Riding with Danica Ch. 09 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

By mid-season, Danica was ranked in the top 10 of the Nationwide series, mostly thanks to the fact that there were only 10 full time drivers in the series. But she was still very marketable, so it was time to make her first commercial for her new sponsor.

Danica looked over the script in her agents office. “Are they fucking serious?”

He nodded. “I think so.”

“Will the censors sign off on this?”

“They already have.”

“What about the FCC?”

“There are more explicit commercials than this on the air already. I mean, let’s be honest, you made some pretty racy commercials when you were in IndyCar.”

“Fair enough. But this?”

The agent shrugged his shoulders. “It’s in your contract. A contract that you signed before you brought me in to the picture, I might add.”

“That’s true. Well, let’s go ahead and get It over with. What’s the worst that can happen, right?”


A week later, Danica was in the studio for her second day of shooting. The director spoke with her just before the cameras rolled.

“Okay, so we’ve got all the preliminaries shot. We did those yesterday. So, in each scenario, with the exception of the last one, you will be playing behind what you’re shooting now in front of a green screen. Got it?” She nodded. “Great. Let’s do this!”

She was wearing a tight cream colored satin blouse with a short black skirt. Stockings that matched her blouse and black stilettos finished the look. Her eyes and lip gloss sparkled under the studio lights.

She strolled across the stage with the camera following her. “With My Daddy, you can make your vision a reality.” She stopped in front a green screen and nodded. “Maybe you want to show off your cooking skills.”

Through the magic of TV, there she was, standing behind herself, in a gorgeous, modern kitchen, kneading a large pile of dough, wearing nothing but an apron and her hair in a ponytail. Her tits jiggled and bounced as she worked at the dough, showing plenty of side boob and threatening to make a full appearance.

“Make sure you work it over really well,” Chef Danica said. “I personally like a great big loaf in my hot oven.”

She walked to another green screen. “Maybe you want to be a vlogger.”

Once again, she appeared behind herself, this time sitting in a very professional what appeared to be small news studio, wearing a sheer white blouse. It was unbuttoned well below her breasts, and it was so sheer it did nothing to hide her dark pink areolas.

“This week’s question is from Dana in Elkhart. She wants to know why guys want to finish on her face? Great question, Dana! I think it’s a problem we all have, don’t we, ladies?”

Another green screen and another image of herself. “Maybe you want to be an influencer?”

Behind her, there she was, on a beach in a teeny, tiny micro bikini with the sun setting behind striking every model pose in the book.

“My Daddy is paying me oodles of money to show off as much skin as possible and still get away with it. Do you like how my butt and boobs look in this light?”

Then it changed to Danica turning away from the green screen and walking down a darkened corridor that was obviously sound stage set walls. She tilted her head down and raised one eyebrow. “Or maybe…” She unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her toned legs, kicking it towards the camera when it reached her feet. She began to unbutton her blouse… “My personal favorite…” She rounded the corner and stopped in her tracks. “Holy shit!”

“Cut!” yelled the director. “Is there a problem, Danica?”

She pointed. “They’re…they’re…they’re fucking naked! And they’re huge!”

Before her stood two very large, muscular black men who happened to be twins. They were standing with their backs to the camera in front a heavenly looking, pure white bedroom. White walls. White floors. White bed. White dressers. The black men standing before this setting was a stark contrast, which was intended. And, yes, they were naked. When she said they were massive, she wasn’t just talking about their stature. Each one had two large, black, stiff appendages protruding from their groins.

“They believe in character acting. Their characters in the script are naked, so…” said the director.

“But…but they’re…huge!”

The two black men just smiled back at her, never moving, with the exception of the occasional twitch of their poles.

“Is that a problem?” the director asked.

“Well…I mean…” Jesus Christ! They look like they’ve got infant arms between their legs! “No, I guess not. It just, you know, caught me off guard.”

“Okay, great. Now that we’ve got that settled, how we take it from where you’re unbuttoning the shirt and ‘My personal favorite’? By the way, the head tilt and body expression was perfect! Think you can do that again?”

“I’ll do my best,” she said as she buttoned the blouse back up and went back to where an assistant was pointing. She took a deep breath, tilted her head and got the same, exact mischievous look on her face.

“My personal favorite…” She rounded the corner and took the few steps to the black men, stood between them, and turned to the camera. Jesus Christ! They’re fucking massive! She peeled off the shirt, revealing a lacy, cream colored bra. If the spot was being filmed in 3-D the audience would be ducking away from her pointed nipples. She placed her hands on the men’s chiseled chests. Her eyes shimmered into the camera. “Adult videos.” She paused a beat. “Make your vision come true with My Daddy.”

