My Girlfriends Mum

Hi everyone this is a story about how I ended up having a sexual relationship(and still am) with my girlfriend’s mum!!! I’m Conor(26) my girlfriend Emma(23) and her Mum Fiona(41)…

Myself and Emma first met in 2019 a few months before lockdown took over the world…at first things where really slow we only saw each about 2 nights a week due to working and the distance aside but those 2 nights where at all times great nights maybe a meal and a walk afterwards and a quick fumble or cinema where I at all times got a hand job and fingered her off….after a few months and meeting in lockdown when we shouldn’t I was allowed in Emma’s house and into her bedroom(tho door open and light on!!)stepdad was a bit of a….things progressed well after this and I got to know Emma’s mum and stepdad(he was actually an alright guy but I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her mum was so hot🤩 got to the stage that I was getting a lift or a taxi to Emmas 4 nights a week and her mum would run me home or Emma would come to my parents and her mum would pick her up….sex was healthy we where at it almost every night if her parents went out or if mine but I at all times imagined having sex with her mum….
Fast forward 18 months and I moved out of my parents and got my own place and Emma had learned to drive and had transport….so we had somewhere to fuck whenever we wanted and Emma was able to stay over aswell…Sex was amazing easily 3 times a night when she stayed over,Bjs,hand jobs,fanny eating…..we where at everything but I still couldn’t stop thinking about Fiona…..Emma used to joke “you fancy my mum” I shrugged it off and laughed and said “don’t be daft your mums old enough to be my mum” “she’s only 39” she said….wow I couldn’t believe that was all the age she was I just assumed she was well into her 40s but it got me hard thinking about her….
Six months after that conversation Emma and her stepdad organised a surprise 40th birthday party for Fiona to which I was invited…I wondered to myself this will be a good time to get to know them better buy them a couple of drinks chat with them let them know I’m the right guy for their daughter…as the night went on Fiona got more and more drunk and started flirting around me and getting me up to dance a lot…..Emma would give off “mum…leave Conor alone,your embarrassing him..” “he’s alright he’s having fun…c’mon Conor one more dance”she said…..she kept touching my bum and putting her hands round my neck and breathing in my ear…I was rock hard,please dont let her rub against me and I hope nobody will notice my hard on I wondered…I broke away from her to go to the bathroom I had to rub one out I was so fucking horny now I really needed to cum…..only a couple of guys in the toilet chatting when I went inand luckily a free cubicle which I went into….I done what I needed to do cleaned up and left……as I was leaving the toilets Fiona was approaching the women’s…she spotted me so she met me across the room….”tut tut tut,I know what you where away doing”she said….I’m sure my face was bright red now…”you had a hard on when I was dancing with you….”I laughed it off and tried to walk away but she put her hand on my arm and said “Emma’s a very lucky girl if only I was 10years younger I would give her a run for her money….” I was gobsmacked…I didn’t know where to look or what to say…I walked away thinking wtf just happened there……

Four weeks after that night I received a whats app message from a number I didn’t recognise “Hi Conor hope you don’t mind me texting you but I got your number from Emma’s notebook in her bedroom it’s Fiona..x” Holy fuck I wondered how do I reply to this? Do I reply to this? Is this a catfish? All sorts going through my mind….so I left it for a couple of hours…in the meantime I text Emma who was at work…”Hi babe how’s your day going?I miss you so much wish we where still in bed together this morning was amazing….ily❤”
“Hi baby ily to,I wish I didn’t have to get up so early this morning and leave you,yes this morning was amazing you really blew my mind I thought you where never gonna cum….my pussy is still throbbing❤️”she replied…I blushed at her reply
“yeah I was really horny all night in fact I’m still really horny now I’ll send you a pic of my hard cock”
“😊😊😊” she replied
“oh baby I really wish I was there to help you out,you know how much I love sucking and sitting on your cock but remember I told you this was going to be a long day for me with being of sick for a while so its going to be after 7 before I finish so I’m going to go home after work and have a bath and i’ll see you tomorrow night after work,I’m sorry baby but I really have to get this work done❤️”
“😔😔ok babe I forgot you told me that I’ll just have to keep my hard on for you then🍆” we finished our chat then I remembered about the what’s app message….I read it again the typed out my reply…..
“Hello Fiona,fancy hearing from you does Emma know you where hoking in her room?lol”
“No and I hope you don’t tell…I felt that I needed to contact you I hope you don’t mind?”
“No not at all is everything alright?”
“No everything is not alright and this needs to stay between us,can you promise me that Conor,not even Emma is to know…”
“I don’t like keeping things from Emma….”
“She can never know we have been chatting on here do you promise me you won’t say anything?”
“OK Fiona I promise I won’t say to anyone…”
“Conor I have done nothing but think about that night of my birthday party,I think you know what I mean….I flirted with you and I know I shouldnt have but if truth be told it was kind of hot and the thought of you getting hard dancing with me made it even hotter…Emma talks a lot about you and says yous have an amazing sex life and I get very jealous…”
“Please Fiona don’t talk like that,Emma is my gf and I love her but you talking like that is making me very uncomfortable”
“Don’t be silly Conor,your a young handsome man and yes Emma is my daughter but that night I wanted you to take me home and ravage me..I lay in bed thinking about what you where doing to Emma and wished it was me…”
“Wow Fiona are you serious? I’m not gonna lie I think your very attractive and I have thought about you a lot sometimes even when having sex with Emma I would think I wonder if Fionas like this in bed…”There was no reply I wondered fuck I’ve been catfished,her and Emma have set me up…I’m done for…me and Emma are over,Emma’s stepdad is going to fucking kill me….fuck fuck fuck what have i done…..then ping…another what’s app
“I knew you liked me I used to catch you looking at me when you came to ours….can I ask you something?” “Yeah no point holding back now…lol”
“If I asked you to have sex with me what would you reply?”
“Oh fuck,are you for real? Is this a wind up?”
“No its a serious question,would you fuck me?”
“😊😊Emma can never ever find out even if you split up this would be between you and me no one else….”
“There’s not a chance I will be telling Emma about this conversation I’m free all day today and Emma going to yours after work so if you want to call to mine 😉😉”

