A Lustful Growing Contagion Ch. 12 – Fetish


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(As a preface, this chapter includes a bit of Spanish, which I’m horrible at. It was a while since I had any Spanish lessons so if what I’ve written in Spanish is wrong or dumb, then I blame it on Google and the many different sites I visited to write a bit of Spanish dialogue.)

The next morning I woke up, feeling the warm soft bodies of mom and Victoria pressed against mine, as I had wrapped myself around Victoria in my sleep holding her close. Stirring in her sleep I felt how mom turned, yawning as she opened her eyes.

“Morning sweetie,” she whispered, kissing my neck. We made some small talk, whispering as not to wake Victoria. “Could you go into the bathroom and grab the yellow bottle of oil? We don’t look as good with stretch marks you know,” mom teased, and I simply nodded as I made my way out of bed, finding the yellow and black bottle she was referring to. Sitting myself back down on the bed, bottle in hand, I squeezed out some of the oil and applied it to mom’s large belly, beginning massaging it into her skin.

“Oh! That’s so cold! You could have warmed it up first!” she laughs as her reaction jolted Victoria awake.

“What? Ouch, my head…” Victoria grumbles, dizzy and disoriented.

“I’m sorry to have woken you sweetie,” mom apologies, now enjoying the oil as she’s gotten used to it. “Do you have a hangover?”

“I guess. I’ve never, uhh, experienced one before…” she groans, laying her head back down on the pillow, closing her eyes as she fights a headache.

“Never?” I asked, surprised by that. “I mean, most people have been hungover, even me! Me and Max have a tendency to drink too much, too often…” I wondered to myself, applying more lotion to mom’s belly.

“Look how big we’ve gotten. Eating so much, drinking so much! Isn’t it wonderful?” mom happily said, looking over at Victoria who still groaned and writhed in place. Victoria responded with a groan, and after a few minutes I was finished oiling mom up, moving on to Victoria, remembering to warm the oil up in my hands before applying it.

The rest of the day passed on like typical, me gonna school and leaving mom and Victoria at home. The classes were still empty, and Max wasn’t there today, he had sent me a message that he couldn’t be there, ‘Girlfriend problems’ he had said. After lunch, my phone buzzed, I’d gotten an email. It was to my private mail, so it wasn’t college related. Reading it, it was from the clothing store, their manager had responded to my application, wanting to have a quick interview with me over Zoom later today if it were fitting. I quickly responded to the email, scheduling the interview to 18:20 today.

Rushing home after school was over, I threw open the door, telling mom and Victoria that I had an interview in a few minutes. They wished me good luck as I turned on my computer, turning on the webcam and waiting for the invite. It popped up in my feed exactly at 18:20, and I joined quickly.

“Hello there,” said a woman, under her screen it said ‘Erin Ross.’ It was difficult placing her age, maybe around 40 or so, shoulder long straight blonde hair, light skin and brown eyes that sit behind a pair of glasses. Dressed in a casual outfit, a red T-shirt with a gray hoodie, unzipped. Ms. Ross seemed to be at home, sitting in a makeshift office with a bookshelf behind her. “Punctual, that’s good.”

“Hi,” I said, my heart picking up pace, my hands clammy which I wiped on my jeans. She smiles back at me, leaning in closer to the webcam. “Maybe she has trouble with close sightedness,” I wondered to myself.

“This is more of a formality, but I’ll go through some questions with you. But first, just out of curiosity. Why did you apply to the store?”

“Well, I saw that it was quite busy, and one of the employees told me how much was going on there and if I would consider working there. I thought about it and came to the conclusion: ‘Why not.’ So I applied and, to be frank, more money couldn’t hurt,” I chuckled, which also caused her to laugh.

“Well, I agree with you on that front. And I appreciate the honesty,” she says, before continuing with the interview, asking me the usual questions which I’ve heard before. I can see how she nods approvingly to many of my answers, until she gets a little bit more, personal. “How tall are you John?”

“What?” I asked, taken by surprise.

“I asked: ‘How tall are you?’ It’s a simple question,” her voice was a little irritated.

“I’m 6.2.”

“Oh, good,” she says, a suggestive tone to words. “Wait there John, I’ll just grab something.” Standing up, I noticed how her boobs were big, but they quickly disappeared from view, her hips in frame. Wearing no pants, a pair of white panties was showing, snagged on her thick hips, her ass pretty sizable as well. Walking away, I had just enough time to process what just had happened before she returned, sitting back down in front of the camera. “Sorry ’bout that, had to get something,” she said, and I could see how she subtly moved her arm downwards.

