probably understand sooner or later and we really had no reason to keep our relationship a secret. I sighed and then spoke it out. “We have a date this evening. If everything works as planned we will be officially together at your Party, Dan.”

I probably wouldn’t have said that if this wouldn’t have been the last lesson of the day. It wasn’t even twelve but most of my teachers were currently sick and I could drive home.

“That’s my boy!” My Mother was often described as an older female version of me. While warming up the leftovers of the food I made yesterday she added stuff to my date plan.

“… Oh, maybe you should bring a flashlight. And maybe something hot to drink… you got blankets?!” “Mom, you know that it’s still my date right?” I knew she only wanted to help me but I was stressed enough even though I was already overprepared. I had a flashlight. And something to drink…and of course blankets.

“Alright alright but don’t mess anything up. If she doesn’t end up as my daughter-in-law, you end up disinherited.” I forgot to mention that she decided that I should marry Casey. Not because she wanted me to have a good wife but rather because she liked Casey so much.

“Mom, chill out! Have you seen them? Not even he could fuck that up.” This voice that came from somewhere in the living room was my sister’s. She has silently been listening to us the entire time.

“Okay okay, I’ll let Mathew do what he thinks is right. dad is gonna be really surprised when he comes home. He bet that it would take you two until 2024 before someone made a move. After all, I won that one.” A bet? And my dad participated in it? My mom would do something like this, without a doubt but my father was the polar opposite of her. “You bet on that?!” “Of course, the winner gets to decide the color of our bedroom.” My mother didn’t seem to see a issue with betting on such things and I knew it wouldn’t be beneficial for anyone to begin this discussion now. Instead, I asked her when they made that bet. “After you came home from this weekend trip with your class.” I wondered for a second and then it dawned on me… This bet has been made over four years ago.

Not wanting to elaborate on that topic further I hushed in my room and shut the door behind me. I tried to concentrate on my homework but stopped after one minute. Not because I decided to do them on the bus but rather because I couldn’t concentrate. I already had planned everything and logically nothing could go wrong. We would most likely just laugh if something dumb were to happen. But still… It was probably just excitement and not that much nervousness.

Leaning back in my chair and trying to relax, I noticed how someone opened my door. Expecting to see my sister, I turned around. It was Casey. She wasn’t looking at me but instead into my wardrobe. Well, actually mostly hers as I gave her one-half of mine. She seemed to just be looking. “What shall I wear this evening?” This question was directed to me. “I dunno, nothing too fancy and in no case heels. That wouldn’t be practical for… something.”

I obviously couldn’t tell her what I had planned. It would be a surprise. “But I wanna look good on our first date.” She was pouting a little. “You look good anyway and I’ve seen you at your worst so don’t worry.” This was followed by the usual response: “I don’t look good anyway and when was this ‘worst’?” the last part had a worrying undertone.

I wondered about it. “Well, you looked pretty funny after you got your wisdom teeth removed but you didn’t look bad but rather cute during that. It probably was after that class trip where you couldn’t sleep because of the house.”

“This hostel was scary! We were lucky we weren’t killed in there!” I had to admit that she was kinda right with that one. She hadn’t been the only one who had had problems sleeping, and when we were on our way back she was fast asleep. She had also gotten a little sick during the trip. When she got the chills on the ride back I willingly gave her my hoodie as I got warmed by her using me as a pillow. “I basically had to carry you out of that bus. Did you now my parents made a bet after that day, how long it would take us to get together?”

Casey laughed. She seemed to like the remembrance even though she had been in a bad condition during it. “Sounds like something your parents would do.” She diidn’t seem to mind them doing something like that. “I think they saw something we didn’t.” She seemed a little nostalgic while saying it. I remembered how we must have looked when we got out of the bus. A little clingy and shivering Casey couldn’t leave my side while we said goodbye to our classmates. It was probably more than obvious that something like the last days would have happened sooner or later. The question just has been when.

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