Fucked my neighbor’s boyfriend

While in school, I met this guy at a local bar. He commented on how nice my smile was and bought me a drink. Soon, we were 7 drinks in and i decided it was best if I went home and he said he would walk me back. Once we got back to my apartment, without hesitantion, I asked him if he wanted to come inside for one more drink. After the drink, we ended up in my room where I sat him on my bed and straddled him. I could feel his dick getting hard and my pussy was getting wet. I kissed him and pushed him back on the bed. I then stood up, undressed, and pulled off his pants. His cock was rock hard and I couldn’t wait to suck on it. I grasped it with both hands and spit on it. I moved my hands up and down and then i looked up at him with a smile as i put his dick in my mouth. As i was deep throating, he started playing with my nipples and i pleasured myself. He wanted to feel my wet pussy, so he grabbed my pony tail and pulled me on top of him. It felt so good as he slid in. After a few moments on top, he tossed me on my back so he could pound me hard. I let out a gaspy moan. I asked him to stop before he came, when he pulled out, I told him I wanted to lick my pussy juice off his cock. I tasted delicious and i begged him to face fuck me. After a couple of minutes, I could tell he was getting close to coming, so I stuck my finger in his ass and began milking him. He exploded and filled my mouth with cum and I happily swallowed.

NSFW: yes

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