[M]y secret affair with a [F]riend’s sister part 3

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So after drunkenly fucking her ass and receiving some of the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced, Pink and I decided to continue seeing each other regularly in secret. Since her sister, Violet, was one of my best friends and so many of the guys in our hangout group wanted her, we elected to stay quiet and just keep it sexual since we weren’t really after a relationship

We’d meet up almost every night, either me sneaking into Violet’s house through Pink’s window to fuck her face or have her sit on mine, or her making some excuses to go out only to meet up at my place. We at all times parted tired and satisfied, but somehow kept missing having sex. Either we had no protection, didn’t want to risk being too loud, something at all times seemed to get in the way.

One night, Pink got into a particularly playful mood and issued me a challenge.

“I bet I can make you cum in 5 minutes or less,” she said to me as we were making out on my bed.

“What? We’ve been doing this for almost a month and you haven’t managed that!” I said, propping up on one elbow, running my hand along her bare thigh.

“I’ve been holding back. I like making sure you enjoy it, watching you squirm, it gets me off…” she said, her fingers lightly trailing down to my boxers to brush my cock, leaning into my ear and nibbling as she whispered “but you won’t be able to hold on if I don’t want you to.”

I groaned, pulling her in closer as she started teasing me, pressing her perfect tits against my chest and rolling her onto her back. Leaning up, I locked eyes with her, that wonderful, evil smile spreading across her face.

“Fine, I’ll take that bet. What do I get if I win?”

“Full naked, oiled massage,” she said, slipping her hand into my boxers and grabbing my stiffening cock, stroking it slowly “with a happy ending of course. But you won’t make it.”

Suppressing a moan, I asked “What do you want if you win?”

“We’re going for ice cream. Your treat. And I get to do whatever I want for an hour,” she said, her broad smile turning into a cocky smirk as she kept slowly stroking me.

“Deal. Let me grab my phone, if we’re doing this, you aren’t going to cheat,” I said with a laugh, pressing into her and reaching over to the nightstand to grab my phone.

I opened the timer app and smiled as she confidently slipped my boxer off and tossed them to the side. She leaned back and arched her back, those amazing tits tantalizingly close to my mouth as she reached up and tied her hair back, never breaking eye contact.

“No touching, no face fucking. I won’t have *you* saying that you did it and not me,” she said, straddling me and leaning down to trace her tongue up my neck to my ear.

I agreed, groaning softly as she sucked and kissed my neck, hands tangling in my hair and slowly rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft, already wet. I could barely keep my hands off her hips, her teasing driving me wild as I laid under her, cock throbbing against her.

“Start the timer,” she whispered roughly in my ear, her hips moving up and teasing the head of my dick before she began kissing down my body.

Pressing the begin time, I leaned back on my elbows, watching her quickly kiss and suck down my chest, her tongue tracing down to the head of my cock. With quick motions, she began running her tongue around the tip, one hand starting to play with my balls while her other was pressed into my thigh, nails lightly biting into the skin as she locked eyes with me.

I shuddered slightly, my heart beating hard in my ears as I anticipated the now familiar sensation of sliding down her throat. She gave me a wink, taking the tip in her mouth and rolling her tongue roughly around it, focusing on the bottom of the head before slowly starting to move up and down my shaft. Her tongue never stopped moving, licking me roughly and covering every inch but never going down into her throat. She was teasing me, building me up, and never moving those gorgeous eyes from mine.

Glancing at the timer, we were only at 30 seconds. This may be harder than anticipated.

“Better be careful, don’t want time to slip away from you,” I teased between soft sighs, my hands gripping the sheets to prevent myself from forcing her down onto my throbbing dick.

With an easy smile, she suddenly shifted tactics, sucking as hard as she could and rapidly bobbing her head up and down at an incredible pace. I gasped, taken off guard as I watched her cheeks press in, letting out a low moan around my cock that was absolutely some kind of witchcraft. Holding up the phone, I checked the time. I’d made it a whole 45 seconds.


