Yrel’s Surprise – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Yrel couldn’t help a grin from splitting her lips. Middle of the day, nearly everyone else was gonna be busy, and even if there wasn’t. She had asked the guards down in town to direct folk away from the small lake. A private bath would do wonders for her own stress. It wasn’t easy leading a war effort after all!

Taking a moment, she paused by the lake edge. With a quick look, she spotted no one else around, so, with a shrug she undressed herself and eased down into the cool lake. A shiver ran down her spine as her body disappeared into the crystal clear waters. “This shall be a wonderful moment…” A sigh of joy whispered from her lips. Even as her teeth flashed in contentment.

Only a quarter hour had passed by by Yrel’s judgement when she heard a splash, jolting up, she scrambled up and into some nearby bushes that dotted the water’s edge. Her body was somewhat hidden from view, even as she peaked out to see what made that sound.

She couldn’t help it, her eyes widened as she took in the Lightforged Draenei before her. The tattoos pulsing along the other woman’s body, the light shining a little off the water’s surface. Gulping, Yrel felt a bit naughty watching this woman go swimming. Seeing this body presented before her. She wiggled a bit, chewing her own lip. Did this lightforged know she was here? Probably not was her guess.

“I should go…Or at least tell her someone else is here.” Whispering her argument to herself, she did take a moment to hesitate as she saw the woman turning around. Eyes flickering back along that exposed figure. Her cheeks heated faintly, only to blush brightly a moment later. Her jaw dropping open for a moment, eyes widened as she saw what appeared to be the base of a heavy cock.

Glancing down at her own arm, she glanced up once more, gulping. They had to be roughly the same size, was all she could guess. Such a girthy base could only mean a long member that was hidden beneath the water’s surface. Even though the water was so clear, she wasn’t able to see from where she was much to her own disappointment. “Maybe… it is ok to watch for a little longer….” Taking a breath, one hand slowly descended down to her nethers. Eyes closing for a moment in pleasure as her breath came out in a wispy moan of delight.

Pausing, Tsuna’s head perked up as she heard a soft moan waft along on the breeze. For a moment she shrugged, ignoring the sound when she hadn’t heard another. “Probably someone having their fun…” Muttering to herself, though, it didn’t take long for another moan to spike through the air. This one was much louder, and she could almost feel the need that dwelled within it. Looking around, she spotted a pale white tail flick up from behind a bush. An eyebrow raised as she started to head over, moving quietly within the lake, only a gentle ripple of sound heralded her approach.

As she came near, those needy little moans and groans got louder. The vocal owner whimpered whatever fantasy was driving their need. It caused Tsuna’s cheeks to colour even as her dick throbbed. It was a wonderful inspiration as her head poked around the bush. Taking a moment to restrain herself as she spotted Yrel, the leader of the Draenei bent over on her knees. The young woman’s pert rear pushed up into the air like she was getting mounted.

Shuddering, she chewed her lower lip as she gazed on. Yrel was apparently so lost in her fantasy. So lost in the motion of her fingers dancing over her engorged clit. Those fingers toying with, teasing her sensitive nub. So enthralled as her tail ploughed into her puffy nethers. The pale lips had darkened and grown slippery with need. Chewing her other hand to keep herself silent. Tsuna just smirked as she heard Yrel beg for that powerful cock to pound her stupid.

Making her mind up, her tail actually reached around to lift her slab upwards as she grasped Yrel’s hips. Pulling the draenei into the water, earning a half scream of surprise. Pulling her flush against her, her cock then fell with a meaty slap between those perky cheeks and against Yrel’s back. Grinning at the nervous look she was getting. “Well, how could I ignore such a needy plea…?” Her hands squeezing the rear, feeling the flesh move between her fingers.

Yrel yelped as she felt those strong hands grasp her hips, pulling her backwards. Legs splashing into the water she immediately looked behind her and gulped. Staring at the Lightforged who she had just been fantasising over. Her words got caught in her throat as her tail slowly removed itself from her depths. Her mouth opened, closed, opened again before she finally squeaked out some words. “S-Sorry…I um…thank… you?” Her awkward words spilled out, before she gasped as the lightforged’s hand gently slapped her rear. Causing a blush on her cheeks to erupt. Closing her eyes, she let her head hit the ground for a moment. Pressing herself back against the strange Draenei. Her tail wrapped around the monster shaft. Squeezing it lightly before she started to pull away, but only till she could press that crown against her willing lips.

