My friend’s dad (18F)

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Since I can remember I’ve at all times been attracted to lots of my friends’ dads. I’d probably never get the chance to be with any of them due to them being married and stuff but recently I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be with one of my oldest friends’ dads and it was amazing. I’ll give you guys some background I’ve known Sofia since Middle College and I’m 18 now and we’ve been friends ever since I wouldn’t say we’re best friends but we’re friends nonetheless and her dad is just wow he’s handsome in so many methods he’s a tall, clever businessman, with an award-winning personality, he’s like what I imagine every guy wishes they were he’s in great shape for an older dad he loves to have fun with his family and he’s just all around a great guy, unfortunately, his wife didn’t see what I saw and left him but ever since I was a little I was attracted to him and that attraction only grew as I did.

The last few days of summer I spent hanging out with Sofia since all my other much closer friends already left for school and stuff so we were hanging out gonna parties, having sleepovers, hooking up with guys and I was spending most my nights there and being the early riser I am I got up much earlier than her and went downstairs to have breakfast and that’s where I’d spend a little time alone with her dad and where he and I began getting to know each other. He’d ask me about life and what I want to do and just basic stuff adults ask younger people but after a few days he’d ask me about what I want to do and I’d say the basic I wanna get married and have a few kids one day blah blah blah and he’d then ask me if I was currently seeing anyone or wanting to be in anything long term atm or if I’m gonna spend a few more years just having fun and I said that i’ll probably be having fun for a few more years unless someone amazing comes along. That got us talking more about relationships and sorta began us talking about sex too I asked him if he thinks he’ll begin dating again after his wife left or if he’s just going spend some time alone he said he’d love to begin again but he thinks it’ll be too late for him to spend another lifetime with I also sort of hinted at asking him if he’d been with anyone physically since the divorce and he said he’s had some girls here and there but nothing that great.

After about a week of us just chatting we both started flirting here and there not only in the morning but throughout the day even with Sofia seeing us sometimes and her sorta just shrugging it off as friendliness without making this drag on I started staying at her place while she went to a party claiming i was sick and I’d just spend the night with her dad and we slowly started touching each other while watching tv or id ask him to give me a neck massage cause I had a hard day at work or a tough workout early and needed some relief that got him to begin touching me closer to my ass or upper thigh and some back/chest touching was at all times encouraged by me.

one night though I caught him drinking and asked if I could join he said only a little bit due to me not being 21 yet and that was okay I was mostly trying to get him drunk once I got him nice and loose but still clearly in control I started rubbing up his leg as we talked and got closer and closer our mouths being so close I could feel his warm breath then he just kissed me and I kissed him back he pushed me onto my back on the couch got on top of me and looked me in my eyes asking me if this was okay I nodded and said yes it very much is and we started making out it was so passionate he started touching my hips and grabbing my boobs he then took off my shirt and I took off his, we just went at it like animals. It was amazing he unzipped his pants pulled my shorts and panties to the side and shoved them inside so deep I felt I was being ripped in half he moved from kissing my lips to my neck I could feel him begin to get restless and needing to release I knew he wouldn’t last very long due to his age and not being with many girls, especially any my age he pulled out and I got straight onto my knees so he could finish all over my face and in my mouth which he did and I loved it so much getting plastered is my favorite pastime once the fun ended we both knew we had to get cleaned up before Sofia returned so we did just that and that was the end of the first time I had sex with one of my oldest friends dad.

(PS idk if you guys like it when I write longer ones or just want them to be straight and to the point Please let me know in the comments what you prefer I’m not the best writer but I’m trying my best and love suggestions.

NSFW: yes

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