“Holy shit Pink…” I managed, my elbows giving out and leaving me flat on my back, head swimming from the intense blowjob. I started talking, trying to distract her, goad her into coming up and give me a breather. It didn’t take her long to catch on, but she turned the tables, coming up with a pop and licking her lips.

“That’s not fair. Now we have to reset and try again,” she said, sitting back on her feet and slowly stroking me, a half serious frown coming staring me down. We waited 5 minutes, her slowly stroking me and shaking her tits at me before declaring that if I tried anything funny again she’d leave me with nothing tonight.

Agreeing, I reset the timer as she immediately began to devour my dick. She skipped the teasing and somehow went even harder, bobbing so fast her hair almost fell out of her messy bun, hand steadily cradling and lightly tugging my balls.

Groaning, I kept a close eye on the timer, trying to distract myself as best I could as she worked me to an absolute frenzy. After the first minute was up, she changed tactics again, another pop sounding from her mouth releasing my cock before she opened her mouth wide and *slammed* her face into my pelvis, burying me in her throat and rapidly fucking me with her mouth, her tongue rolled across my balls.

I let out a loud moan, my knuckles white against my skin as I tried desperately to not touch her as she worked. Her perfect ass in the air, tits bouncing as she held me down her tight throat, she started swallowing and moaning louder around me, my mind blanking out as I watched.

It was incredibly enthusiastic and so wet that I could feel her spit starting to run down my balls, pooling under me as she got rougher. The loud glucking, coughing spasms of her throat not making her relent as she just kept attacking me with everything she had. I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

All told, I made it to the 4 minute mark before shooting a enormous load of cum down her throat. With a half moan, half squeal of delight, she took every bit of it, slowly teasing my too sensitive dick before sitting up and pumping her hands in the air.

“Ha! Told you! Get dressed loser, we’re going to get ice cream!” She said triumphantly, quickly hopping off the bed with a smile.

“Holy shit… I might need a minute… Just.. hang on,” I panted, my mind starting to reform as I fell back onto the bed. I’d lost fair and square, but I wasn’t sure I could walk.

Rolling her eyes and giving me a playful wink, she bent down, showing off her perfect heart shaped ass as she slipped into her jeans and hunted around for her shirt. I laid there for a few minutes before sitting up and begrudgingly starting to look for my own clothes.

As I got dressed, she kept teasing me about not lasting, about losing, how that first night had lead her to think she may not be able to do it. I brushed it off, smiling and pulling my clothes on as she went.

“I bet you’d cum even faster if you’d ever get around to fucking me,” she said, trailing a hand down my arm as she turned around to grab her phone and wallet. Another challenge.

We went out, grabbing ice cream and stopping for me to grab some cigarettes (and discretely picking up a pack of condoms) before going back to my place. We hung out, chatting and sharing videos, listening to music, her teasing me about my loss the entire time. It was starting to create up in me, making me anxious to go again just to prove her wrong.

“I really should get home, Violet might start to wonder where I’ve gone off to,” she said, standing and stretching.

“What about the second part of the bet? Your whatever for an hour?”

“Oh I need to think on that, come up with something really good,” she said turning to kiss me. She leaned in close, whispering in my ear “maybe you won’t cum so fast if I plan it right.”

She turned away, that smile creeping up as she started for the door when I reached out and stopped her. Pulling her in close, her ass pressed against me, I leaned in and kissed her neck.

“It won’t be that easy again,” I said, starting to grow hard again and she softly gasped.

“Sure it will be,” she said, turning her face to mine, grinding into me harder and winking, but stopping short as I reached up and took a handful of her hair, pulling her head back.

“I want you to tell me what you want. Now,” I said, pulling her hair and reaching my free hand up under her shirt to roughly tweak her nipples.

“Why would I tell you, *loser*,” she said playfully, moaning softly as her smile widened.