“No worries,” I said, a bit flustered from her little show.

“We’re almost done, just a few more questions. Are you a hard worker John?”

“I guess so. I’d never slack off at least.”

“Good *quiet moan.* That’s good. Are you eager to please?” she said, her arm moving faster, and I could hear how her mic picked up the faint sounds of wet slapping noises. She was masturbating in front of me on camera.

“I-I-I don’t know… Maybe?” I responded after a few seconds of silence, her face shifting into one of lust, and neediness.

“Oh, I’m *moan* sure you are… You’re hired! You can start tomorrow if you’d want,” she continues, her body starting to shake and move faster. Putting her leg up on the desk, not caring anymore, I can see how a large black dildo is shoved in and out of her pussy, as she moans louder and louder.

“T-thank you…” I quietly stutter, watching her masturbate. Continuing like this for over a minute, I watched her, too afraid to leave. Screaming and whimpering, Ms. Ross edged closer, until she squirts hard on the camera, blocking the camera’s view of her. I hear loud panting and bits of delirious laughing, until Ms. Ross says:

“I can’t wait to meet you in person John. I look forward to it.” And with that, she ends the meeting. An email was sent to me later that day, instructions of how to get started, and Luana had been assigned to show me the ropes. Returning to mom and Victoria, both of them are reading a book, but they tilt their heads to the side when I walk in, their bellies blocking their view of the door.

“I got the job,” I announced, having recollected myself moments before, I now leaned against the doorframe, trying to look “cool.”

“Nice!” Victoria said, reaching out her arms to signal for me to come give her a hug, which I do. “I’m proud of you,” Victoria whispers, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you,” I say, straightening myself up.

“We’re proud. I knew you’d land that job. I mean, how could they refuse your handsome face,” mom giggled from her side of the bed, picking her book back up again.

“How are you two feeling? Have things been okay while I was away?” I asked them, taking a seat on the desk chair, moving it closer to the bed.

“I’m feeling really full. It’s nice and all, but it does hurt sometimes,” Victoria moaned, rubbing her belly.

“We’re pretty thirsty and bored, reading the same book isn’t as fun as you’d think,” mom says, letting her book fall to the floor.

“I’ll go get you some water, I’ll bring a pitcher. For entertainment… Should I move the TV in here?” I propose.

“That would be great! How thoughtful of you!” mom says, and Victoria simply nods. Walking downstairs, I first fill a pitcher with water, grabbing glasses as well and heading back upstairs, placing them on the nightstand next to mom. After returning back downstairs, I disconnect the TV, making a few trips back and forth to grab all the essential cables. I set the TV up on the desk that’s on Victoria’s side, giving mom some extra pillows so she could be propped up a bit better while both of them cheered me on.

Handing mom the remote, I pulled up the chair and we began watching a movie. I went to grab some of my college stuff, working away on an assignment while glancing up at the screen every now and again. Before gonna bed, I helped both of them get ready, falling asleep like we had the night before, me sandwiched between the two of them.

After school the next day I headed directly to the mall, walking directly to the store. Luana stood behind the counter, head resting in her hands as she looked bored out of her mind. I waved at her, which caused her to instantly light up, quickly strutting over to me.

“You applied!” she excitedly said, awkwardly moving her arms in front of her.

“Yeah, I did. And you’re supposed to show me the ropes,” I responded, looking down at her short stature, me being about two heads taller than her. Today she was wearing a tight fitting black T-shirt with her name tag on, the shirt stretched by enormous tits. She’s pretty slim, and her long black hair is like a veil that cloaks most of her upper body.

“Why yes I am. Follow along and I’ll get you started.” Grabbing my hand, she guides me behind the desk and pulls out an empty name tag, writing ‘John’ on it and handing it to me. “Put this on, and I’ll show you the usual proceedings.” For the next 30 – 40 minutes she showed me around, laughing and joking along the way. It seemed easy enough, restocking clothes, getting a feel for the layout and taking payment at the desk.

“Well, I think I’ve got it,” I said, positioning myself behind the counter, palm spread out on top of it. Luana raised her eyebrow, her eyes smiling at me as the masks we wear cover most of our faces.

“Oh really? Want me to test your knowledge?” Luana asks, resting her tits on the counter.

“Try me,” I cockily said, staring down at her and meeting her smile.

