[mf] Just sex, no emotions (part 2)

Alexis is pushing her ass into my erection while I slide my hand up onto her breast. She lets out a quiet moan, and begins a slow rhythmic grind on my cock, her round bouncy butt hotdogging my shaft. I move my hand under her shirt, gently rubbing her nipple, breathing quietly against her neck. I feel her other hand move into her underwear, now she’s fingering herself in sync with her backwards thrusts. After her fingers create in pace, she rolls over and we’re kissing, climbing on top of me, dry humping my aching erection. “Are you sure you want this?” I ask, pausing for a moment. “Yes, just sex. No emotions.” I wonder to myself if this is clever, but Alexis is already taking her top off, and pulling at my shirt too. I toss my T, she’s pulling my pants and underwear off. She grabs my cock, and I hear a tiny laugh. Before I can ask what’s so funny, my whole cock is in her mouth, her saliva coating it head to balls. She climbs on top of me, pulls her boxers to the side, and suddenly, I’m inside her warm juicy pussy. She leans in close, whispers “ever since I saw you cum all over yourself on my couch, I can’t stop thinking about fucking that cock” Her hips rocking back and forth, my hardness thrusting to its depth, I push her up into cowgirl position. Thumbing her nipples as I push her back, my other hand reaches for her clit, and she has a full body twitch, crying out “Oh my god!” Leaning her back, my thrusts discover her g spot, and her horny vocalizations amplify. She energetically increases her riding speed, throwing her head back, fully lost in the moment of ecstasy. She grabs my hair and pulls hard, pressing herself into me as I feel her pussy gush.

We pause briefly to catch our breath, a sweaty, juicy mess. She removes her soaked underwear and laughs again “I can’t believe we’ve never fucked. I always wanted to ask you” “Yeah, I felt like our energy would really mesh, but you always had a boyfriend” we take a moment to kiss, enjoying our closeness in this eye of the hurricane. “But you still haven’t cum, my boy. It’s time to remedy that.” Alexis grabs my still throbbing cock, and starts gently stroking it. I climb on top of her, kissing her breasts, her neck, her lips. She guides my cock into her, and we enjoy a slow smooth fuck, kissing and moaning and laughing. My cock brushes up against her g spot again, and I feel her nails in my back. “Fuck me like you mean it” she moans, pulling my hair backwards. And I am more than happy to oblige.

Leaning back, I rest her legs on my shoulders, and begin pumping deep inside her, trying to maintain that g spot angle. She’s screaming for more, guiding my hands first to her breasts, then onto her neck, closing my fingers around her throat. I’ve never been into choking, but she clearly is, so I figure I’ll let her lead, and see how far she wants me to go. At first, it’s only a mild squeeze, and she’s clawing at my thigh, but soon she’s pushing on my hands for more. “Fuck me like a real man” she growled in a low sexy tone, and so I unleashed on her. Pinning her into the pillow, I thrust deep and fast, Alexis holding onto my arms pulling us closer. My balls are aching to burst. I let up my grip “I’m gonna cum soon, this is so hot” She pushes me off and quickly rolls over “Cum in my ass and pull my hair!” We are still in sync, not losing our rhythm, swapping to doggy while I spit on my cock and begin gently pushing into her tight asshole. At first she is too tight, this might not work. Her face is pushed into the pillow, muffled groans and begging “come on, I want to feel that whole cock in my ass. Fill me up!” She slowly relaxes, and I feel her allow me inside, balls deep. Once she’s totally stretched out, we begin working up the rhythm again. She snaps her head up from the pillow “pull my hair while you’re fucking my ass, this isn’t a free ride” We go from a gentle butt fuck, to a full ass bang, one handful of her hair, and the other hand slapping her cheek while I ride her to the finish. My balls can’t take it, finally unleashing their entire capacity, filling her ass with my cream. I pull out, and a river of cum pours out onto the wet spot on the bed. We both flop down, covered in sweat and sex.

After a quick shower (and Alexis put some ice on her ass), we got some clean sheets and actually went to bed. Just sex, no emotions. But we were both very satisfied. Next morning we went for omelettes and a little post debauch debrief. We agreed that was probably the hottest sex of our lives, although it was a mistake, too much scotch, don’t want to wreck our friendship. I didn’t want to tell her at the time, but I felt like maybe this was what we were both looking for. She was still pretty vulnerable right now, and pushing for more might push her away. So we left it at that, sharing that incredible night after leaving her ex behind. It wasn’t until much later that our experience in the bedroom would bring us back together, for a very different encounter.

NSFW: yes

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