I [30-40F]had my 3rd lesbian encounter with my married girl friend in a car last night!

If you follow my stories then you know about this girl already. If you don’t, then you need to read those 2 first! Last night the group was all together again for all of the school football games. The hubby’s were running low on beer and she and I volunteered to go get more. I knew I was gonna make another move and I knew I was gonna taste her again.

So we get into her car and drive down the street to the stop sign. She puts the car in park, reaches over and puts both hands on my cheeks. She pulls me in and we begin kissing and sucking each other’s tongues. We begin driving again and I put my hand down her leggings and begin fingering her pussy. She’s moaning and starts driving like shit so I stop. I just keep massaging her inner thigh until we get to the liquor store.

We get there and she parks around the back where it’s dark. We begin kissing again and then she gets my tits out and starts sucking and kissing both nipples. I raise my ass up to take my pants and panties off. She slides two fingers in while sucking my tits and I can already hear how wet she has me.

I push her back to her side and tell her to get her pussy out. She does just that and I begin returning the favor. I’m sucking on her big tits and fingering her pussy. She pushes me back and goes face first into my pussy and starts licking my clit. It felt so fucking good. She raises up and because she uncomfortable. I go down on her and begin licking and tasting her gorgeous pussy. After a minute or so, I sat up because it wasn’t comfortable. She said, “let’s masturbate together.” I was definitely down to watch and see her play with herself.

We started by kissing each other again and fingering each other at the same time. I pull my fingers out of her and put them in our kiss so we can both taste her pussy. She did the same and I must say that she and I both tasted fucking good!

We lean back into our seats to start and I told her to lean over and spit onto my pussy. She leans over and spits onto my clit and she told me to do the same, so I did. Now we are both lying back in our seat staring at each other and touching ourselves. I lay my left hand over on her right hand so I can feel her hand playing with her pussy. It was so hot! Now we’re staring and really going at it now! She’s looking at me and whispers “you’re so beautiful.” That brought me closer and I knew I was gonna cum. I told her that I can’t hold it off and she said “I want you to cum for me!” She stops masturbating and leans over and starts making out with me and I explode! I begin shaking and moaning with her tongue still in my mouth! She pulls back and is now eye to eye with me. She smiles and gives me a soft peck on my lips. Now it’s her turn!

I push her over into her seat. She starts rubbing again and I insert 2 fingers into her for more pleasure. I begin kissing and sucking her neck when her breathing starts to pick up and I knew she was gonna cum. She whispered “I love you” and I just leaned in and started kissing her as she came. Her moaning with my tongue in her mouth was so sensual and gorgeous. I kiss her on the cheek and we put our clothes back on. She said “I never want this to stop.” “Me neither” I said. We went thru the drive thru, got the beer and went back to the party.

NSFW: yes

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