“Alright… How many sections are there?”

“Four: Kids, men’s, women’s, and makeup.”

“Mmhmm. How many changing rooms are there?”

“Uhh… twelve?” I answered, unsure as we hadn’t been there for that long.

“Nope! There are nine changing rooms, menso…” Luna jokingly says, jumping up on the counter and sits on it, back turned to me and feet dangling off the edge, looking over her shoulder. “See, you don’t got it. That’s why you got me! Aren’t you thankful?”

“Very,” I laughed, as we continued to banter between us. Starting with actually doing some work, we split off, throwing glances at each other when our paths crossed in the large store. Wandering around the store, I checked that things were in order, waiting for someone to come ask for my help, as I didn’t have enough courage to approach people out of the blue. An hour or so later, a woman approaches me, holding a pair of jeans.

“Excuse me, but do you have these in a bigger size?” I turned around and was met by a larger woman, in size, not height, only coming up to my chin. I looked down at her, her belly large as a basketball, her large breasts showing as her blue blouse was loose fitting and low cut, wearing a similar matching skirt that showed off her white enormous thighs and ass. Her butt was HUGE, with most of her weight seeming to have relocated down there.

“What?” I said in a confused voice, having zoomed out when I saw her. Pulling down her facemask, she cleared her throat.

“These jeans. Do you have them in a bigger size?” Handing me the jeans, I saw how they were already pretty big.

“Let me check the inventory, I’ll be with you in a moment ma’am.”

Going back to the computer at the desk, Luana stood there, scanning the products a man was purchasing. I walked up beside her, and began typing in the information, but I had some difficulty with it.

“Could you help me with this?” I asked Luana, who had just finished with the customer.

“Of course! You can always rely on me bobo,” Luana says, placing her small hands on my side, signaling for me to move out of the way. I step to the side, and Luana grabs the jeans. “Damn these are big! My torso could probably fit in the thigh!” she exclaims, finishing the information needed, which I closely observed how she filled it out. “We seem to have them two sizes bigger. But who’s the woman with the muslos grande” Luana asks me with a curious voice.

“Huh?” I ask, not a Spanish speaker, or at least I wasn’t the most attentive learner in college.

“Who’s the woman with the large thighs?” she says in an annoyed voice. “You don’t have to speak Spanish to understand what I was trying to say bobo.”

“You can follow along, get a look for yourself. But first, let’s get both sizes.” Going behind to storage, I looked for it, finding them quickly, and together we went back to where I left the woman. Luana hanged back, her eyes growing large when she saw her standing there, phone out and her ass pressed against a wall.

“¡Caracoles! She’s big,” Luana quietly says, and I start walking up to the woman.

“Sorry for taking so long. These are the two biggest sizes. Have a great day,” I said, handing her the jeans and walking away with the pair she gave me.

“Thank you!” the woman replied, hurrying off to the changing area. I turned around, Luana following me.

“Yeah, I agree, she’s pretty big,” I said, folding the jeans back up and putting them on the shelf.

“No kidding… Can I ask you something? Just out of curiosity…” Luana asked, crossing her arms under her tits and pushing them up slightly.


“When we met, who was that tall woman you were with?”

“Oh! Mrs. Collin? She’s uhh, a friend of my mom’s. My mom offered me to help her find new clothes since she’s infected,” I lied, coming up with something on the spot.

“Soo, you aren’t together?” she shyly asked, her voice hopeful.

“No,” I uncomfortably laughed. “She’s married.”

“That’s a relief… Do you have a partner? A romantic partner, not a lab- or workpartner,” she says, blurting out the last of it quickly, almost hiding behind her long hair afterwards.

“Well, I do…” I start to say, and I can see how Luana shrinks down, covering her face with her black hair which melds together with her shirt.

“Oh…” she sighs, standing frozen in place.

“But, we’re kinda in a… in a sort of open relationship. She kinda, hehe, encourages me to find other women… She’s a massive voyeur,” I awkwardly laugh after, finding it hard to explain our current situation. Luana peaks through her curtain of hair, her light brown skin and brown eyes becoming visible.

“W-what?” she asks.

“It’s hard to explain, but I’m free, sort of.”

“Uhh… I’ll see you later,” Luana blurts out, disappearing among the shelves and away from me. I felt weird, to say the least, split between many women. Continuing my shift, I helped more customers and tended to my duties. Luana mostly avoided me for the remainder, stealing glances at me every now and again, which I pretended to not notice so as to not make her feel uncomfortable. As we were closing, Luana approached me.