“Cut! Great job! Now let’s do another take.”

“What? What was wrong with that take?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing,” the director replied. “They always like to see options. Options are good. So, let’s take it from…” The director gave her the new instructions.

She rounded the corner and tossed the shirt at the camera. Through the magic of TV, the shirt landed on the camera, covering the lens, then fell off just in time for her to be between the men. The camera started out on her face and panned back. Her hand were already on the men’s chests.

“Adult videos,” she purred as she slid down to her knees, her hands stopping at their stomachs, their naked butts framing her face. “Make your vision come true with My Daddy.”

“Cut! Yeah, that was good, but this time, lower your hands more.”

“Lower my hands? How far?”

“Well, you know, just above their, you know…

She glared at the director. “Got it!”

Her hands followed her to her knees until it stopped just above their shaft. “Make yours vision come true with My Daddy.”

“Cut! Yeah, that’s great, but the angle of your arm is all wrong. Maybe if you, you know, grabbed their…”

“You want me to grab their cocks?! Is that what you’re asking me to do?!”


For the first time, the man on her right spoke up. He had a deep, menacing voice. “What’s the matter, bitch? Ain’t never touched a black cock before?”

“Well, uh…”

The man on her left spoke up. “What’s the matter? You scared, bitch?”

“No!” It’s making me wet as fuck!

“Okay, guys, give her a break. Come on, Danica. The sooner we do this, the sooner we all can go home.”

Her hands slid down. they ran across the shafts to the middle. Jesus Christ! My hand won’t even wrap around these fat fuckers! “Make your vision come true with My Daddy.”

“Cut! Great job! Let’s try it one more time. It didn’t look realistic enough. Maybe if, you know, you ran your hands along it.”

“What?! You want me to fucking jerk them off?!”

“And maybe instead of putting your hands on the top, put them on the sides. And don’t say ‘with My Daddy’ until you’re doing it.”

“You’re serious? You want me to jerk them off?”

“Well, not to finish, of course.”

“Oh my fucking God,” she muttered. “Fine!”

From her knees, as her hands touched the bas of their shafts, she said, “Make your vision come true…” She began to stroke the men. “With My Daddy.” Holy fuck this is making me wet!

“Cut! Awesome! But…”

“But what?!” she shot back.

“I want to try one more thing. After you say ‘with My Daddy’, move your head in front of him. Act like, you know…”

It hit her what he was asking. “Wait…you want it to look like I’m about to give him a blow job?! Is that what you’re asking?!”

“Well…yeah. I’m not asking you to actually do it. I just want it to look like it.”

“Oh my God,” she sighed. “Fine!” Seconds later, still on her knees, her hands stroke the men’s shafts, “With My Daddy.” She slowly moved her head in front of the man on her left until her face disappeared behind him and his one good eye winked at her.

“Cut! Yeah. That didn’t look right.”

“Now what?!” she barked.

“Move your head a little faster. The shot was too long. And can you, you know, can your lips actually, you know…”

“You want my lips to touch…his cock?!”


One of the men looked at the other. “I’ll bet this bitch’s lips ain’t never touched a black man.”

The other shook his head. “Nope.”

“That’s not true!” Did I just say that out loud?

“Then it ain’t no thang, right, bitch?”

“Grrrrrrr. Fine!” Once again, her hands stroked the men. “With My Daddy.” Her head moved quicker this time. She hesitated just a second before finally lightly kissing the tip of the man’s mushroom-shaped head. Damn he smells good!

“Cut! What the fuck?! Did you just kiss it?! Did you just fucking kiss his cock?!”

Danica’s face turned red with embarrassment. “Well, yeah.”

“No, no, no! Jesus Christ! If you’re gonna do it, do it right!”

At first she was stunned at the comment. Then the suggestion of the comment struck her. “So…you want me…to actually put…this fucker’s cock…in my mouth?”


“You actually want me to put this fucker’s cock in my mouth?! You want me to give this motherfucker a blow job?!”

“No, I don’t want you to give him a fucking blow job! I want it to look like you’re giving him a fucking blow job!” Fucking amateurs!

She looked at the man’s huge pole, then back at the director. “This motherfucker won’t fit in my mouth! There’s no way I can put this fat fucking thing in my mouth!” Why do I wish it would?!

The director slapped his forehead. “Jesus Christ! At least try!”

