Cleaned my cum with her skirt

Cool breeze after a scorching daylight, gave me a chill of satisfaction on my manhood. well, it was tired of its regular mechanic to release its sticky, salty antidote. even in the dusk, i could see her nudity gleaming in the bed. every time i stare at her bareness, my 8 inch meat plans to thrust into her sore and abused holes.

Perhaps, she was a submissive. she sobbed as every girls did. i was a man of words melted on her tears. she was a damsel of 5 feet 4 inch, 36-28-36 stats caught red handed in misfortune. if she was a submissive, i had to look best position in dominance and fortunately i was. i initiated my dominant move: “get the hell out of your clothes”. she looked amused. “are you deaf?” she was a damsel trapped o my web unbuttoned her shirt slowly.Very slowly. I was impatient to find her bareness and i went closer to her, further closer ripping her shirt.”please!” her submission spoke.But my hearing capability decreased, as i unhooked her bra and threw it away as if she is allergic to it. I grabbed her both hands, pinning at her back, hiked her skirt up, pinched her sex within red panty. Her breath were short, knees were trembling as i rubbed her to wet.

The tent in my pants was forcing to feel her wetness. i unzipped my monster out. she was not sure about what i was doing. i kicked her leg, yanked her hair up where she jolted on her knees.well she understood. she opened her cherry lips, taking the head of my meat. i wished if my meat could be locked within her hot and wet lips instead of pants or boxer. i pushed my hips further gagging throat. First she played with her tongue within the enclosed mouth, then sucking my manhood in to her. as i looked into her, she was breathing very shortly,red cheeks and watery eyes could describe her well. it was fun watching her boobs juggling like a basket ball.

I withdrew my meat suddenly from her mouth as I had a lot thing to do. I pushed her into my table where she laid on her back, hiked her skirt up, ripped her small panty in one act, pulled her legs to the edge of table, took my raw meat in the gate of her wetness. she was panting for the arrival of my guest. i rubbed its head in her wall, clit and hole for a long time. i looked into her, her eyes were begging me to bang her pink pussy into red. Grabbing her nipples with my forefinger and thumb, i plunged into her. “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed. only the head was into her. she was damn tight. Grabbing her both boobs,i pushed my hips further and she engulfed me completely. With a long and steady thrust,she moaned with the same rhythm.




Fondling her balloons while fucking her brains out was the wonderful job that i ever got. Then my hands urged her to raise back. she crossed her legs around my hip. i was pulled closer to her, very close to her warm and brief breath.Ramming her submissive pussy in short stroke made her bite her lip and groaned within, raising her hips to pierce her deep. Suddenly her legs shivered within my hips, her hands were digged deep in my fuzzy hair. I could feel her clit bulging and her holes releasing. i slammed my meat in a long and deep stroke, moving my hips in round order. she raised her hips to meet my only rhythm and groaned loudly near my ear. her first orgasm. And the credit goes to me.

I pulled out my meat. It was different. unreleased and her stickiness of course. I pulled . her from the table. she was not able to stand on her own. so, i made her bent down on the table, parted her still trembling thighs and plunged into her sticky pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” she groaned again.

Now it was my turn to satisfy myself no matter how sore and exhausted she is. I grabbed her both ass and stroked her like there’s no tomorrow.She moaned as if she wanted more. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah” “aaaaaaaaaaah” “mmmmmmmmmmmh”. Her balloons were resting on a table but the table didn’t stood still and was making the noises. well, who cares! the strokes changed into brief and faster, i could feel my manhood bulging within her and the best part was that her legs were trembling to create another orgasm. I slammed her hard last time such that she jumped a little and whined with a lust in her hips.

I cummed inside her, panting on her back, my hands searching for her rested balloons to play. i pulled out my meat in a mixture of lust and lowered her only skirt which she was wearing to clean my dignity. she was still there, bending on table for support. I looked myself at a mirror, full clothed with a manhood sprang down. I didn’t had time to undress myself. what a agony?

She didn’t moved an inch gasping for breath. I freed her from the skirt. Our juices were stained on her thighs. Her Pussy was sore and red. So did her ass, as my balls slapped them,each time i forced into her. I loved her red pussy the most. I placed my palm near her sex. she jerked a little but made no reaction. perhaps she was too exhausted. her pussy was burning and breathing at the same time. Then I carried her to my bed. she dozed off quickly.
( Time flies. I wrote it 7 years ago and posted in ISS)

NSFW: yes

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