An Ex in Town [F22/M22] [Somewhat Public] [Sensual?]

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After turning you on during the movie, when the credits ended, I should’ve kept one arm around your slender waist and taken you out of the movie theatre, with my hand gripping your waist as hard as your thigh during the movie.

Lead you past the food court, past that flea market and into a tiny secluded area which has a fire exit without any cameras

Once we make it through those doors, I push you up against the walls, grab you by the waist with both my hands and bring your body close to mine, where we can intimately feel each other’s body.

Without giving you a single moment of control, with our bodies ever so intimately feeling each other up, I lean in for a kiss on the left side of your neck trying my hardest to imitate a hickey without leaving a mark as my hands slowly make their way down with that same grip that started this.

Slowly I begin to grip a little harder as I feel my hands touching something softer, and try to bring your body even closer to mine just so that I can feel every single inch of you.

As we’re letting our bodies feel each other up, I try to pry my thigh between those sexy thighs so that we both know how much the other is enjoying this.

After kissing the part of your skin that is exposed just above your chest, and feeling the warmth coming out from the rest of that sexy body, I cannot take it anymore.

I peel my lips from your soft supple skin and free one hand that has been tightly gripping you this entire time, but our bodies just get more intimately closer to make up for the lost touch.

I hold the back of your head, trying to discover some place to grip as I lean in for a long awaited kiss, something that I’ve wanted to do since the moment I touched you.

Without a second’s hesitation you bring your head forward, as if you’ve been waiting for this just as much as I have.

Time begins to warp around us, as the only thing we can feel right now is each other in almost every sensual way, engraving this feeling into our bodies, making sure that at every waking moment from this point on, our bodies would crave for this feeling just once more.

As I’m letting my body take over, you begin to feel me up, from my neck to my back and all the way down just to turn me on even more.

As I feel your hands trying to hold onto something, I begin to move my hips, to grind the inner part of my jeans against yours.

The first time I moved my hips, you grip my thigh oh so tightly, which gripped even tighter when I tried to take them out.

The second time I moved my hips you stopped kissing me back and focused on the pleasure you felt down there, moving your hands to my waist to keep me in that position just for a second longer.

As I’m taking my thigh out for the third swing, you peel your lips off mine and I feel your warm, soft, almost sinful body peel away from mine.

Without a word uttered we both knew why you stopped it there, because if we let it go just a bit more, neither of us would’ve been able to stop ourselves.

We take a bit of space from each other to calm ourselves down, but damage has been done and no short amount of time can let my body calm down, but I take a step back to get away from your scent.

We tidy ourselves up and walk back into the mall, hand in hand as we slowly begin to see civilization, trying to forget or move on from what had happened, but my body just can’t forget what it had just experienced.

We wait for the elevator and as we get into it the people behind us gently push us to the back, where you’re right up against me again.

Not a word was spoken, as I tried to divert my mind as much as I could, but was failing miserably.

As we reach the ground floor and everyone is leaving the elevator, we’re the last ones that were going out, I decided to punish you by caressing your thigh one final time as you’re leaving the elevator with me right behind you.

We both walk silently, a little bit aside just to keep the last semblance of reason intact, as we head towards the entrance of the mall where your cab was waiting.

We only uttered a single bye to each other as we had let our bodies do the talking.

But that just added fuel to the fire, and my body never calmed down after that experience.
It’s just waiting for the day that you’re back in town again.

NSFW: yes