I smiled, kissing her and bending her over the bed, my hand still in her hair. She never stopped smiling, whimpering and shaking her ass at me as I turned her head to look at me. With my free hand I smacked her ass, making her let out a soft yelp and a moan as I roughly held her against the bed.

“Fuck Orion… I still won’t tell you,” she giggled, yelping again as I smacked her ass harder, a soft groans escaping her as I lifted her head up, pressing my mouth to her ear.

“Tell me Pink. Now,” I said as she whimpered again, she wiggling her ass and letting out a long sigh.

“Fuck… I want your big dick in my tight little pussy..” she panted, doing her best to look back at me.

“Tell me how much you want it,” i said, hand moving around to undo her pants and slip down the front of her panties. Slowly, I began to roll my fingers around her clit, feeling her getting wetter as I began to play with her pussy.

“Please… please I want it, I want you to fuck me..” she groaned, grinding into my hand, her mouth slightly open as I pulled her hair.

Smiling, I let go of her hair and ripped her pants down, getting on my knees and burying my face in her ass. I spread her legs aside, burying my tongue in her pussy and rubbing her clit, listening as her moans started growing louder. Her hand reached back, grabbing for my hair but I took it and held it down, my free hand shooting up to slap her already pink ass.

“Fuck… please Orion…” she gasped as I traced my tongue up and around her asshole before standing and taking off my own pants, my cock already hard. Reaching down, I grabbed the box of condoms I’d quickly slipped into the drawer, tearing it open and grabbing one of the shiny packages.

She moaned again, pressing her ass back and grinding against my hard cock while I got the condom out. Quickly slipping it on, I pressed on her back and slowly began to tease around her little pussy. I slowly rubbed it back and forth against her, teasingly pressing it to her tight hole but not going in yet, trying to drive her wild.

“*Please* fuck me! Fuck me!” She whimpered, burying her face in the sheets and trying to push back against me.

Grabbing her hair and sharply pulling her head back, I rammed into her soaking wet pussy, pulling her against me as I pushed as deep as I could. Letting out a loud moan, she immediately began rocking back to fuck me, filling her tight pussy with my cock as she started to shudder.

I moaned softly, her wet little pussy wrapped tightly around me. It was ecstasy finally being inside her and I slowly pulled back before slamming into her again, causing her to moan loudly again and arch her back. We found a rhythm quickly, my thrusts getting harder and faster as she desperately started pushing back against me in time with my thrusts. I pulled her hair, smacking her ass as I pounded her to her first orgasm bent over my bed.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck… I’m cumming!” She screamed, hands reaching back to grab at my hips, trying to pull me in deeper.

“Good… but I’m not done with you,” I said, fucking her harder as I felt her begin to spasm “play with your pussy.”

She began roughly rubbing her clit as I fucked her, moaning loudly as she took every inch of my throbbing cock. She came a couple more times, her body starting to go limp against the bed as she shook, her pussy absolutely soaked as I fucked her rough.

I started feeling myself get close, letting her head fall to the bed as I grabbed her shoulder and started thrusting as deep and hard as I could. Slowing my strokes, I pulled almost all the way out before slamming hard into her over and over, my balls slapping against her as my own orgasm built.

“Fuck Pink, I’m going to cum… I’m-” I said, suddenly cutting off as my cock erupted, burying myself deep inside her and leaning forward, half collapsed onto her sweaty back, panting as my body shook with a powerful orgasm.

Pulling out of her, I moved over to her side, collapsing on the bed and laying on my back panting. Pink laid there, seemingly unable to move as she caught her breath, head turned slightly to the side with a smile.

“Well… We need to do that again,” she said, rolling onto her back.

“Absolutely,” I said, watching her chest rise and fall “If you’re done talking shit.”

“Not if it gets me more of that,” she giggled, flashing me a wink and scooting closer.

“Clean me up,” I said with a smile, watching as she pulled off the condom and licked my dick clean. Satisfied, she stood up and began slowly putting her pants back on.

“I really do need to go. See you tomorrow,” she said with a smile, giving me a quick kiss as she made her way to the door.

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