Tsuna blinked for a moment, grinning down at Yrel as she felt that tail wrap around her cock. With a groan, she actually left a trail of precum down her back as the younger Draenei pulled away. She felt a surge of lust however as she watched the nervous woman place her beast to those soaked lips. There, she ground backwards onto the cock. Tsuna watching her fat head disappear into those nethers. Seeing the labia stretch outwards around it. She could hear the whimpers of discomfort and joy. Reaching for those hips. She gently grasped them, pulling her down the length lightly, giving small encouraging thrusts. Feeling her innards stretch and hug tightly at her cock. A low groan rolled free once more, but her lips still pulled into that smile before she spoke again. “Don’t worry… we’ll get it in you lass. Just like what you were begging for.”

Yrel blushed, she could feel that cock now pushing within her. Her soft whimper was drowned out by her louder moans. The younger Draenei could only just enjoy this unique experience. Her insides were just being pushed wide open, and she could feel it going in so deeply. She never had anything like this before, and she was starting to wonder why no one in her world possessed such beastly attachments either. She had been with some men before, but none who filled her as much as this. Glancing behind her, she let out a groan of worry. Still seeing half that cock hanging out of her. “F-Fuck…That is the d-deepest anyone has been before.” Whispering softly to herself, before yelping loudly as she felt a sudden thrust from the Lightforged. Her mouth opened with a long moan, feeling that cock suddenly push in deeper. Her stomach bulging out against the ground beneath them. “Oh… Naaru… yes!”

Tsuna grinned as she looked down at Yrel. The leader of the Draenei, watching her squirm on her cock. Feeling that tight body cling to her length, it sent a shiver down her spine before she pressed herself in a bit deeper. Causing that rear to squish a little, drawing a yelp of surprise from the nervous woman. There, she pressed down, pushing Yrel to the wet ground. Trapping her between the earth and her body. She could feel her new lover’s body shaking in joy, her snug tunnel squeezing at the shaft buried within them. There she began to slowly draw backwards, her hooves digging into the ground to give her leverage. That monolith held half way out, leaving Yrel whimpering for a bit before it slammed forward once more. Drawing out that gasp of pleasure.

Yrel gasped, her eyes widened as she felt that first thrust cleave into her body. Her fingers gently dug into the dirt as she felt it draw out, only to slam down into her once more. It was unlike anything she had felt before. As slow as it was, it was a torturous pleasure. Her insides being stretched out like nothing ever before, that battering ram of a head slamming right into her most precious core. She shook, moaning, not even saying anything as she could feel it beginning to speed up. The hard impacts coming more often, and even harder for how short they felt compared to the length of the shaft. Then she felt the warm breath of her unknown lover on her ear.

“Hey there… you enjoy getting fucked by a stranger?” Tsuna whispered, exploring an option as she looked down at Yrel. Her chest pressing to Yrel’s back, she could feel the Draenei freezing for a moment, though her body seemed to shiver in pleasure. A guilty pleasure almost. “I mean… look at you, by the light, you’re getting fucked here by someone you don’t even know…” Her mouth captured an ear, gently tugging it before she continued whispering. “Or… are you just a bad girl, some damn slut for draenic she cock huh?” Her thrusts never stopped as she gently taunted Yrel, letting the hard impacts of them punctuate her words. There, she went silent. Watching her new lover’s body shake beneath her, watching her squirm as if considering the words. Hearing those gentle little mews of pleasure. Watching her try to deny the pleasure and the taboo of the situation she was in.

She wasn’t gonna let her think too much however, pulling back that little bit further. She slammed herself in harder with a growl of pleasure. “Look at you, you dirty girl… Face down in the mud, ass perked up to get fucked.” Her impacts came harder with each word, eventually the sounds of it echoed around the small pond clearing. “I heard you in the reeds, watching me bath. I bet you were loud in hopes that I’d come over and give you this right? That I’d come along and pound that little pretty puss of yours!” Punctuating the sentence with a hard thrust that lifted up Yrel’s ass into the air slightly. A loud gasp was drawn from those lips, an argument that might have bubbled upwards disappeared as her ear was nipped again, a growl coming from the older Draenei.