One of the black men smiled down at her. “Come on, bitch. You might surprise yourself.”

“You white bitches all say the same thing. Then you wind up swallowin’ the whole fuckin’ thing and cannot get enough of it.”

Danica looked up at them. “Really?” Shit! Did I sound to willing?!

The two men nodded. “Every fuckin’ time,” one said.

Danica looked back at the director. “Fine! Then this is it! We’re done! Got it!”

“Got it! Whenever you’re ready, Danica…”

Before speaking, she began to work her jaw, opening it as far as could and holding it there. After doing this several times, she decided it was now or never.

Once last time, her hands stroked the men. “With My Daddy.” Her head moved to the front of the men, out of sight of the camera. She paused. She moved in. His huge, swollen head slid past her lips. Goddamn! He tastes as good as he smells! Her head began to bob slowly, barely able to take in the massive head, while her hand stroked both men’s rods. Jesus fucking Christ! I feel like I’m on fire!

“Great! Got it! Cut!” Danica pulled off of one man and quickly swallowed the other. “Cut!” Her strokes grew faster. “Uh oh.” He enclosed the mic on his headset with his hands. “Turn those fucking cameras back on and don’t turn them off until I tell you!” The director turned his attention to the male models. “Clarence! Jefferson! Just go easy on her, okay, please?”

Clarence, the man who’s cock was currently in Danica’s mouth, looked down at her. “That’s it, bitch, suck dat muthafucka! Suck it good!” His hands went to the back of her head.

Jefferson looked at his brother. “These white cunts are so fuckin’ predictable! Every fuckin’ time! They get a little whiff of black cock and they begin suckin’ like it’s their momma’s titties!” He reached behind her. “Let’s see them fake ass titties.” With expertise, the clasp of her bra was undone with a flick. The straps slid down her arms and onto the floor. “Oh yeah! Them’s some fine ass titties!” She squeaked when he palmed a fleshy globe in his huge, rough hand.

Clarence held her head tight and started thrusting his hips. “C’mon, bitch! You ain’t even tryin’!” She was barely taking in half of his massive girth.

Jesus Christ! He wants me to take more?! It’s fucking impossible!

“C’mon, bitch!” Clarence growled. He slammed against the back of her mouth.

Jefferson laughed. “She’s used to suckin’ on them tiny white dicks!”

“Yeah! Well, this bitch is going to swallow this muthafucka if I have to shove it through the back of her fuckin’ skull!”

Oh God! He’ll do it, too! She tried harder than ever before to open her throat. She gagged and gurgled and slurped.

Clarence’s head snapped back. “Oh, fuck!” His balls slapped off her chin. “This bitch swallowed the whole fuckin’ thing!”

He began to drive in and out of her throat with gusto. Danica thought for sure he was going all the way into her stomach. Her eyes pooled with tears. It took so long to drag his muscle in and out of her throat it was starving her body of oxygen.

“Lemma see that bitch!” Jefferson grabbed her by the hair and snatched her off of his brother’s meat stick. “Let her suck on a real man’s cock!” He pulled her into his groin. On the first drive her face buried in his stomach. “Ohhhhh! Muthafucka! Oh yeah! This bitch can suck some dick!”

She stroked Clarence and swallowed Jefferson while the two men mauled her breasts and fucked her face.

Once again, Jefferson controlled the movement of her body with a tug of her hair.

“Get your ass up here, bitch!”

“Ow ow ow! Fuck!” she barked. She swatted at his hand as he pulled her to her feet by her mane. He grabbed her under her arm and lifted her into the air off her feet as if she were light as a feather, sending her into the air. When gravity began to pull her back down, she landed in his massive hand with her breasts staring him in the face, and shoved his middle finger in her ass, now holding her like a bowling ball. “Gah!” she yiped while at the same time instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as she hung in the air.

Clarence grabbed her tiny G-string. “You won’t be needin’ these anymore!” SNAP! The thin strands of material clinging to her hips snapped at his pull.

Even this high in the air, Danica felt Jefferson’s massive tip sliding along her slit. She looked into his face. He had an evil smile and a wild look in his eyes. “You’re not gonna…”

He nodded. “Oh yeah. You’re ’bout to get the ride of your life, bitch!”

He lowered her. She felt the pressure, like trying to thread a rope through a needle. “Oh fuck! You’ll split me in half with that thing!”

“Damn right! I’m going to tear your shit up!” he hissed.

