I’m freeuse for my husband and his friends whenever they want


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My husband then came up to me and just said why don’t you take care of him and make him feel good as he walked out of the room. I went over to his friend and said I’ll be your little cum dumpster whenever you come over to our house if you want. He looked excited and not really to surprised since he knew our lifestyle .

Then one day his friend was over complaining about how his wife never had sex with him and was very rarely in the mood. I felt bad for him as I truly believe you never leave your man Hungry or Horny.

I just love being used and feeling cum inside me . Ever since I have been with my husband I would let him use my pussy whenever he wanted, even at times when I might not be feeling it , I will just bend over and tell him to use me as a personal cum dumpster.

Without saying anything he grabbed me and flipped me over the couch , ripped my pants down and just slid his dick in me. I could tell he had some serious sexual frustration as he fucked me so hard and came so fast inside me . The whole thing was very aggressive and I loved it . He was taking his anger towards his own wife out on me .

After that day my husband’s friends I guess talked amongst themselves and I ended up letting 3 of them use me to release their sexual frustrations out on. My husband at all times fucks me soo good after they leave and tells me I’m his good little slutwife.

NSFW: yes

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