My girlfriend got me into Swinging by cheating on me. – Short Sex Story

I’m 43 now. When I was in my teens I was dating a girl and eventually we turned 18 and we got an apartment together. We had been dating for a couple of years. She had a gay male friend she grew up with invite her to Tijuana, Mexico for a weekend vacation. She said yeah.

She left for the weekend, cellphones weren’t very trendy yet so I didn’t hear from her. She left on a Friday and was supposed to be back Sunday morning. Saturday morning I jumped on her computer and I see an MSN message pop up from a guy!
It says “That was awesome!”. I didn’t know who this was. I stewed on it for hours and decided to reply. I said “What was awesome?” He says “The blowjob, duh!” My heart sank! She fuckin cheated on me!

She never called me all weekend. When she returned she was distant, no kisses no hugs. I took her home. We got home and I pointed at the computer and said “Read that” she did and she got really mad. After the fight about reading her messages. She was doing everything for me not to break up with her. I told her to tell me every detail.

Friday night she meets a guy at the bus station. Turns out they have been talking for a few weeks. One thing leads to another and the deal was when she shows up she’s going to suck him off. They meet they talk and he sits on the bench and she kneels in front of him and starts sucking, her gay friend keeping watch. After a few minutes she said he filled her mouth with so much she was forced to spit it out. She cleaned up said her goodbyes and got on the bus to Tijuana. Her and her friend had dinner and drinks then slept in the hotel.

Saturday was filled with more shopping and drinking, eating food and partying. Eventually dancing at a bar a man approached her and bought her drinks and danced all night with her.

She took him back to the hotel hit the bed and fucked. Every feasible position you could imagine untill he nutted in her pussy and they passed out. Sunday morning she said he woke her up by climbing onto her back in the prone position forced her face into the pillow and fucked her violently but only for a few minutes until he filled her again. Without saying a word he got up, put his clothes on and walked out of the room. She rolled over out of breath and leaking pissed he just used her and left. No name, no phone number… nothing.

We did break up but in my head I was thinking how hot it was that someone enjoyed my girlfriend. They enjoyed what I had. It was really hot to me. I became a Swinger at 18. I met my wife that way at 22. She was supposed to just be a one night hookup. But after fucking her we Eventually started dating, swinging with couples the whole time. Got married in 2006 and still Swinging/Hotwife lifestyle till this day.

All because that bitch cheated on me!

NSFW: yes

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  1. Mustang-Six

    Interesting story, would be strange if you ran into the old ex during your “travels”. Thanks for sharing!

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