“Do you think I’m hot?” she quickly said, blushing. I was at first surprised by her question, but I cleared my throat while recomposing myself.

“Y-yeah, of course I think so.”

“Am I, uhh… Am I girlfriend material?” she shyly asks, pulling her hair curtain over her face. This caused me to slightly blush.

“I guess. Maybe we should get to know each other or something?”

“Yes! I’d like that John,” Luana says excitedly, waiting for me to propose a time.

“Do you wanna go and grab something to eat?”

“That sounds great,” she says, walking away as I finish up with the closing arrangements. Another employee closes the shop, the acting manager, me and Luana walking out of the mall, taking the bus into the central city, gonna a sushi restaurant which Luana said had some of the food she’d eaten. We each ordered the restaurant’s standard portion, the price a little steep, and we waited for them to bring it out.

“Tell me something about yourself,” I said, wanting to begin a conversation.

“I don’t know. What do you want to know?” she responds, taking a sip of the ice tea she’d ordered.

“Do you have any pets for instance?”

“A cat. Her name’s Wine. I used to have a parrot, but he sadly passed away. Do you have any?”

“No, but I love animals. Cats are fun.”

“Maybe, but not Wine. She’s a diva.” We laugh a bit, and the food gets delivered. “Can I ask you a more personal question?”

“I guess it’s about my arrangement?” I respond, feeling her questioning gaze trying to search my brain for answers.

“Yeah… How many more women are there? Women like me?”

“Like you? None. You’re special, but there are others I have, uhh, sex with, and taking pictures and sending them to Victoria,” I say, now having revealed Victoria’s name. I can see how she at first blushes, before looking a bit intrigued.

“How many?” she asks, her breathing heavier, curious in her demeanor. Thinking for a moment, there was Viola, Emilia, Kassandra, and mom. Best if I leave out mom, our incestious affair being extremely taboo.

“Three,” I said a bit unsurely, not knowing how she’d take it.

“R-really? Eso es mucha,” she quietly says, looking at me. “Tell me *faint moan* more.”

“Well… The first one was a lady I met on the bus. She was infected, like the rest of them, and needed me to uhm, relieve her. I uhh, fingered her there on the bus, playing with her tits and the like, until she came. I’ve met her once since.” I watch how Luana moves her jacket to the other side of her, blocking the view of her legs from people that walk by. Unbuttoning her pants shortly after, she slowly starts pulling them down a bit. “What are you doing?” I whisper.

“Just continue. What about *moan* the other two?” she softly moans, one of her hands starting to rub her pussy under her panties which is out of sight.

“The second woman is a teacher at my college.” Luana’s eyes light up, her rubbing increasing. “We raided the cafeteria, stuffing her full and we fucked on the floor there. I was gonna drive her home, but she passed out so I brought her home, where she stayed for about a week.”

“Mmhmm… Is she hot?” Luana quietly moans, her hips moving up and down, shaking.

“Yeah. Her thighs and ass are huge, and she’s tall, and she’s got beautiful dark smooth skin.”

“Does she have bigger tits than me?” she quivers, on the verge of cumming. Her breathing is intense, but she tries to hold it back, so as to not draw attention to herself.

“No. None of them have,” I say, which seemingly causes Luana to cum, squirming and spasming in her seat as waves of pleasure hit her. I anxiously look around, but no one seems to be looking our way, many people’s attention having been directed at two women entering the restaurant, both really big. One of them must be at least my height, her belly large with the rest lagging behind, while the other is about a head or so shorter than the first, her tits and belly jiggling wildly as she steps towards a waiter. Luana’s orgasm quells, and she surreptitiously pulls her jeans back on.

“That felt good,” she pants, eating a California roll. Finishing our meal and having a more casual conversation after, I paid, and we left together. Outside the restaurant, Luana says: “If you and Victoria are okay with it, I’d like to, uhh, see you again maybe.”

“I’ll text her later,” I said, grabbing Luana’s hand as we began walking towards her family’s apartment which was a few blocks away. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Pregunte lo que quiera. I’ve asked a few so it’s only fair,” Luana says, and I just guess that she’s telling me it’s okay to ask her the question.

“How come you’re so, uhm, short?” I hesitantly ask. Luana halts, and looks at me with a confused expression.

“What? Why am I short? I know I’m 4.10, it’s pretty obvious! I was born this way, supongo.”

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