She thanked me with a BJ.


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I was single and on leave. First time I’ve been home for 5 years. I loaded a.cooler in truck l, filled it with beer and hit the road. Found my buddies and we hung out. My buddies Jimmy and Dave have new girlfriends and we are all getting on great. Jimmy’s girlfriend Holly has a strong “slut” vibe and we are flirting lightly back and forth, and Jimmy is feeding the fire, almost pushing it.
One night Dave and I go to visit his gf at her work. Turns out Dave’s gf works with Holly. Dave and his gf leave and Holly asks if I can take her home. We chat and flirt on the wayher place.
As we pull in her driveway she says ” my parents are home or I’d invite you in”. “If I can only come in if your parents aren’t home, I’m guessing you had some fun planned”. She playfully slaps my shoulder and denies anything but her blushing face told me otherwise. “I can drive down the road a ways” I tease. Rather quickly she buckets her seatbelt and says “let’s go”. I back out and we head down the road. After about a mile we discover a little park and pull in.
As soon as we stop she rips off her shirt and bra. I skip kissing her and go straight to her tits. I pull her over the center console on to my lap. We kiss deeply and she grinds on me as we kiss. The cab of the S10 was a little tight so we hop out. 2 am and in the glow of a tail light she is on her knees Tugging at my zipper. She drops my pants and starts stroking my cock. “Oh my god” she blurted out. “I want to fuck this” she grinned as she stuffed it in her mouth. She eagerly sucked and tried to deep throat but she couldn’t. Soon I was cumming in her mouth. She collected it all in her mouth then opened and showed me, like I didn’t know just came in her mouth. She smiled as swallowed. She pulled up pants and kissed me on the cheek. Thanks for the ride. We hopped back in the truck and I dropped her off at home. I watched as she walked to her door. Before she opened she pulled her pants down and slid a licked finger into her asshole. Then winked at me. She pulled them up and went inside.

NSFW: yes

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