Her next words however were whispered into Yrel’s ear. “That’s alright though, I needed some whore to dump my spunk in. To unload these blue balls of mine into. And turns out, your pussy is the best place right now.” Her cock throbbed, drawing a whimper as she could feel those tunnels clench down in excitement. The blushing cheeks told her of the embarrassment that the leader of light was feeling right now.

Yrel couldn’t believe it. Being so debased was strange, normally people looked up to her, but here she was being treated like some common street wench. She couldn’t deny parts of it, she was a naughty girl. She got caught spying on someone bathing, and now was literally being fucked for it. Being fucked by that very stranger. She quivered, not wanting to speak, but not denying the heat within her belly that was growing from this strange treatment. Her nethers were soaked, the lips inflamed with pleasure as she clung to the ground still. Lips pursed, trying to hide her moans. The muffled sounds barely reached her new lover’s ears.

Hearing the whimpers, Tsuna acted quickly. Her grin split her face as she buried herself deep in that pussy, reaching over to grasp Yrel’s wrists. Pulling them back quickly, and forcing the younger Draenei’s body to arch upwards. Exposing her chest and face to the air around them, giving Yrel a perfect vision of the hill and trees that hide them at this time. Her thrusts however started to lengthen, pulling out longer, only to slam back in just as quickly. Now it was harder for Yrel to muffle her moans. Every few made it out, echoing around their little hide away.

“Look at you now! Exposed for all to see! I wonder what everyone would think, seeing you fucked so openly and easily.” Grinning widely, her cock thundering into those depths. Deforming the toned stomach of Yrel. Stretching out that flesh with the great bulge. There was definitely no hiding what was happening to the leader of the light. “Look at you slut, I bet I could call a friend over.. And you’d eagerly suck them off, let them stuff that dick right down your moaning throat. It’d shut up your cries for more too, maybe draw less people that way.” Not speaking for a moment as she panted, slamming herself into those depths at full length. Her cock unleashing warm precum into those depths. “But you’d love that wouldn’t you? More cocks for your cunt, more cum for you to swallow…”

Yrel wanted to stay silent, but with every new thrust was hard now. Her legs were knocked slightly aside leaving just enough room for those churning nuts to smack into the top of her cunt. It sent a harsh tingle down her spine every time. Her words were gone, replaced by a gentle whimper as every new harsh word stoked that fire within her belly. “N.. Nnn….” She started to say, licking her lips before it hung loose faintly from her lips. Her eyes half closed as she let loose a long moan.

“Admit it.. You’re Yrel, whore of the light, slut of the Draenei. The dirty girl of Nagrand…” Whispering into her ear as she pulled her up. Arms wrapping around the front of Yrel’s body, only to grasp each breast within her palms. Fingers digging into the flesh as her cock bulged out that stomach, presenting just how deep and large that monolith was within the leader’s body. It throbbed, pulsing with strength as the nuts churned. Willing to spill their seed within her depths.

Yrel whimpered, her body shaking as she was pulled up against her unknown lover. Those whispered words, they caused her eyes to widen. They knew who she was, and… Her mind went blank for that moment as she let loose that long moan of pleasure. Her words whispered, but still there as she came. “Y-Yes… I am… Yrel… whore of the light…” Her juices gushed down that monolithic length even as it continued to pound away into her depths. She was losing her mind, and she loved every moment of it.

Tsuna grinned as she heard the whispered words, deciding to let go as she came into those depths. Her cock surging with seed, filling up that delicate womb with her nut butter. Every hard pump drew a moan of need from Yrel, but also unleashed a thick rope within the depths. The throbbing cock’s bulge disappears behind an engorged stomach, a belly full of cum. There, she smiled, before kissing Yrel’s neck gently. Pulling her back onto her lap, purposely keeping herself hilted within those depths. “Good girl… good girl…I’m Tsuna by the way”

Yrel shuddered, blinking as she settled back against her now known lover. It seemed such a quick change of tone, but it clicked quickly as she nestled back into her. It was play, some acting, but yet she loved it. To be treated so, to be debased like she was. It sent a shiver down her spine, enough to let her turn around and kiss the Lightforged with a deep hunger, only to receive it back, before she whispered. “Hello Tsuna… we’re doing that again.” Licking her lips.

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