My [F19] first time with the guy I had a enormous crush on [M20] [First time]

I want to be kissed deeply, passionately with our tongues caressing each other so I can taste your sweet mouth and lips. Then you would grip my hips with desperation as we made out, not lowering your hands to my ass just yet because you’re still unsure. I want to run my hands down your torso and pull on your shirt to pull you closer to me then slide them up to your shoulders and wrap my arms around your neck. You would feel my hard nipples pressing against your chest as we make out. Your dick pressed up right against my pussy is getting slicker by the second as I got more and more turned on. Then you would lean towards me, making me lay down on my back as we kissed and lean back to take me in beneath you. You would look so handsome towering over me, looking at me as a whole not just at my body with lust and admiration in your eyes. You would tell me. “You’re so beautiful baby” And I probably couldn’t help but smile and look down as I’m not used to compliments but I whisper a small “Thank you.” that I’m not even sure you would hear.

I guess you did because you give me a smile then a small kiss on my lips. I pout a bit and try to come back up for a longer one but you gently push me back down. “You just relax and let me take care of you.” You would start to trail kissing down my body slowly, on by neck, my collarbone, my nipple, which you take into your mouth making me gasp and then moan before moving down to my belly and finally the place I need you most.

To be continued??

(This was a short description of what I wanted my first time with the guy I had a enormous crush on to be like and I wondered it was pretty hot so I wondered maybe I should distribute it instead of letting it collect dust in my notes app. Hope you guys enjoyed it)

NSFW: yes

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