Her velvety folds began to part. “Oh fuck!” The crown disappeared inside her. “Gah fuck!” She buried her face in his shoulder. “Fuuuuuuuuck!” she howled the entire slide down his pole until she landed at the base. “Oh my fucking God,” she panted. She felt like he was hitting her rib cage. Jaws of the production crew dropped. You could literally see his distortion along the front of her body. Her head snapped around when she felt pressure at another entry point. “Wait…what?! You…you…”

“You got more than one hole, bitch,” Clarence growled as he held himself steady.

“Oh fuck! It…it…it won’t fit! No way!”

“Ha ha ha! That’s what they all say!” Clarence laughed. He pushed harder.

“Wait! Fuck! Wait! Can you…can you at least lube it up first before you tear it half? Fuck!”

“Sorry. I ain’t got no fuckin’ lube…bitch.” He pressed harder.

“Um, I do!” came a call from the crew.

“You’re one lucky bitch, you know that?” Clarence grumbled in her ear. “Fine. Bring it the fuck over here!” The crew hand timidly walked over to the trio. Clarence ripped it from their hand, took a step back, and held the tip to her puckered hole.

He squeezed the bottom hard. Her eyes flew open. “Ahhh!” she woofed when the stream of cool liquid shot up her cavity. It almost immediately began to drip out.

Clarence tossed the now half empty tube aside and resumed his position. “Ain’t no stoppin’ now,” he whispered in her ear. A chill ran up her spine.

He pressed his wide projectile against her quivering rosebud. She braced for impact.

“You better loosen that shit up or this is going to hurt like a muthfucka. Not that I give a fuck!”

She took a deep breath as he pushed. “Grrrrrrr,” she gnashed when his crown parted her. “Gggggah!” she yipped when the first wide inch passed her sphincter. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screeched during the entire slide of his massive muscle. “Oh my fucking God!” she bayed once she had them both fully inside her. “Jesus fucking Christ! You’re…you’re tearing my in half!” The two men evilly chuckled just before they tossed her in the air. “FUCK!”

She held on tight and once again buried her face in Jefferson’s shoulder.

“This is one tight bitch!” Jefferson announced.

Clarence smiled. “Not for long!” The two men laughed.

Danica felt like Jefferson was about to break her ribs and Clarence was bouncing off the base of her skull. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried as she bounced in the air. Her body heat was off the charts.

“Ha! Listen to this bitch! She’s going to fuckin’ cum already!” Clarence chided.

“Fuck! She’s squeezin’ me so fucking hard! Dayum, bitch!”

“Fuck! Fuck! Ohmygawd, yes! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me with your massive fucking cocks! Ohmygawd, yes!”

“We’re going to wreck this bitch’s shit!” Jefferson pronounced.

“This bitch ain’t never going to wanna fuck no tiny little white boy dick ever again!”

“Yes! Fuck! Wreck me! Oh my God, yes!”

“C’mon, bitch! Show everybody how a cunt whore cums all over black cock!” Jefferson demanded.

Her body stiffened. Her arms squeezed around Jefferson’s thick neck. “Ohmygawd! Ohmygawd! Yes! Yes! Mmmmmhmmm, yes! Oh fuck! Aaaaaiiiiiyyyyeeeee!”

Her body spasmed wildly around the two pistons pumping her hard. She screamed into the darkness of the sound stage demanding them not to stop and begging the heavens for forgiveness.

It didn’t stop there. The two men continued to pummel her with their muscular bodies for 20 more minutes. She lost track of how many orgasms she’d had. She was completely oblivious to where she was or who was watching.

They finally stopped. Clarence pulled is throbbing mass from her ass.

Danica turned her head. “Huh?” she wheezed.

Jefferson carried her over to the bed on the set while she was still impaled. With both hands, he grabbed her under her arms and lifted. She flew through the air like a rag doll and landed on the bed with a groan while the bed springs squeaked. She bounced in the air and landed again to find Jefferson on one side of the bed and Clarence the other.

Clarence grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart like a wishbone at Thanksgiving. His yellow eyes glared down at her. “Time for some real fuckin’ now, cunt!”

Her eyebrows raised. She pointed to where they had been standing. “What the fuck was that?!”

“We’re just getting’ warmed up,” he hissed.

Suddenly, Jefferson grabbed her by the chin and roughly snapped her head back. “Open wide, bitch!”

Before she knew it, the room went dark with the shadow cast by his manhood that was covering her face. She gurgled and coughed when he stuffed himself back into her throat and his black nut sack rested on her eyes. The stage crew stood in stunned silence when her throat took the shape of his massive tool.

“Make a wish, bitch!” Clarence barked.

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