There was no reply from her after that so I wondered fuck that she was only winding me up,how am I ever gonna look at her again? No way could I ever go near her house again after that conversation….fuck what if she tells Emma!!! I opened a beer and necked it in no time then opened another then another so it was 4pm and still I had heard nothing from Fiona,should I text her again or just leave her after all she was the one that made the first contact…Fuck that Emma not calling tonight so I’m going to head out and watch the football in a bar in town so I stripped of and got in the shower….I could hear someone banging whilst in the shower i wondered it was coming from the house next door I got out and was drying myself when I heard the banging again…it was coming from my front door…I quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went to the door…..Wow it was Fiona and she looked hot as fuck standing there in a pair of sports leggings and a top that you would normally wear to the gym….”Hi Conor you said to call so here I am are you going to invite me in?”she asked…my jaw dropped and I could feel my dick twitch in my shorts…..
“Uhmmmm uhmmmmm” I muttered “Oh hi Fiona I didn’t think you would be calling,you never replied and I’m getting ready to go out” she put a finger om my lips to shush me
“Thats ok Conor I’m not staying long and I can drop you into town when I’m leaving” she said
“Yes yes come in can I get you tea or coffee I’m just having a beer while I’m getting ready”
“No I’m fine thanks” she replied….I showed her to my living room and my eyes where fixed on her amazing ass she has bound to have seen my hard on I wondered to myself….
In the living she never took a seat instead she approached me whispered in my ear “I see your ready for me” then put her hand against my throbbing cock….I was trembling my heart beating so fast I wondered I was going to pass out,my cock was pulsating….please please dont let me down now I wondered please dont cum don’t cum don’t cum I kept saying to myself…..
“Well are you going to let me see it or am I going to have to put my hand down there myself?” She asked…I was speechless totally dumbfounded what was going on I wondered…..”ah ah ummm ummm”i stuttered “I don’t think we really have time I’m meeting friends in an hour” I replied…..
WTF was I thinking I’m alone in the house with my gfs hot mum and I’m worried about meeting my friends,get a grip I wondered…..
“I’m sure your friends will understand you being drop them shorts and let me see what I’ve driven over here for!!!” I gently pulled down my shorts and my throbbing cooked sprung out….”my oh my wow” she exclaimed “Emma is a very lucky girl,that looks delicious as she came closer for a better look….
She put her hand on my cock and gave it a couple of strokes fuck I wondered I was gonna explode then she put a hand on my chest and slowly pushed me down on the chair….she looked at me smiled and wrapped her lips round my rock hard cock,fuck I was in heaven…..she sucked at my cock for a couple of minutes then I felt my urge to cum…”I’m gonna cum,fuck I’m gonna cum….” she pulled her mouth away held my cock so tight it was going numb but it stopped me cumming….back in her mouth it went again this time she swirled her tongue over the head,down to my balls one at a time she took them in her mouth….wow!!! this was the best BJ I had ever had Emma could learn a lot from her mum…..after about 5 minutes more I felt the need to cum I yelled out “im gonna cum I’m gonna cum….I’m cumming, I’m cumming,oh fuckkkķkkkk” she pulled her head away and ropes of cum hit her in the face and on her top…she looked so fucking sexy even hotter than when she first turned up at my door,with my cum on her face…I handed her a towel that was close by and she cleaned her face then she got to her feet and straddled me….she sat on my near hard cock again proceeded to ride my cock with her leggings still on…..Wow I got feel to hotness of her pussy through the lycra she had on my cock was now rigid again oh fuck how much more can I take i wondered….she was working her hips so well and her pussy was grinding on my cock she was so warm down there she wrapped her arms around my neck nibbled on my ear,the rhythm got faster her breathing got heavier…”I think I’m gonna cum” she whispered in my ear “me too” faster she rode me she sat back resting her hands on my knees pushed her pussy down on my cock and then then rubbed up and down again….”oh fuckkkkķk I’m cumming”I yelled as my 2nd load shot up unto my stomach….Fiona was lost in the moment I don’t think she had heard me she continued to gyrate on my cock then she trembled her body froze and she couldnt move…I could feel the wetness on her bottoms has she just cum? I thought….she finally got her breath back leaned in to me and give me a kiss on the lips just a simple peck like a thank you kiss got up and asked to use the bathroom….
WTF just happened there I said to myself…..that was fucking amazing best time ever and I had some great times with Emma but this was something else….
Fiona came out of the bathroom with a smile “that was hot” she said “hopefully next time you won’t be in a hurry out and we will have more time to have fun….but remember nobody is to know about what has just happened so no bragging to your mates later when you get more drink in you….if you still want that lift into town get yourself sorted and I’ll drop you in I need to get back home before Pete(her husband) gets home from work” “ok 10 minutes and I’ll be good to go….”Fiona dropped me off not far from I was to meet my friends “hopefully we do this again sometime soon” she said as I was getting out of the car.I smiled nodded my head and replied “I fucking hope so that was amazing you have my number text me anytime” I shut the door and headed off smiling from ear to ear I had just received the best blow job ever and it was from my gfs mum🤩🤩🤩
……………….TO BE CONTINUED…………..

NSFW: yes

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