My Sugar Baby and I Pick Up Two school Students at a Starbucks (true-MFFF)

I was meeting my long time sugar baby for a coffee before gonna a museum and then a hotel. (She is 21, I am 51). We were sitting and catching up, our timed tickets were a bit later so really, just killing time. She’s all the time been easy to talk to, and we were just going back and forth. Laughing. Touching a bit. Clearly flirting. All of a sudden a young woman across the table said, “Hi, sorry, I don’t mean to eavesdrop but are you two a couple?” She giggled and her friend looked mortified. I decided to put her out of her misery.
“Well, yes, that’s ok. She’s actually my sugar baby.”
“Wow” she said, “I’ve always been curious about how that works”
Her friend again looking like she would die from embarrassment.
I turned and looked at my SB. We’d been seeing each other almost 2 years and had had a number of threesomes at that point. She smiled a tiny smile and nodded.
I focused again on our new friend and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes, she asked a lot of questions, mostly to my SB. Then looking at my watch I said we had to go to the museum. We all started saying goodbye and a felt like taking a chance. I wrote my cell in a napkin and slid it across the table. “We will be at a hotel around the corner in a couple hours. Join us if you want.”

About a half hour after that I got a text. “I really want to come if the offer is still open, but can my friend come with me?so I feel safe?” I agreed of course.
What I didn’t know at that time is that her friend was by far the dirtier one.

When they knocked, my SB and I were already fooling around. I had her in a spreader bar, blindfolded, head down and ass up. I was spanking her and using the magic wand to edge her a bit. She had already sucked my cock for awhile.

I got up to answer the door and put on a robe, it hid my cock but not my excitement;). I welcomed them in and they quietly, and with smiles on their faces, said hello. They glanced at my SB with her ass still up on the bed, then the one initially interested in coming said, “looks like you started without us, it looks Very nice” she said with a smile. “Is it ok if my friend plays too?”
I laughed and asked my SB what she wondered. “Yes Daddy”. Well then I said, you had both better take your clothes off and go give her a proper hello.

My SB is 22, slim with what I think might be perfect tits and ass. She is clever as hell and about to graduate from college. Both of our visitors were cute as fuck as well. The very interested girl blonde with tattoos, then her quiet friend, a brunette with a gorgeous body and a dirty mind. Both are sophomores at a different university in town.

For the sake of the rest of this story, I’ll refer to my SB as A, interested blonde as B and quiet brunette as C.

They slowly started disrobing, being a bit shy. I said to C, why don’t you help B? She seemed relieved to have instructions and immediately started taking off Bs clothes. Soon they were both naked and I suggested they kiss. What followed was a very passionate kiss. They were locked in a tight embrace, two set of perky tits touching, making out hard. A with her ass up on the bed behind them.


Never having my experienced a foursome before I dove right in do to speak. I had B/C suck my dick, which they did with gusto. Both of them competing to Deepthroat me better than the other. After a bit of this I turned towards A whose ass was still up. I began to eat her pussy as B/C then sucked my balks and cick from behind. Love that position. I told them to lick my ass and they eagerly agreed, switching off.

I didn’t want to cum yet so I had A turn over and lay on her back, I had B eat her and then C eat B. I sat with my cock in my hand and took it in feeling like the luckiest man alive at that moment.

After awhile I got behind C, put her ass in the air and fucked her from behind. C turned out to be the quiet kinky one, she became quite vocal and started screaming Yes Daddy, fuck me harder! Your cock feels so good I’m cumming, etc. it was amazing. Amazing. She threw it back and fucked me as I slapped her ass. I played with her asshole putting in a couple fingers. She responded by arching her back and saying Yes Daddy. I want you to fuck my ass. Yes! who am I to refuse?

I proceeded to enter her tight ass and she made so much noise. Harder Daddy! Meanwhile A and B were locked in a passionate 69, I heard A climax at one point, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

I soon got to the point of no return. I told them all to get on their knees in front of me. They did and shared my cock and balls. I remember thinking this is thee male fantasy. And I wondered wow, this is happening. Soon I had them put their tongues out and A coaxed me with a Cum for us Daddy- I shot all over A’s face and then remembered to get a bit on B & C.

I sat on the edge of the bed, panting as they all began to make out with my cum everywhere. Then C began to lick it all up off of the other two. Like I said, heaven.

I had them all get back in the bed and eat each other as I watched and recharged. As a 51 year old I can go a few times with an appropriate break. I sat and watched and directed as they all proceeded to make each other cum.


Round 2 started with C crawling over and starting to my almost hard cock. I love feeling it grow in someone’s mouth.

Then I fucked them all. Lined up next to each other, ass up head down. I went from A to B to C, eating, fucking and spanking. (I did use a new condom for each. I had unwrapped and lined up a bunch on a side table).

I came a second time on Cs asshole with her encouragement.

I ordered room service and we watched a movie and chatted. We all fondled and groped culminating in a wonderful long multiperson blow job. Heaven. Lol.

We have been in touch about doing it again soon. I hope it happens!

NSFW: yes

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