I fucked an older woman in the bathroom of an arcade

Yep! Exactly that, I fucked this hot cougar in the arcade when I was on a road trip with some of my friends! We decided to go to Dave & Busters for dinner and some fun. One of the only arcades left it seems like

There’s was this group of older women there. Some where hot, some were ugly, but one of them was fucking smokin hot! Big tits, tight jeans, big ass, cowgirl boots. Legit the hottest country chick I’ve ever seen.

The group of women were rowdy as fuck. Yelling, screaming, drinking, having a blast. Eventually they noticed me and my friends and instantly began flirting with us. Like, really hard. They were all over us, and the hot one was all over me. She was hugging me, kissing my cheek, rubbing my chest, it was fucking hot. She then asked if I can help her win some arcade game. It took me a few tries but I won, got her a stuffed animal of some sort. She then whispered in my ear to follow her to the bathroom. As she wanted to “thank me.”

Less than five minuets later I’m balls deep in this old country cougar in the bathroom. She wasn’t being quiet at all, legit everyone heard us no doubt. The sound of her ass clapping as I fucked her was so loud. The loudest I’ve ever heard an ass clap. She sucked my dick, my balls, my chest. She couldn’t get enough lol. I came on her back and her face

After 20 minutes we left the bathroom and continued to have fun with everyone for the rest of the night. I never saw her again after that night. All I know is that her name is Chrissy and she’s 48….I think lol could be older.

NSFW: yes

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