My [20F] boyfriend [19M] fucked me until I cried :)

I’ve never written something like this but I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. Apologies in advance if this is all over the place.

My boyfriend is the first sexual partner I have ever been able to have pain-free sex with, and I’ve spent the past month or so (since we started being intimate) making up for lost time. We both attend the same prestigious university and are incredibly busy, so we really make the most of the couple nights a week we get to spend together. Last night we both returned from a week long break, which I had promised myself not to masturbate during. I’m somewhat of a hedonist, and this was so much harder than I expected. I spent the week at my parents house with my mind constantly drifting back to the moment he first slips it in.

After getting back to his place last night, he cooked me a wonderful dinner and held me until I thawed out from the storm we had weathered outside. We had purchased a vibrator earlier that day and I was dying to try it out. We ended up not even bothering the first time around, I couldn’t think straight enough to turn it on. The second round was better still, after which we decided the toy was our single best purchase to date. We fell asleep soon after this, but neither of us really slept properly.

Sometime before dawn I woke up again to a hand pinching my nipple, which was all the convincing I needed for round three. After a couple different positions I ended up on top, and after a little while of that, I laid down on his chest exhausted. He wrapped his arms around me in what started out as a sweet gesture. He was still fully inside of me and throbbing a bit arrhythmically. Kissing my shoulder and sliding almost all the way out, he tightened his arms and began thrusting deeper and faster, slamming into my cervix with every single thrust. I pride myself in remaining clear headed under numerous conditions of intoxication, but my mind went completely blank as every movement forced a gasp of unbridled pleasure. It reached a point where I was completely overwhelmed and needed to stop, and my lovely boyfriend stopped in concern, looking at me while I struggled to form a coherent word.

We went back to bed soon after, both of us denied the satisfaction of an orgasm, and suffered another few hours of fitful sleep. We woke up this morning and rushed off to class, with no plans made for our next encounter.

I’m here after class soaking wet after writing that and replaying the whole thing in my head. I have so many more stories and I’m so excited for our sex life to come. Let me know if you’d like to hear more. I’m gonna go finish myself off…

NSFW: yes

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